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How do you say go to sleep in japanese?

Tips: "Japanese Sleep":
Anime mangavk streaming got simpler
...Without a doubt, mangas are popular all around the world. They are TV series, which have come from popular Japanese comics. If you fancy Japanese anime mangavk streaming, you can log on to the Internet and locate a trustworthy source to watch them. These highly stylized arts have... anime mangavk streaming got simpler

7 sleeping tips to boost the quality of your sleep
...Picture this. It’s 2 AM. You’ve been trying to fall asleep for the past two hours. You drift in and out of light sleep, not really able to reach that deep, restorative sleep you need to prep you up for the day that is to come. After tossing and turning for a while, you check... 7 sleeping tips to boost the quality of your sleep

Foods for hair growth
...Cuisine, it is best if consumed as a live whole food  to access maximum benefits. Seaweed Seaweed, with minerals from the sea, can assist in growing healthy hair. The sea vegetables can include dulse, arame, nori and hijiki. A Japanese diet, which is lean by western standards, typically... foods for hair growth

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Japanese pillow
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Katja futon, hoe wordt een futon gemaakt | van zaadpluis van de katoenplant tot futonvulling
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Japanese_shawdd: Tiredd ass fuck..,takin my ass to sleep.

Hippyasianchick: No people for a Friday night. Maybe everyone went to sleep ( Ichiban Japanese Cuisine) on Yelp

Yea_ITSmeBK: Couldn't sleep in cuz japanese men are banging on my building so fruit pebbles and Harry potter it is

Mio0333: oHeiMeiGuio Meg is a really tender person. But, please sleep. Japanese are accustomed to earthquakes. But this is not a good thing...

ZYLVIX: What is this about... (multiple choice) A) your ranting for struggling Japanese economy? B)not enough sleep? C) B type drama

Lilo_Abernathy: RT janebled: ThatAwkwardMoment when your husband sleep-talks in Japanese & the only word you can understand is "Mom". InterracialLove B…

JustDaveMM: My Japanese guard dog Acro who watches over me while I sleep!

Janebled: ThatAwkwardMoment when your husband sleep-talks in Japanese & the only word you can understand is "Mom". InterracialLove BilingualFail

Sleep_sleep_sle: actual_kou ....idk I'm reading manga in Japanese rn and that takes a lot of concentration

Hisutoriakurosu: I could seriously punch David. About to sleep and all I hear is "you have a notification" in Japanese. Plus, it was vibrating on my bedside.

Sleep_sleep_sle: RT _MarksTuan: My dad and I are trying out this Japanese restaurant Not sure what to expect

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