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How many bitcoins could i mine per day with this computer?

Tips: "Computer Day Mine":
Data recovery – freezing your hard drive
...Please preform the following at your own risk. Begin Step 1. You will need to pull the drive from the computer. Step 2. Once the drive is out, prepare a zip lock bag and clean freezer. Step 3. Place the hard drive in the zip lock bag, remove as much air as possible before zipping the bag shut. Step 4. Place the... data recovery ? freezing your hard drive

Tips for computer security and to prevent viruses
...You must run quality security software on your computers to protect your work and private data from viruses, spyware, and other security threats. When it comes to security, there is no substitute for quality. See below our recommended quality solutions. If any of the following is difficult for you, get an IT Expert to do it for you. You... tips for computer security and to prevent viruses

Data recovery tips for a failed hard drive
...Data loss. It’s something that has driven fear into the hearts of computer users ever since the first commercial models were released decades ago. Because there is nothing worse then storing personal, important and sensitive data on a computer hard drive only to find out... data recovery tips for a failed hard drive

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