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Atheists for those who know very few or no other what is it like you?

Tips: "Atheists":
Is inactivity slowing you down? reach your goals using the wisdom of action.
...Or Reddit and build! 6. Action Calls Down The Assistance of the Gods.  “God helps those who help themselves,” said every mother ever. Or is this just me again? There is a magic in action. Christians call it God. Atheists call it the subconscious. I don’t know what the others call it. I do know that nobody can pretend it’s not there. Every... is inactivity slowing you down? reach your goals using the wisdom of action.

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They talk:
#1. +zakiechan Please do not get upset with my comment here, this is only my world view and the way I look at things from a biblical perspective. Look at how much attention you've gotten and received for your platform media presentation over the years. If you've converted over to Christianity, you could be a big advocate of leading many people to Jesus Christ. Btw, your original song had a great message to it, especially to people living in wretched sin. 

#2. Believe it or not, being an atheist is a reflection of your personality, not the whole but parts of it. An atheist has a very egoistic and weak mind, lack of bliss, respect, humility and patience. Being an atheist is a choice. You chose to not believe in God and you choose to live a life without God. Being an atheist is understandable but please, understand that life is a test and the one who endures to end shall be saved. 

#3. Atheists are responsible for the murder of over 70 million men women and children in just the last 50 years !! Edison was no Atheist.. If someone denies the divinity of Christ does not make them Atheist. More lies posted in this video. Axiomatic.

#4. One of my newly favorite quotes: "George Bush says he speaks to god every day, and Christians love him for it. If George Bush said he spoke to god through his hair dryer, they would think he was mad. I fail to see how the addition of a hair dryer makes it any more absurd."

#5. Religion is important as well as God himself. Let me put it in this perspective much of earths population is religious, more than half, even with atheism growing. All of these religious people tend to restrain themselves from any sinful activities in order to maintain that path to their precious afterlife. Atheists believe nothing happens after one dies therefore they should make the most of their life. With all that being said if I live once (according to atheist belief) I'm gonna rob, kill, rape, and do whatever I want and when I'm finally held at an end for my actions, I'll just kill myself and no penalty will be taken. Lol all you atheists should be thankful for religion and god because they outline the reason why we must remain subtle and pursue a life avoiding sin. And if it wasn't for God, then half of this population would have already been committing those crimes and the world would be complete chaos.

#6. Guess what, guess what, God doesn't want you Atheists to see that, you're not honored to see that kind of stuff. The only things you can see is your own experiments, your theories and your fucking big bangs. Only Christians can see God's miracles, you guys are not allowed to see that because you are Atheists, Atheists are forbidden from miracles of God because they do not believe in him. God can create something as heavy as he wants and lift it too, he can do both, simple as that. God cannot create something he can't lift, because he can make it as infinite weight as he wants, and he will still be able to lift it. So in a sense yes, God can't create something he can't lift because he can lift anything he wants. Lifting or not, God is spinning our planet every single second of the day and no your science theories won't prove shit, your magnetism your gravity, none of your bullshit you pulled out your ass. Only a true Christian will understand the truth, you guys are too narrow minded/thick headed to understand the actual truth. Pretty much you guys are limited, a true Christian is unlimited in his understanding while you scientists are limited to your own standards, and law bullshit you created. We real Christians see you scientists as little kiddies just fooling around in God's sandbox making sand castles from God's creations. While we Christians understand things on a level that we will never explain to you scientists because it's a secret to only the believers. All believers know the answer but we won't tell you, you'll have to figure it out on your own how you so much love to do things. When Christians "die" they never actually die, they live on forever but when Atheists die, they are gone how they want to be, they consider God doesn't exist so when you die you're gone forever, well that's exactly what will happen to you Atheists. God doesn't even see you anymore, you guys are failures in his eyes and he shakes his head and face palms himself when he sees Atheists. Some Atheists invented some bullshit that God will forgive you for being ignorant, well that's a calming effect some Atheist invented to calm himself down so you guys don't rage too much when you die and lose your soul for eternity. Yes there is a period after you will die that you will still be alive just to get a final anger out because you will realize in another 30 seconds you're soul is gone forever. Yes you will right away understand the truth in that 30 seconds but it will already be too late, there is no forgiveness at that point, you had your whole life to realize the truth but you decided to be ignorant about it and kiss ass of your fellow Atheists who I guess are Gods to you. Basically all Atheists consider themselves Gods to each other and listen to each other like each one is a God and knows the actual truth. Pretty much to sum it all up, Atheists (mainly British people) love to kiss each others ass, suck eachs other dicks off and compare dick sizes, bunch of fags if you ask me, and it even says in the bible that God hates fags well guess what dumb-asses, like everything in the bible, it has deeper meaning and this is the only secret I will reveal, the fags hes talking about are not homosexuals, the fags hes talking about are ass kissers like you who kiss ass of other mere humans in exchange for God? As you may or may not have noticed I am so holy and high up on the level of understanding I write all of my comments as holy scriptures. I'm not trying to make anyone mad, although the anger is understandable to that of a simple mind. If we look at animals, the first reaction they get is anger and that is because they are very low on the understanding of God. The first thing animals see when they are born is a person and they think he is their God. You Atheists are not much higher up from those animals, that is why you are probably extremely angry after reading my post. Instead, I am posting this to try to HELP you. Don't try to fight the truth that is coming out of my holy mouth, accept me as someone who is blatantly superior to you and try to LEARN something instead of ranting your meaningless bullshit.

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