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How do you say go to sleep in japanese?

Tips: "Japanese Sleep":
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Teaching your child to sleep on his own
...To make sure your child gets used to sleeping on his own, you need to put him to bed at the same time every evening and do the same things before going to bed (bath, bedtime story etc.)If necessary, leave the nightlight on, but don't give in and let him sleep with you,... teaching your child to sleep on his own

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Japanese pillow
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Japanese find sleep and shelter in cyber cafes - yahoo! news
早寝早起きサイト まとめ (手帳2.0)

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Torifaria16: This will probably always be my favorite shinee song in I can sleep in peace...goodnight tlist 💕

NotedNews1: Nintendo is working on a sleep tracker: AFP PHOTO / JIJI PRESS Satoru Iwata is president of Japanese videogame...

Usmle_japanese: Sleep stages 1: theta waves 2: sleep spindle and K-complex 3 and 4: delta waves

Krischainz: when somebody wanna call u a koreaboo but she watch naruto all day n make up words in japanese cause she cant really speak it im sLEEP THO

Cosette_Yo: After I watched the Japanese version of The Grudge, I didn't sleep for a whole week. TrueStory Living w/ a Japanese housemate will do that

MifiMonitor: Did you sleep well? Japanese firm Nintendo device will show

SusyMin: its weekend and i need sleep no away that im gonna stand up at that time to see nothing since its japanese LMAO

DanStraightEdge: I either watch The Ring (Japanese Version) or Rec tonight. Cant decide. Both are terrifying and I will sleep with the lights on.

Superether: TransientCurse Babadook, Oouja and Fatal Frame. My plan now is to sleep through the 2nd and enjoy some Japanese marvel of a film after.

Id_putra911: RT polisi_gay: zhekal_id Japanese Sleep - link video:

Potatojin: What I looked like talking about Dog Park on Japanese TV on very little sleep.

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