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How much is 18mm in inches?

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...CobblerThe chefs at have outdone themselves with this savory apple dessert:You?ll need:3 large Granny Smith apples, peeled and sliced1 cup flour1 cup sugar1 teaspoon cinnamon1 large egg cup butter, meltedPlace the apples in a greased baking dish (8 x 8 inches)Mix the flour, sugar, cinnamon... easy apple pie recipes

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...Dry. Also, rainfalls pass through quickly in the Caribbean, meaning if you do experience some rain, it’ll be sunny again after an hour. Rainfall levels in the Caribbean also aren’t that much higher than in the continental US, with a difference of about 2 inches on average. Temperatures also aren’t that much higher than the... perfect summer caribbean vacation

Nintendo 2ds faq
...Large are the 2DS’s screens?” The Nintendo 2DS actually features a single screen that’s partitioned into two segments (one smaller, one larger) with plastic barriers. The sizes of the two segments are comparable to an original Nintendo 3DS: 3.53 inches (top screen, diagonally) and 3.02 inches (bottom screen, diagonally). By... nintendo 2ds faq

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Inches mm discussion

Cevdet Baldudak: Bir odtülü atasözü der ki ''kahveyi makineden,ayakkabıyı stanley'den,tableti apple'dan kullanırım'' - Jenny Hepburn

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Victor Ganata: Does NASA generally use Celsius or Kelvin, I wonder?
Comment: I remember that. I suggest we just call the system of SI and SI-derived units the Freedom System and get you guys on board :)
Some of the confusion comes from people just making assumptions on which units are being used. Here in Canada that's even more noticeable with both systems being used.
Well, the idea was that science would always use SI units, regardless of what system of measurement people in a particular country use generally. But I guess not every scientist got that memo.
But we definitely use Celsius (and even Fahrenheit) in medicine (and feet/inches and pounds and mmHg), which I think only reinforces the idea that medicine isn't science….
We're considered soft metric in America That is imperial followed by metrics weights and measures Congress passed a law in 1988 saying metric is "preferred" and requiring Federal agencies to use metrics except when dealing directly with consumers. There is some discussion that US actually adopted metrics in 1866. In my world pipe and fittings, Nominal Pipe Size and Metric don't match up at all
For anything that requires a calculation in medicine, though, SI units are standard. Dosages are in mg and mcg (or mg/ml and mcg/ml) BMI and BSA are easier in SI. Lab results are kind of idiosyncratic in that concentrations are measured in mg/dl or mcg/dl (I think the rest of the world uses mM, i.e., mmol/L) but it's still metric. While we take measurement in feet/inches, pounds/ounces, and degrees Fahrenheit, in papers it's always written as meters, grams or kilograms, and degrees Celsius.
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