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How many inches is 247mm?

Tips: "Mm Inches":
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algebragdz: гдз математика 4класс моро степанова волкова просвещение 2013
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Victor Ganata: Does NASA generally use Celsius or Kelvin, I wonder?
Comment: I remember that. I suggest we just call the system of SI and SI-derived units the Freedom System and get you guys on board :)
Some of the confusion comes from people just making assumptions on which units are being used. Here in Canada that's even more noticeable with both systems being used.
Well, the idea was that science would always use SI units, regardless of what system of measurement people in a particular country use generally. But I guess not every scientist got that memo.
But we definitely use Celsius (and even Fahrenheit) in medicine (and feet/inches and pounds and mmHg), which I think only reinforces the idea that medicine isn't science….
We're considered soft metric in America That is imperial followed by metrics weights and measures Congress passed a law in 1988 saying metric is "preferred" and requiring Federal agencies to use metrics except when dealing directly with consumers. There is some discussion that US actually adopted metrics in 1866. In my world pipe and fittings, Nominal Pipe Size and Metric don't match up at all
For anything that requires a calculation in medicine, though, SI units are standard. Dosages are in mg and mcg (or mg/ml and mcg/ml) BMI and BSA are easier in SI. Lab results are kind of idiosyncratic in that concentrations are measured in mg/dl or mcg/dl (I think the rest of the world uses mM, i.e., mmol/L) but it's still metric. While we take measurement in feet/inches, pounds/ounces, and degrees Fahrenheit, in papers it's always written as meters, grams or kilograms, and degrees Celsius.
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p01yN0Nym0u5: #JaharInnocente @JaharInnocente alt #jamesra46584910
Comment: #OpTrolls: You #JaharInnocente @JaharInnocente alt #jamesra46584910 @jamesra46584910
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Eric Logan: Ocean heat content: relentless but negligible increase -
Comment: Stefan Rahmstorf posted a text on the Real Climate called What ocean heating reveals about global warming where he shows some graphs of the global ocean heat content. He postulates that "ideologically motivated skeptics will deny the data, reject millions of stations", and so on.
Rahmstorf links to the definitive Levitus, et al (2010) paper, which is considered the gold standard for ocean temps from 1955-2010. Again, NO ONE AT REAL CLIMATE IS GOING TO READ IT. Levitus is the chief knocker for this data at the National Oceanographic Data Center, NOAA, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Here's the link: Mosey on over and look at the tables on pages 17-19 of the paper, or pages 22-24 of the PDF.
Look at the Table S1 on page 17. Levitus always lists the interesting stuff, the real data, in the supplements to his papers. See the far right column? The temperature change for 0-2000 m layer for the World Ocean and individual basins as determined by the linear trend for the 1955-2010 period--55 years--is a GRAND 9/100 OF A DEGREE CENTIGRADE, or 0.09C. It's not even a tenth of a degree. It's 9/100ths.
Now look at Table S2 on page 18. Again, the far right column. The temperature change for the 0-700 m layer for the World Ocean and individual basins as determined by the linear trend for the 1955-2010 period is 18/100 OF A DEGREE CENTIGRADE, or 0.18C. Under 2/10ths of a degree centigrade for 55 years.
Last one. Look at Table S3 on page 19 of the paper (page 24 of the PDF). The total change in sea level [mm] due to thermal expansion of the 0-2000m layer in 55 years is 30 millimeters. That's 1.18 inches. The total change in sea level [mm] due to thermal expansion of the 0-700m layer in 55 years is 23.2 millimeters. That's 0.91 inches. In 55 years, the oceans have risen roughly one whole fucking inch from the heat content increase. That's less than the length of the first phalange on your thumb.
Rahmstorf isn't counting on anyone checking that out. I've been looking at Levitus's work for three years, so I'm not bamboozled by this shit, and I resent the manipulation of ordinary folk with incendiary claims that don't match the data. Real scientists know this, but they've become discouraged disputing the bullshit because the Hyperbole Harpies have the megaphone, and there's $22 TRILLION in the kitty for climate change projects. "Investment alliance with $22 trillion in assets pleads for urgent climate action" Follow the money, indeed.
Now for joules. The units used to express Ocean Heat Content (OHC) are 10^22 joules. It's just the way it is. From one definition site: "One joule is defined as the amount of energy exerted when a force of one newton is applied over a displacement of one meter. One joule is the equivalent of one watt of power radiated or dissipated for one second. In some applications, the British thermal unit (Btu) is used to express energy. One Btu is equivalent to approximately 1055 joules." So you know that single-ring 'Big Kahuna' propane gas ring for outdoor barbecues that lists on Amazon as 64,000 BTUs? Well, that's 67,520,000 joules. The heat available to dissipate and cook a steak outdoors if you turn it up to high.
The use of joules allows scientists to translate the amount into watts per meter squared (w/m^2), degrees centigrade (#C), or volts, among others. But it looks big and scary is you don't know this. Especially the 10^22 part, which as I wrote above is 10 to the gazillion. I'm convinced that's why the scaremongers use it so you'll think the oceans are boiling. It would be just as easy to translate into degrees centigrade as Levitus does. Levitus updates his data regularly. If in doubt, check him, but be sure to get a paper with the supplementals because you won't be able to understand anything otherwise.
So the 9/100th of a degree C change in temp for 55 years in Levitus's S1 Table equals a total heat content change in 55 years of 24*10^22 joules. (pg 17 or 22 of pdf). Now go back and look at the left axis of Rahmstorf's charts.
Yeah, Eric. Wait until the Galactic Cosmic Rays (GRCs) kick in now that we've past solar maximum, the solar magnetic shield reversed polarity this summer, and AND the solar mag shield is at its weakest in 100 years. I'm waiting for the effect of those which is going to be heartbreaking for those in northern climates who are elderly and suffer from heat poverty. How are they going to pay the bills? The anger is going to be palpable when people's beloved grandparents die from the cold and the IPCC is standing on job preservation with its lies about what's actually in the AR5 (not out yet). We have another seven years until solar minimum. We're looking at how hot it's going to get until then. The scuttlebutt is that Solar Cycle 25 is going to be even less active. Three Chinese scientists (paper is on my computer at work) said that we are going COLD until 2036 and we wouldn't warm up again until 2068. When I read it, the hairs on my arm said I was reading the truth. The only person whose career I have ill wishes for is Bill McKibben. May he suffer ignominy for his failure to get the federal government to fund research for new energy forms. Federal government funding is entirely 'debt-free' as the libertarians are famous for screaming for, but they don't know that because they still have their noses up Ayn Rand's butt.
"Vahrenholt's book arrived yesterday from Amazon U.K. going to read it this week" My five copies too.
Especially after the President of the Maldives had to resign in disgrace over his fear-mongering. ;-) He used to hold government meetings under water to emphasize how they could all disappear. He wanted multo-bucks from the western he was going to pocket some of that too. But guess what? There's this little process called isostasy. The tectonic plates go up and down. Continents rise and fall and the asthenosphere, the spongy layer under the lithosphere (where the plates are), rebalance them. The North American Plate, the one we live on, can have sea rise on the east coast and sea level decrease on the west while they rebalance, and vice versa. The idea that 0.04% of the atmosphere is doing this when you consider the weight of the plates is beyond laughable. CO2 in a bedroom can't even control a water bed.
"Satellite measurements, however, show global sea level rose merely 0.83 inches during the first decade of the 21st century (a pace of just 8 inches for the entire century), and has barely risen at all since 2006. This puts alarmists in the embarrassing position of defending predictions that are not coming true in the real world. The University of Colorado Sea Level Research Group is coming to their rescue. The NASA-funded group claims glacial melt is removing weight that had been pressing down on land masses, which in turn is causing land mass to rise. This welcome news mitigates sea-level rise from melting glacial ice, meaning sea level will rise less than previously thought. However, it is very inconvenient for alarmist sea level predictions. Therefore, instead of reporting the amount by which sea level is rising in the real world, the Sea Level Research Group has begun adding 0.3 millimeters per year of fictitious sea level rise to “compensate” for rising land mass."
Then the University of Colorado Sea Level Research Group had this trouble in October 2012. ;-) **The 2011 La Niña: So strong, the oceans fell** QUOTE. Global mean sea level (GMSL) dropped by 5 mm between the beginning of 2010 and mid 2011. This drop occurred despite the background rate of rise, 3 mm per year, which dominates most of the 18-year record observed by satellite altimeters. Using a combination of satellite and in situ data, we show that the decline in ocean mass, which explains the sea level drop, coincides with an equivalent increase in terrestrial water storage, primarily over Australia, northern South America, and Southeast Asia. This temporary shift of water from the ocean to land is closely related to the transition from El Niño conditions in 2009/10 to a strong 2010/11 La Niña, which affected precipitation patterns world-wide. ENDQUOTE.
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