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Does bam margera believe in god?

Tips: "God Margera Bam":
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Gregg "Opie" Hughes from the Opie & Anthony show denies that his financee, Lindsay, recorded a sex tape with Bam Margera. He even offers $100000 if anyone c...

They talk:
#1. Thats fhuken bullshit ;@ there is a sex tape with jen and bam just look it up. you even see there faces clearly and you se bams lower tattoo :P

#2. You didn't state any facts. Stern didn't create the format you tard. Don Imus did. Just because they are comedians on air doesn't mean that they are ripping off anybody. A federal case? WTF are you talking about?

#3. Do your own research pal. One only has to have experience listening to both. Then you can tell me what they HAVEN'T ripped off from Stern. Oh and I love how all you O & A army faggots give thumbs down to my comments. lol I bet you guys all fuck eachother when you listen to this rip off shit radio show. Fuck you all!!!

#4. Opie kept mentioning that it was a recently-fired employee who started this rumor. Did he eventually mention the guy's name ??

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