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How does cyberbullying happen?

Tips: "Happen Cyberbullying":
5 little secrets for turning fear into your loyal servant
...At the patterns your fears point you to, and become aware of the options you have in front of you. You can change the way you live your life. It can happen consciously, or it can happen unconsciously. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it feels right for... 5 little secrets for turning fear into your loyal servant

How to know if a gay man is ready for a relationship
...If there is a connection, both partners are still blinded that their fascination on each other that it can quickly turn into moments of rage. Although we hope that it won?t happen, only time will tell.Take time and get to know your new prospect and the relationship develop on its own. Do not over-analyze the signals, either. You are still feeling for each other out... how to know if a gay man is ready for a relationship

Pull out method
...The pull out method is the most risky practice couples use before the end of sexual intercourse. Although it is effective to many, there is a small chance that a mishap can happen at any given time. If you decide to experiment the pull out method, carefully read on to become successful at it during every sexual act. What is the pull out method? The pull out method... pull out method

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WARNING* There is Self Harm involved in this video. If you are triggered easily, please don't watch. Don't worry, I'm fine. I did actually self harm and I d...

They talk:
#1. For those persons who think i not punishable with heavier sentence those who don't care what happen to me twice in my life by just assuming myself you don't deserve to be my friends at the end they win and you are dead last post last share last comment from me 

#2. Geez, I hate people who think it's okay to say stuff like that... They are the ones who need a serious realitiy check... I was bullied, but I found help and friends, and it stopped... To anyone who is being bullied, there are ways to stop it other than cutting... Don't respond, block and report them, if it continues at your school do not be afraid to speak up! If you aren't heard, speak up until they do! Bystanders, don't be afraid to stand up! Bullies won't attack a full group, and if they do, stand up to them and go to someone you trust! You are a person who deserves a wonderful life, NEVER give up... Never stop being who you are! <3

#3. If this does happen to anyone.. all you have to do is BLOCK THEM on anything they have with you, if they text/call you, you can get the number blocked and have your number private so others cannot find it. I don't know why many haven't realized that .. i admit i was a victim of cyber bullying, but i followed this advice and everything stopped. 

#4. I looked up that girl that made fun of her okay really? she is calling her a slut? check out her profile people all she did was take pictures of her self and her short ass clothes and her hair like wtf she doesn't make any sense how the fuck is she gonna call her a slut when she is taking so many fucking pics of her self you ppl really do irritate me with this BS .... doing suicide is a permanent solution so knock it off with the cyber bullying shit because ppl like that don't deserve it people die everyday because of this nonsense going on in this world

#5. +xAmberSkylinex Are you cured of being suicidal and having a low self esteem today now Amber? Because if not then let me tell you in all honesty that you really are a sweet and very pretty girl. Just keep in mind that those girls who sent you these hate messages simply had something to be jealous about and when people are jealous of you you just know you're doing good!

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