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Are there any jehovah s witnesses in syria where the severe drought is?

Tips: "Drought Severe Syria":
5 oldest cities in the world
...1. Damascus Estimated to be the oldest city which has continuously been inhabited, Damascus was founded between 10,000BC and 8,000BC. The present day Damascus is the capital of Syria and is also the largest city in the country. The current population stands at nearly 4.5 million. Being the... 5 oldest cities in the world

Smells that indicate car trouble
...The odor is accompanied by a hot, metallic scent and steam from under the hood, your engine has overheated. Pull over immediately. Continued driving could cause severe engine damage. The vehicle should be towed for repair.... smells that indicate car trouble

20 expert tips to make you a better gardener
...Rose petals? 6. Set your lawn mower blades at 7.5 centimetres or higher, and allow your ?lawn to go dormant during periods of drought.  7. Light in a garden is a quarter of the battle. Another quarter is the soil of the garden. A third quarter is the skill and care of the... 20 expert tips to make you a better gardener

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Drought severe syria discussion

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Comment: EXECUTIVE BOARD Pat O'Neill - President Tom Carroll - Vice President Judy Tuttle - Treasurer Denise Richard - Secretary Contact Us
scroll almost to bottom, find parade pics
Denise is here, with her arms wrapped around Henry
that pic was posted / promoted by @Tommeex10 #Tommeex10
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Victor Ganata: The western model is broken - Guardian
Comment: "The west has lost the power to shape the world in its own image – as recent events, from Ukraine to Iraq, make all too clear. So why does it still preach the pernicious myth that every society must evolve along western lines?"
There's no silver bullet, man. This is just framework stuff that most people don't really care about. But not grokking this historical framework just guarantees we will continue to blunder headlong into failure and eventual collapse.
"But, following Geertz’s insistence on differences and variations, the ressentiment of the west articulated by nationalists in Russia, China, and India cannot be conflated with the resistance to a predatory form of modernisation – ruthless dispossession by a profit-driven nexus of the state and business – mounted by indigenous peoples in Tibet, India, Peru and Bolivia."
Let's face it, most Westerners and non-Westerners aspiring to Western ideals can't even fathom the idea that there might actually be alternatives to neoliberalism. And if you're locked into the idea that there's only one right way, then there's no way you're going to be receptive to any alternatives even if there are feasible possibilities.
Well, my personal preference is a liberal democracy that prioritizes human rights over material prosperity, but it doesn't seem like most people aren't big fans of that.
Of course, but neoliberalism prioritizes free market solutions and prefers laissez faire policies. I think that's a pretty big distinction.
But you would still have a democracy? So people will disagree? So you will get a might mish mash of different policies? Or would you force people into your mold?
Well, as much coercion as there is in a typical nation-state with a representative government. I think utopian anarchy with zero coercion is impossible. So I think it's really a question of whose rights the state prioritizes. And I don't think multinational corporations should really be at the top of that list.
"In any case, the doubters of western-style progress today include more than just marginal communities and some angry environmental activists. No less than the World Bank admitted last month that emerging economies – or the 'large part of humanity' that Bayly called the 'long-term losers' of history – might have to wait for three centuries in order to catch up with the west."
"In the Economist’s assessment, which pitilessly annuls the upbeat projections beloved of consultants and investors, the last decade of rapid growth was an 'aberration' and 'billions of people will be poorer for a lot longer than they might have expected just a few years ago'."
"The implications are sobering: the non-west not only finds itself replicating the west’s violence and trauma on an infinitely larger scale. While helping inflict the profoundest damage yet on the environment – manifest today in rising sea levels, erratic rainfall, drought, declining harvests, and devastating floods – the non-west also has no real prospect of catching up with the west."
"His own discovery of the tragically insuperable contradictions of westernisation led Aron into the odd company of the many thinkers in the east and the west who questioned the exalting of economic growth as an end in itself. Of course, other ways of conceiving of the good life have existed long before a crudely utilitarian calculus – which institutionalises greed, credits slavery with economic value and confuses individual freedom with consumer choice – replaced thinking in our most prominent minds."
I don't really want to barge in on this conversation, but I really enjoyed reading it. Just wanted to let you two know :)
The current "Western model" isn't something that can be implemented in a nation state. It's a global model, and it is absolutely dependent on there being a huge non-Western part. There are two really ingenious solutions that I think this current implementation is relying heavily on, and they're both totally dependent on this dichotomy. The first is the outsourcing of the proletariat by the Western nations. By moving the proletariat outside our beautiful liberal democracies we made sure that these exploited masses can never vote for radical social change. The second is "free trade" which makes sure the West can consume most of the world's natural resources without having to be totally mean about stealing all those resources from the people living in their vicinity. Yeah, we're pretty great.
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