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Does tom daley have a big bulge?

Tips: "Bulge Big Daley":
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Relate discussion: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black // Thinking Out Loud
Tustin fan video :) Music: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (no rights reserved)

They talk:
#1. First thought to cross my mind when I heard these two were together was "Tom Daley? Aww, he's adorable...WOAH. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. DLB IS FUCKING HOT!!! GO GET 'EM!!!" Then, once I beat my hormones back into the cage where they belong, I considered how their relationship might work. Obviously, they don't have exactly similar backgrounds or experiences. Their personalities are quite different. But then, I considered - those might be the things to give them some spark. And if they have similar tastes and outlooks on life, despite the age difference, I wouldn't doubt that they could really be happy together. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed, but as both of them are exceptionally open-minded (especially DLB - writers, especially creative ones, tend to have less self-imposed limits on life), I hope that they can be happy together. Plus, they're ridiculously cute together. Just saying.

#2. Tbh tho dustin only looks like 28 haha he's a good lookin 40 year old :P .. But I don't care i think it's great! :) happy for ya tom

#3. Is it Jonathan Groff at 0:24? It looks like Jon. Oh and, I came out thanks to Tom. I thought his video was such an inspiration. I'll never thank him enough.

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