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Can a son impregnate his own mother?

Tips: "Mother Impregnate Son":
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They talk:
#1. Different stokes for different folks in different cultures - but I still think it's diiiiiiisgusting!!!

#2. So... she's given birth to a genetically inferior human by this point. All that money she spent so her darling baby boy could go become intelligent & it only equaled out to a disaster of an Epic Fail for the educational systems credentials on teaching people.

#3. I thought the bestiality/homosexuality believed in equal rights and marriage equality. As DISGUSTING as this story is, as DISGUSTING it is to have hetero sex with DOGS.... its not as disgusting as you gays that have sex with your mans anus and intestines full of human SHIT. You gays are thedirtiest of all the savages. And ou savages have opened ALL doors for ALL sick paraphilias ((Like this comment if you think the gay agenda is ruining this planet))

#4. He wants it to be known that he impregnated his mother... So that she isn't accused of promiscuity....................................................

#5. This is disgusting, no doubt. However, the people calling them animals and niggers are disgusting as well. Their ignorance and lack of basic science is baffling. Technically, we're ALL animals if you look at our cell structure. We are also ALL of the same species. Just because people have strange lifestyles doesn't mean that they are less human. For example, serial killers are mentally disturbed HUMANS. Science (more specifically psychology) doesn't take away their title as human beings. Also, it is unnecessary to make this subject a race issue because there are CLEARLY cases of incest across the races/ethnicities. 

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