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Name: Arianna Cee
Location: Italy.
online Connect on 22 December 2010
Website: xkissmylips

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Question of the day July 25th !
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Q: Talk about a time when you got into trouble at school?
A: one time i bought a 99cent piece of...

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Name: tylercoe
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Eva what does the man of your dreams look like " physically " ?! .. and what is his characteristics ?!
Loveable,open,funny,interesting,handsome,with brains in right place-not between legs etc....
Evavalery reply on 24 January 2012 >> Short stories

Eva what do you more look for in a man ... character, the good look, the money ?!
Evavalery reply on 24 January 2012 >> Short stories

Eva where is latvia located ?!
Eastrn eu,down to scandinavia...
Evavalery reply on 24 January 2012 >> Short stories

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