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How do you say go to sleep in japanese?

Tips: "Japanese Sleep":
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They talk:
#1. @HybridNation1313 Neither does Even/Vexen. I guess it's understandable that they wouldn't want to change the character's appearances too much, but I think it's nice they went and changed Dilan/Xaldin's looks by a little bit.^^

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Justatwitt2: After not getting any sleep last night... Yes, I am! Japanese pan-fired green hottea sleepdeprived…

Iletaitunefois: It was really a lot more like don't give me directions to a new place at 8 am in Japanese when I've had three hours of sleep.

Pancakemadu: "A Japanese legend says that if you can’t sleep at night it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s..."

Jenn_A_Johnson: If I can't sleep, might as well practice Japanese! Kudos Nihongo no Kana, a good app to learn hiragana. Ohayo kailerhasfangs laureninspace

ParicaMcintyre: New Toddle Kid Girl Housewear Outfit Underwear Sleep Pink Pajamas SZ 2-3T F2007 japan japanese

TaftGoodman: Sleep japanese-be-all and end-all back japanese cuisines: MaI

Annabellasolomo: 0wned by DodePersie DodeOnTTI ~ Japanese researchers found that laughing in the evening helps improve sleep quality.

Jcymelon: RT oreocrumbs: makes lemon sleep. can i call you yehette because lemon sounds so japanese.

Minterestingf: There is a Japanese superstition which states that, if you sleep or take rest after eating, you will become a cow, a pig or an elephant.

FatimaThey: music Japanese Listen info tónlist hlusta japan upplýsingar "Can I sleep here to...

Jasminespanto: RT AlexuuhTrillana: can i just sleep for 5 days and watch japanese movies and eat

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