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How did the balls pyramid get its name?

Tips: "Pyramid Balls":
How to face life’s challenges head on
...All have rough patches that seem to deflate us. These are the times to go back to the drawing board and launch the next big thing. Don’t allow too much time for pity when you fail. Getting up and going is often the best medicine. Life throws many curve balls. We swing and most times we miss. The thing to remember is in the end, you... how to face life?s challenges head on

Ten steps to a great child’s party
...All the children is something that you should consider. Most all parents give out treats or packages to the children who come to the party. It could be a bag filled with candy, balloons, balls, or any type of little toys that the children of that particular age like. If you are hosting little girls it could be a... ten steps to a great child?s party

Male genital odor elimination
...Treatment mothers use for babies. Having male genital odor eliminated sends a subliminal message to your brain that boasts your confidence and  increases your self esteem. You can also use the acclaimed fresh ball lotion  to relieve the wetness of sweaty balls. 6. Going commando (free balling) when you sleep is advisable, wear something airy and... male genital  odor elimination

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Pyramid balls discussion

ChasMark: Play It Again, Sam ---
Comment: "In one of his sketches Dieudo sang a song called "Shoananas" a rather basic play on the words 'Shoah' (from the Hebrew 'HaShoah' or 'disaster' - name by which the French Jews often refer to the "Holocaust") and 'ananas' (pineapple). Sure enough, the CRIF, SOS Racisme and other organization sued Dieudo for "incitement to hatred". Dieudo was sentenced to a 20'000 Euros fine and he appealed the decision. On the day Dieudo's appeal was heard by the court, something absolutely extraordinary happened. I found two YouTube videos which show the event and which I will both show because of the high probability that one, or both, of these videos will be banned (guys - download them now while you can!). Here they are: ---
Todd, I would say they are very conflicted to say the least. Or as a friend of mine would say 'three times as fucked up as the rest of us'.
Here's the entire article. 463 comments. All about Eliezer at Yale. Phil has a good position because he has access to what most would not normally be witness to It's very Cult-like -very Eyes Wide Shut.
"Over the course of the night as we drank red wine and Japanese whiskey I kept joking that we were going to end up in bed together downstairs. Shmully had no problem with the joke." Are Hophmi and Shmully the same person?
Watch the longer video. Yo get more of a sense of what is going on described in the article.:
Thanks for the link to the vineyardsaker article, Chas. Excellent! Paul Eisen agrees with Vineyardsaker, BTW, and thinks he has the pulse on the situation. Eisen and Atzmon are friend-in-arms over this issue.
The fact that we have heard nothing but the elite right-wing French view on Dieudo in the USA is telling.
The US media will never let the US public know about the protest against zionist in Europe---or the economic protest against elites---dont want us getting any ideas. If mentioned it will be about anti semites and MSNBC will blame the economic protest on the far right and Faux news will blame it on the socialist. Divide and conquer and keep'em ignorant.
The Jewish kids sang the Israeli national anthem and waved a "Jewish power" flag in the French hall of justice in Paris.
''Booker presents himself as the most open, accessible mayor in America, and an ally of gay rights, yet repeatedly dances around the question of his own sexuality, preferring to play a rope-a-dope game with anyone who would like to know.''
Beinart: "One day in the mid-1990s, when I was a student at Oxford, I went to the L’Chaim Society to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. L’Chaim was the brainchild of an already flamboyant but not yet famous Chabad (or Lubavitch) rabbi named Shmuley Boteach. I remember a mass of drunk people dancing raucously, which wasn’t surprising given the ecstatic nature of Purim celebrations, especially at Chabad. What was surprising was that at the center of the debauchery stood an athletic, handsome African American Christian named Cory Booker. He was the L’Chaim Society’s president."
Sounds pretty gay to me. New Jersey's other senator, Robert Menendez was linked to underage dominican hookers through a jewish doctor donor friend. Both of nj's senators probably have useful secrets to their handlers.
''Contest: A $100,000 US Dollar prize will be paid to anyone who can find even one respectable Israeli Rabbi who says that Chabad is Jewish. You will never find any such Rabbi, but try to find it anyway as an educational exercise if you still think that Chabad is Jewish.''
Failed Messiah has a good amount of dirt on Chabad (and Haredi).
Chu, the MW article you linked to is interesting. The whole setup seems kind of goofy. It's sad to think that our elite universities are shot through with this silliness.
Todd, It's like they are the new Skull & Bones on campus. But the requirement for acceptance is to be Jewish or a Judeophile. Corey Booker was reared from this place, and now he is a 1 of 100 Senators that will fight for Israel.
Have you ever come across Chabad members? I saw them in Miami Beach once. I guess they were recruiting, since they were standing next to a Chabad van asking passersby if they are Jewish. They must have been the grunts of the movement.
Sure all the time in NY. They have their world headquarters in Brooklyn. Also there are small mini headquarters all around. Like in Billyberg they have a station right in the hipster area. A lot of them think they are so cool. Mostly orthodox are quiet, but Chabad are like a new breed. Also, the Mitvah tank comes around once a year asking everyone on the street if they are Jewish. They want to recruit Jews. They bring you into their tank (bus that plays yiddish music) and you can put on telfillin and pray.
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Comment: #Op6D #6WeekCycle #Justice4Jahar #Apr4 #Nov3 #WaveOfAction #Anonymous
#CyberBlueBird prev handle ( #OneTinyBlueBird )
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p01yN0Nym0u5: #WilliamBHand @WilliamBHand
Comment: #Op6D @WilliamBHand @rokro11 @SusanBeehler @RepStephenLynch #ICYMI #RushLimbaugh #MH370 link to 2 dead ex #SEALS #NWO
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