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Atheists for those who know very few or no other what is it like you?

Tips: "Atheists":
Is inactivity slowing you down? reach your goals using the wisdom of action.
...From Facebook or Reddit and build! 6. Action Calls Down The Assistance of the Gods.  “God helps those who help themselves,” said every mother ever. Or is this just me again? There is a magic in action. Christians call it God. Atheists call it the subconscious. I don’t know what the others call it. I do know that... is inactivity slowing you down? reach your goals using the wisdom of action.

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Atheism on YouTube has failed. It continues to give cover to the most reprehensible members of their community that victimize attack and cause misery. Like Phil Mason. In other words you're...

They talk:
#1. Hey Dood, it's youtube. If you don't like T-Foot, just ignore his videos and stop acting like an obsessive butthurt narcissistic psycho. ;)

#2. You're pissed off, I get that.. You're not right on your points however.. Atleast not all of them.

#3. +HannibaltheVictor13 I agree with your points about Tf00t's behavior, but I disagree with your solution on what to do about it. I don't think we ever win if we emulate the worst traits of those we see as adversaries. By all means, call people out when it's warranted, attack their credibility on their hypocrisy, and those of their defenders. But don't emulate them. Hate speech laws are anathema to our society. You know that. I don't doubt he broke the law, but it's a law that I as a juror would nullify, were I were on a jury. I maintain that there is a better way to address this.

#4. Are you going to apologize to +Thunderf00t now for calling him a bad scientist?

#5. As an atheist myself,i find this idea new atheist are selling that religion is the root of all evil and that atheists are rational silly and dangerous,fundementalists like thunderf00t use pseudoscience instead of religion to justify their bigotry. Not to mention that much like fundementalist Christians they will reject scientific facts that dont confirm their bigotry,its unbelievable. They are fundementalists,i have no idea how to deal with them, talking to venomfangx never worked, they are the venomfangxs of atheism.

#6. ~12:20 - Yea, there in lies your issue to Hannibal.. You see.. Free Speech, atleast how the US does it.. Does allow him to do that with out fear of government intervention. That's what Free Speech is. If other countries are going to have punitive actions, then that is stopping free speech. That doesn't mean he can't lose his job or that the culture shouldn't shun him, but if he's attacked for that, it's no better (though far less punitive) than what is happening to a blogger in Saudi Arabia being Lashed. Again, the Blogger is being treated far far worse..but both are showing countries not open to freedom of speech.

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