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How many bitcoins could i mine per day with this computer?

Tips: "Computer Day Mine":
Remove autorun virus
...There are several signs that you may have to remove an autorun virus from your computer. The biggest sign is if your computer has started to run as slow as molasses. This could mean a slow start-up time, a slow loading time for software, or slow Internet performance. You may also not be able to access Windows Explorer or Control Panel, or you may notice... remove autorun virus

Connect a video camera to be a webcam
...Digital video camera that you already have into the webcam that you'll grow to love. To connect a video camera to be a webcam, you will need: A digital video camera A video capture card (For desktop computers) or external device (For Macs or laptops) A desktop PC, laptop, or... connect a video camera to be a webcam

Clearing browser cache to hide porn websites
...Clearing browser cache to hide Porn can be. What is required for clearing browser cache to hide Porn websites:     a computer     a browser (Mozilla)     evidence of porn     "Web Developer" add-on installed on... clearing browser cache to hide porn websites

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So. My computer died t'other day. I was so sad. All I could do was read all day for 2-3 days. I wanted to cry. But yay! My computer lives! Just not the same....

They talk:
#1. So was mine until my dad used a program to remove "unused" things on my computer and he thinks that removed something from my graphics card. So he wiped and reinstalled windows.

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