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How old is teresa of the real housewives new jersey?

Tips: "Jersey Housewives Real":
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Relate discussion: Real Housewives of NJ~Juicy Joe & Teresa Giudice SENTENCED to federal prison!
A federal judge sentenced “The Real Housewives of New Jersey's” breakout star, Teresa Giudice, on Thursday to 15 months behind bars on conspiracy and bankrup...

They talk:
#1. Yeah I kinda surprised they got REAL federal sentences, but as my mother would say (Who works as a branch chief in the IRS) You can mess around with yourself, you can mess with other people, BUT DON'T MESS WITH THE GOVERNMENT'S MONEY. The feds are just waiting to make an example out of anyone that tries to mess with their money, the more famous you are the more they'll gun for you.

#2. They deserve more time than this. They need to be an example for the rest of the Housewives celebs(if you've noticed, quite a few have been involved with financial crimes). They also need to be role models for their children and accept their wrongdoing. I'm a former Realtor and folks like these crashed the housing market and fucked things up for the regular working people. They disgust me. They ruined their children's lives as well as other brokers, realtors, and loan officers. I have no tears, mercy , or fucks to give for these weasels. 😒

#3. It's sad how far we will go to look like we have made it when in fact, most people are living beyond their means. Teresa and Joe are a prime example of what can happen when the lust for money and status outweighs common sense and the responsibility parents have to their children.

#4. Theresa deserves no special privileged, she And Homo Pimp Joe are criminals...The girls Gia Gabriella Milania, Audriana, all need psychiatric a treatment, and probably on anti depressants.... Theresa is a brainless clueless demented psycho...she knew what Joe was doing with his money, and Theresa agreed to the fraud bank accounts.....BASTARDOS...

#5. I have to agree with this .......“@FamilyIsLoyalty: Ohhhh @daniellestaub dontcha frigin LOVE karma baby!!!!!!!” Yup.......when Tre was calling her a whore and going crazy Daniels daughters were right their to see and hear all the mean things Tre said to her . KARMA BABY 

#6. Very good & informative video but let's not forget joe is not the only 1 to blame. Teresa is just as guilty is joe, they're trying to push all the blame on him but Teresa sign them contracts. You know she knew what she was signing, she reads her Bravo contract and understands it. She was trying to get away with something and got caught. I don't feel sorry for either of them, I hope that Teresa does her 15 months and is forced into a halfway house for another 4 months and has to work at McDonalds and has a curfew. Will be fun to see f Bravo films the sheriff sales and the IRS sales of all their belongings to pay back the 13 million.

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