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How did the balls pyramid get its name?

Tips: "Pyramid Balls":
Lighting your barbecue without firelighters
...Instead of using firelighters which smell and harmful for the environment and your health, use three pieces of kitchen roll, screwed up into a ball.Place the charcoal around it, in a pyramid shape.Then dip the kitchen roll in some cooking oil and then light.Your barbecue will be lit in no time.... lighting your barbecue without firelighters

Fbi fraud tips investigations
...As one of the leading forms of fraud committed. Internet fraud can include online auction fraud, credit and debit card fraud, bank fraud, multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes, work-at-home scams and other criminal offenses that can be perpetrated in chat rooms, emails and websites. Revealing private information. You may be offered... fbi fraud tips investigations

How to face life’s challenges head on
...Go back to the drawing board and launch the next big thing. Don’t allow too much time for pity when you fail. Getting up and going is often the best medicine. Life throws many curve balls. We swing and most times we miss. The thing to remember is in the end, you will not be... how to face life?s challenges head on

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Trip to Balls Pyramid from Lord Howe island (Australia)

They talk:
#1. Dont know about lobsters but there is a stickinsect that lives on the sparse vegetation scientists check it out by getting onto the site by boat which would be a feat in itself not for the fainthearted ,cheers joy

#2. I'm putting climbing this on my bucket list, since I'm planning on being a zoologist, I could do an independant expedition to document the current population and activity of the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, or Dryococelus australis. I know, silly little dreamer. But if I don't shoot for the stars, I'll crash and burn.

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RedNomadOZ: Balls Pyramid - at ~550m the highest volcanic sea stack on earth - is 23 km from Lord Howe Island of

WingsuitLeague: News from Luigi Cani. He told us that "Balls Pyramid" full documentary is coming out in two months in Brazil....

CeIticGhirl: kcommons15 oooh fancy balls! Ha ha! Pyramid.

Jebcorliss: The Balls Pyramid documentary is coming soon :) Some of the most beautiful footage I have ever seen :) It's...

Urban_ii: Nick just wiped his balls on the pyramid in the mummy line. Off to a great start of grad bash

Tennisfordayz: Creating a perfect pyramid of balls on your racket bestfeelingever

TheChocoThunder: I've got so much stuff hidden in my room... Dragon balls, Katanas, Lightsabers, records... It's like I'm living in my own pyramid...

Petewargo: theres nothin like having your balls played with by some little people..hey when your done with that pyramid come tend to,pm me on facebook

_MEOWZ: lmfao this man had the balls to come on DragonsDen and pitch a pyramid scheme 😭😭😂😂

Julyssa_d: One bad move and that EXO spread leg pyramid will end with someone busting their balls. Just saying cus if seen it happen.

MichaelahatesU: RT tennislife123: Making the perfect pyramid of balls on your racket 👌

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