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Can a son impregnate his own mother?

Tips: "Mother Impregnate Son":
Useful information about pregnancy
...Before its due date. Pre mature delivery usually takes place in the seventh month of a woman’s pregnancy. It is very important that the mother to be takes special care of herself in the first trimester of her pregnancy. It is then that the chances of a miscarriage are the maximum. A woman who is... useful information about pregnancy

Healthy diets for pregnant women
...To maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy. You undoubtedly are already thinking about how you're going to decorate the nursery and what names you want to give your new baby. You might already be thinking ahead about starting a college fund for your son or daughter. But, before anything else, you need to think about your diet. Now that you are literally "eating... healthy diets for pregnant women

Respecting your child privacy
...It's important to respect your childs' privacy. What may seem natural to you isn't always for your child.If your son or daughter (between 8 to 12 years old) wants to lock his/her bedroom door, let him or her do so and always knock before entering.Giving them their own privacy will help them evolve.Also protect them... respecting your child privacy

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I have never found myself in a state of utter helplessness before in my adult life. I have always been the stronger one in our marriage and my husband always...

They talk:
#1. My thoughts on this story both the girl and the son and husband needs to get out you're life especially the husband no support at all. And since you're son and the girl having sex as an adult let them raise the baby up.

#2. Only punishment should b takin is that she was not of age . Actions has been takin already , they should keep child although they r not blood related even though d actions were very wrong doing . D future will set itself for d bad or d good ........ It's called consequences.......just remember their unborn child is now a living human , which an abortion is called MURDER .

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