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How do you know when a capricorn man cares for?

Tips: "Cares Man Capricorn":
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Relate discussion: Jon Lord - Capricorn
From Jon Lord' studio album Gemini Suite with London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold (1971), inspired on the vocal part of the piece "Second M...

They talk:
#1. Lord composed this as a follow on from group and orchestra. For me, both are classics . Concept albums when composed by truly gifted musicians as mssr J Lord(r.i.p) open up minds to the wonders of music. Mixing classical with rock etc. Try The Butterfly ball and the Grasshopper feast.

#2. @suzartfam Tell me about it. I don't know what to think of that album cover...quite frankly I don't want to associated that with Lord. I've always admired him immensely for his talent and skill. I'm an artist and in the old days I never worked without a Deep Purple album playing at high volume. :-)

#3. I wouldn't say awful, more like twisted....i think it has something to do with the title or the VOCAL part re. it's lyrics, i'm not's a good album, specially this piece...a big improvement on Lord's 1969 Concerto with DP...!

#4. I remember seeing this LP at the old record sales, but I never did follow my impulse to buy it, being aware of it being associated with John and Deep Purple. It's actually quite a good production, albeit eerie to listen to. John must've been on a Moody Blues kick in those days. I do recall Yvonne Elliman's name, too, but I'm more familiar with Tony Ashton (who later rejoined John in Paice, Ashton and Lord). Tony also performed keyboards (but not vocals) on Family's 1973 LP "Only A Movie."

#5. @johnanthonyp Jon and DP did a video for a "Return to Montreaux" of "Smoke on the Water". They did a jazz number before morphing into a blistering Hard Rock version of SotW. It was great. I recorded it on a collection of videos. Worth finding if you can.

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