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Can a son impregnate his own mother?

Tips: "Mother Impregnate Son":
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Mother impregnate son discussion

ChasMark: Dylan Farrow Pens Open Letter: Woody Allen 'Sexually Assaulted Me' at Age 7 - -
Comment: "Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, has written a first person account published on The New York Times' website that details her allegation that she was sexually assaulted by the film director at age 7. "[W]hen I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me," Farrow wrote in an open letter posted on Times columnist Nicholas Kristof's blog."
strange how the pedophilia issue comes up with Polanski and Alan, and Hollywood's actor's are for the most part mum about it. Now if it was some average white guy who did this, it would be front page news at Huffington Post and all the crowd would condemn the accused. I remember when the Polanski issue was reignited a few years ago, people were saying his parents (or relatives) were in the Holocaust, he should somehow get a free pass from drugging and sodomizing and underage girl. Really? Good to know.
I think Polanski was in the news a few years ago because he'd made a Holocaust themed movie, The Pianist, and Hollywood wanted to give it a lot of awards to give a little jump start to Holocaust themed movies, remind everyone thats the way to get awards. The old business about him molesting a 13 year old was a bit sticky, wasn't it? What were they thinking, that its nothing next to the Holocaust? It was strange and The Pianist was not a good movie. I think it got Best Picture and I know it got Best Actor but it was an incoherent movie. With Woody Allen, theres a strong case that Mia Farrow is the monster. Maybe Allen and Soon Yi were both taking refuge from her; maybe Woody was saving Soon-Yi from her. How very strange Mia is not to have provided Ronan with absolute fact about which of the 2 famous men is his father. How could she be so arrogant to think it didn't matter to the kid and to all the other kids in that household.
I think that Woody is far from innocent about these charges. Why would 2 kids of his make these accusations? Even if Mia is a complete loon, it’s highly doubtful that these kids are not still doing the mother’s bidding decades later. The problem is that Allen because of his status got away with it. Even the Soon Yi case is strange. Desiring Mia’s 19 year old daughter is odd. She found nude pictures of Soon Yi on a camera that Woody took. And Ronan should get a paternity test and end the speculation. He doesn’t look like woody at all. Much too goyish, no Yiddish features really.
Chu, of course we have no way to know whats true but those children had 3 nannies in the Connecticut house where this supposedly took place during the period right after Farrow and Allen split up. Everyone in the household was antagonistic to Allen and he chooses that time to molest a child? One of the nannies resigned because Farrow pressured her; another nanny says Allen wasn't alone with Dylan and Dylan wasn't out of her sight for 5 minutes that day. They say that Farrow made this video over the course of several days, iow, she kept going back and pressuring Dylan. (The Daily Beast article has a lot of information.) I hadn't thought about this for years and then up pops Mia and Ronan Farrow and Ronan is getting a TV show and needs publicity. First the Frank-Sinatra-could-be-the-father business and that I found really, really weird. Its important to know who your father is, especially when you've got 2 possibilities who are both really famous. How could she do that to Ronan all his life? Mia Farrow is so bad and the entire story rests on her credibiity, which is pretty poor.
There are a lot of similarirties in the two of them Sinatra/Ronan But Sinatra would have had to impregnate her in 1987 and yet he died the following year in 1998. He was 83 years. Is it possible she was inseminated? Ronan has a sense of humor: @RonanFarrow Follow Happy father's day -- or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law's day. 12:00 PM - 17 Jun 2012
Chu, go back over that, you got your arithmetic mixed up. Sinatra was 72 when Dylan was born, hardly too old to father a child. My mind's drawing a blank on the last name, Tony ? of the Odd Couple fathered several children in his 70's. There are many, many odd things about the story, aren't there? Woody Allen was not the least bit involved with Soon Yi until Mia asked him to take Soon Yi to basketball games and spend some time with her. ????? Thats really odd. Soon Yi would have been between 19 and 21 at the time (her Korean birth records are unreliable). Sure sounds a lot like the old story that Yoko Ono fixed John Lennon up with her assistant, May something, for some purpose. Mia Farrow herself seduced a married man (Previn) away from his wife around the same early-20s age in a relationship that started as a "friendship." Sinatra was more than 30 years older than Farrow when they were married. How much of a "family" was the Farrow household? I think it IS an important story and not just celebrity gossip because over the last 30 years there've been many horrible false child sex abuse cases and people have been put through hell.
Ronan Farrow has some screws loose to be "yukking it up" about who his father might be. Thats not normal.
Ronan was a Rhodes Scholar like fellow msnbc host rachel maddow, corey booker?, peter beinart, and bill clinton. ronan seems like a nice smart handsome guy, but clearly being groomed by the globalists.
Well thats a worry then. I hope his MSNBC show is a bust because this is not someone to be entrusted with a government job. It really ought to be a bit of a scandal that he had a not unimportant position in the Obama Administration. The only way that happened was his connections. I don't care what kind of grades somebody got. These folks sure know which side their bread is buttered, don't they? Their "Human Rights" a/k/a humanitarian bombing causes are always right in line with what the establishment wants to do.
Berthe, yeah, 72 sorry. But it was Ronan and not Dylan who may be the child. Question: Did Mia make the accusation of molestation of Dylan before or after she realized Soon Yi and Woody were having the affair?
After. The incident that supposedly happened was after Farrow and Allen were no longer a couple. Allen visited the Farrow house in Connecticut to see the 3 children of whom he was the legal parent. Don't you find it odd that Mia fixed Soon Yi up with Allen??? Even without her own history, its not something people do. The girl was an adult and he was taking her to basketball games without any of the other kids. It does seem that Woody Allen fell in love with Soon Yi. They've been together more than 20 years now. Does Mia Farrow like being a puppeteer? IMO, she's the creepiest one.
This was funny. News of Ronan being pure goy and not woody seed hit the jewish community like a ton of swastikas. I do suspect Ronan's globalist grooming and tv gig was based on the belief that he was fugly woody's beautiful jewish child:
This is an interesting article about the publicity roll out for Ronan Farrow " . . . there has been a continuous inflation in the resumes and strategic positioning and educational accomplishments of celebrity children. Soon, the Ivy Leagues will be for celebrity kids only. But Ronan Farrow has just seriously raised the bar."
Ronan Farrow on Jimmy Fallon late night:
After listening to the Fallon interview, I seriously doubt that Farrow is a genius. The last thing we need is Farrow filtering the world's problems through his dysfunctional and privileged dinner table experiences.
I couldn't watch the whole thing. Clearly the idea is to shove him down our throats like Meghan McCain, Chelsea Clinton, Tim Russert's son. In one of the articles we're told that Mia Farrow didn't want him to go to college at age 11 but he insisted on it. Ridiculous. One thing parents can control is the kid not going to college at age 11 and what kind of parent puts a child in college at age 11. That's awful. I think that's abusive. Mia Farrow obviously had a long range plan to be a "celebrated human rights activist" (a la that monster Samantha Power) and Ronan/Seamus/Satchel was part of her plan.
"The Public Is Not Responsible for Dylan Farrow's Pain -- nor is Hollywood"
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