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How do you stake a nut?

Tips: "Nut Stake":
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They talk:
#1. I think it's unnecessary. It's a castle nut. I have put 3k rounds down range with the castle nut torqued and it have never once came loose. If you steak the castle nut now you cannot replace the buffer tube end plate for a new one. If anything, torque and loctite will never fail

#2. First of all thank you for the video, very well made and info is great, the only thing I would change is using the punch you used only to mark the center of the staking, just push it a few times with your hand and the spring will do the mark, then just use a regular punch and hammer to do the actual staking. The reason for this is that I got the exact same punch that you used and it's intended to be used only with the hand and let the spring do the work, I made the mistake long ago of hammering on that particular punch, ruining it and had to get a new one, those punches are expensive and serve the purpose of only marking the metal with a small indentation to avoid a non spring loaded punch or drill bit walking on the metal ............

#3. Everyone who has posted dumbass bullshit comments, yall are all fucking idiots if you don't like staking your castle but then fine don't do it but why does nz85 and everyone else who appreciates this video warrant your completely ignorant dumbass non credible remarks? Because your some keyboard operator who has absolutely done nothing productive in your life probably. 

#4. I'm what you'd call a learning Basically because I'm always learning something about this wonderful hobby of mine everyday. I enjoy being able to work on my firearms and trust in the fact it's done correctly. However I'm not one of those guys that thinks he knows everything and won't ask questions. I would rather ask than ruin my firearm or have it self destruct. Well so far your video's have answered a few questions of mine or rather showed me how to do what I wanted in an easier different way. I just found your site today and subed after the first video. Thanks and great job! Very helpful video's much appreciated!

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