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Did paul mccartney actually sleep with 500 600 women?

Tips: "Women Sleep Mccartney":
Sleep more to lose more weight
...Sleep and Weight Loss are interrelated! And if you thought, those who sleep more are likely to gain more weight you are mistaken. Recent studies conducted in Canada and United States conclude that long sound sleep every night can actually help you lose weight. If... sleep more to lose more weight

Reasons why women flake out
...She used a lame excuse to get out of a meeting with you. Face it, you just got flaked on!Although flaking is a fact of life for any guy who is putting himself out there in the dating world, women don't realize the frustration, annoyance and hurt men experience when they have a woman flake on them. So why do women... reasons why women flake out

Stop sleep loss - easy ways to overcome insomnia
...Can cause you to have serious mental and physical health conditions. There are many people who have problems with insomnia but it can be found often in demographic groups like the aged, alcoholics, sick people and menopausal women. If for some reason you aren't getting adequate sleep it can be a very frustrating as well as depressing situation. There are 2 major types of insomnia, chronic... stop sleep loss - easy ways to overcome insomnia

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Lisute: Cerimonia di chiusura tred unico!
Comment: "come direbbero i nostri colleghi della bbc: 'brillànt'" #roata
Senza sciò finale di #roata a 300 metri da Abbey Road?
ciao amisci, ho scritto una roba di la in bacheca per salutarvi, buonanotte, siete stati fantastici come sempre
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Winckel: London 2012: breathtaking, brash and utterly British Olympic opening ceremony -
Comment: hard for us to avoid here, if I pop out for a pint of milk today I'll probably get run over by a world class cyclist :-)
This captures it pretty well:
I think the contrast with Beijing 2008 is startling - they had a breathtaking display of huge controlled choreography, fitting perhaps for a vast country where people don't have the right to choose their leaders and are abused on a daily basis by petty officialdom, we had an eccentric celebration of art and literature, social progress (the NHS, the Jarrow march), a mix of old and new. Very impressed.
I liked it, I liked the NHS bit of course and the way music was used throughout, generally it was creative and intelligent.
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