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Does getting clit piercing hurt?

Tips: "Hurt Piercing Clit":
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Some 19 Year old Slut on the internet gets her Vagina Pierced! HERE IS FINALLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE FINISHED AND HEALED! ENJOY ;) http://community.tribalectic....

They talk:

#2. You go girl. LOL Can't believe you can put this stuff on YouTube.

#3. Lol infections and damaged nerve endings. No thanks.

#4. It would be a tough job when u encounter a smelly gooch-a lot of girls have no idea that keeping the piss flaps clean is important 

#5. Hope she washed before imagine a smelly vag in your face 

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Niklas3inches: Chelle0069 how old were you when you got your clit piercing? Did it hurt? :/

Hyautanna_: I know a clit piercing gone hurt 😩😖

IMYSNI: would a clit piercing hurt

PrttyGalEricka: “Crown__B: "PrttyGalEricka: Crown__B which one do u have?" The clit piercing”😩I'm scared. they said the hood hurt but thts the one i want

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