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How do you induce vomiting in a child?

Tips: "Child Vomiting Induce":
Weight gain tips for toddlers
...If your child is underweight, the following tips may be helpful to help him in gaining weight: Have five to six small meals instead of two or three large meals. Organic peanut butter can be a very good option provided your child is not having allergy to peanut. Foods... weight gain tips for toddlers

Your 1-year-old won't eat solid food
...Most pediatricians recommend that you begin feeding a baby a wide variety of solid foods by the time the child is 1 year old. However, for children who are used to an easily digested liquid diet of breast milk or formula, this may be a difficult transition. If your 1-year-old refuses to eat solid food, you may need to consider and... your 1-year-old won't eat solid food

Explaining to your child how baby's are made
...When explaining to your child how baby's are made, don't lie to him. Often it's him who asks the question, so simply explain how.If you feel a bit embarrassed, you can help explain with a lucrative book. Most of the... explaining to your child how baby's are made

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