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Do you have any idea about marlins new stadium?

Tips: "Stadium Marlins Idea":
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In this video, Jim Manning tells the tale of the time the Manning/Fayden/Martelli/Lennon Clan go to see the Bridgeport Bluefish, a minor league baseball team...

They talk:
#1. What a great way to capture the day! I think my nephew is a very fortunate and blessed little boy to have so many positive and loving male role models in his life. But it wouldn't be nearly as fun for him if they weren't as good humored and zany as they are....childhood should be special and I hope he always remembers how he felt that day. Great job, Jimmy!

#2. WOW . I was at this event but the Jimmy version is even better than having been there! Looking forward to more of Jimmy's work. (there had to be a balloon there)

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