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How old is teresa of the real housewives new jersey?

Tips: "Jersey Housewives Real":
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Jersey housewives real discussion

Sean McBride: Ron Paul says Hispanics have become ‘scapegoats’ for bad economy, calls for compassionate immigration policy | Texas on the Potomac | a blog -
Comment: "Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul outlined his views on immigration Wednesday, saying he favors a compassionate policy that doesn’t rely on “barbed-wire fences and guns on our border.”"
So why hasn't the defense convinced the judge to just drop the charges then? I think the definition of 'sexual contact' might be looser than you think.
A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich (as the saying goes). The defendant has no rights in a grand jury proceeding. Thats why it is so offensive that a prosecutor would abuse the system.
The defense has asked the judge to recuse himself but the judge has refused. The judge is biased all over the place. (Kind of like that other first peeping tom case. Note that it went to trial, the judge didn't toss it, though the wording of the law - whether we like it or not - was very clear that the peeping had to be from outside for the law to apply.
The 4th degree violation statute says: "An actor commits a crime of the fourth degree if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, and under circumstances in which a reasonable person would know that another may expose intimate parts or may engage in sexual penetration or sexual contact, he observes another person without that person's consent and under circumstances in which a reasonable person would not expect to be observed." - Ravi clearly meets every part of that, though.
It's also looking bad for Ravi that Wei (the other voyeur) told others they watched that first time for two minutes, not "a few seconds". (edit: )
Why was it reasonable to assume that Clementi was going to have sex with that man? All the facts we have are that as soon as it appeared to be such, the camera was turned off.
When you ask a roommate for exclusive use of the room for a significant amount of time, it's probably not because you want to exchange secret family cookie recipes.
The lawyer says that forensic examination of the computer will show it was a few seconds. So, thats all we've got as of now.
Given the reported comments Ravi made to Wei - and the tweets he made before and after that first viewing - that doesn't seem to have been his supposition.
Before we go on with this thread, I gotta ask: are you just doing an inept Chewbacca defense bit here, or are you serious?
Ravi thought the older man looked "sketchy," right? Very plausible that Ravi thought there would be drug use.
I am absolutely serious! Its something I've been serious about for many, many years: Government abusing people through the criminal justice system. The word is "Kafkaesque," I believe.
The guy looking sketchy and therefore a drug user is (I guess) plausible enough as a defense, yes. Not plausible enough IMO to warrant dismissing the charges, though.
You didn't even know what the applicable NJ privacy laws were until today! So you might have an opinion, but it hardly seems to me to be an informed opinion.
I know abuse when I see it! The case is an abuse of the criminal justice system, thats what I've been arguing. They don't involve the criminal justice system in roommate conflicts or there'd be no end to it. I mentioned above the young woman surprised in the shower (this was also at Rutgers) by a male. She reported it. What was done to investigate? They didn't even have everyone resident in the dorm called in and put under oath. Now, that was something important, attempted rape. The police weren't very interested.
You agree that drug use is a plausible explanation for Clementi asking the roommate to leave the room (and for all we know, there was drug use in addition to sexual conduct.). Thats why it was important for the defense to have the name of that sketchy older man, no? But the judge and prosecutors took over a year to give the defense that man's name. And the prosecution fought it all the way like they were talking about a minor.
"I know abuse when I see it!" It's a darn shame the criminal justice system isn't just run by you then!
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pepsi: Donald Sterling banned 4 life
Comment: " Everyone is now supposed to be an expert networker and social butterfly with the gift of gab, who can convince other (dumber people) to do what needs to be done." I could not have asked for a better explanation of the jewification process at hand, thanks Todd.
American, of course life isn't fair. Who said it is? Still, I don't see the need to make light of the situation or belittle those who notice. That is a very upper class white thing from my experience. The view seems to be that because I am white, I should be capable of more and have a stiff upper lip; whereas, all others are justified in claiming what they wish, even if it has no basis in reality, and expect fairness, to boot. This ties in to the Sterling situation, where fabulously wealthy and coddled athletes are claiming a plantation system, and people buy the claim.
"I could not have asked for better explanation of the jewification process at hand, thanks Todd." Sometimes I can't tell if you are being facetious or not, JTFP. ;)
Ok, here: "Everyone is now supposed to be an expert schmoozer and social mensch with the gift of gab, who can convince others (goyim, they are not people) to do what needs to be done."
''The culture has definitely changed for the worse. - Todd')...That is what I whole heartedly agree with and what needs to be reversed.
It's not Black people, nor even immigrants, illegal or otherwise, who are the major force behind cultural decline. Even collectively, they do not have the power to move & shape culture, they're consumers of culture. Those with wealth & control of media are the ones shaping culture. When Blacks ran Harlem, and also the U-Street area in Washington, DC, and when they operated their own schools, they had some of the finest education outcomes and music & literature venues in their regions. Busboys & Poets in Washington, DC led the revival of the U-Street neighborhood.
Smart observation, ChasMark. Dr. Norman Doidge (think that's it, but not going to look it up) wrote a book on the brain about six years ago. I heard him being interviewed. He said something that really struck me. Apparently after 2000, brain research went into a different ionosphere. What we normally thought no longer applied. Before 2000, everyone thought it was the brain that determined our thoughts. That our brain, our IQ, determines our actions and our thoughts. But it's backwards. It is behavior that changes the culture, and the culture rewires the brain. (Discovered via MRIs and other methods.) So what you DO rewires the brain. Which is a comforting thought from one perspective. But it certainly underscores why the Real Housewife series and other reality shows have damaged culture, especially because they are only being made to reap profits. Spend $10Gs/episode to get max bucks.
Evelyn Lozada jumpin over tables fighting people on the real housewives one second and then becoming a media sweetheart and spokesperson for domestic violence the next.... America 2012....
Of course the media has the power to promote and destroy cultural norms, but that doesn't mean that the cultures it promotes aren't garbage, and the cultures it destroys aren't sound. I'd rather my children watch Leave it to Beaver than just about anything on television today.
Back to the sports angle: I think there is a definite preference for black athletes, similar to that shown in the entertainment industry, among the owners, and it's not all dependent on talent. I don't believe in the genetic superiority of blacks. The treatment of Tim Tebow and Mike Vick is very revealing to me.
Also, regarding rising inequality and racism and all that in NYC/NJ that has been discussed lately, how much of the rising rent prices can be blamed on the hipster faggot influx in Williamsburg?
Regarding Real Housewives and other reality shows - my take is that they are popular because they are undemanding. While watching, you can eat, drink, do homework, chat with friends on Facebook, read emails, listen to music, maybe even get yourself tattooed and not worry that you're missing an important part of the plot because there is no plot. Be interesting to see some figures on foreign language subtitled movies popularity. I used to rent them often but now I'll be going through Pinterest while the movie is on so subtitled movies are not appealing.
Explain more, this is a new angle on this discussion but when I see a group of hipsters I can't help but think "FRANKFURT SCHOOL DESTRUCTION"
This is an interesting take on the whole Sterling issue: If this is true, and it makes sense, this is just another case of Jewish economic games, and the end result is just blaming it on white racism and a plantation system. Play everyone against one another, destroy the rule of law and civil liberties and blame it all on a bunch of racist whites with a klan mentality-- and use a bunch of dumb black athletes for moral outrage. Is this typical or what?
Steve Sailer makes a lot of sense. If true that Sterling has an income tax reason not to sell - capital gains on the sale price less the original $12 million - lets hope that means he will fight. They want to take the whole thing away from him and theres nothing they can do about the tax code in such short order.
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Steve Gillmor: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Comment: Some good stuff on Oculus/FB
I have a few Sennheisers -- I have some open air for music creation. Some Audio Technica. I think these are the most comfortable.
Huh, I can't believe I was too caught up in my work to notice when y'all were talking about Minecraft. My son is an addict. He keeps saying he made me a maze that he wants me to do, so I guess I'll be learning it.
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Todd: Voter Rights --
Comment: Sure doesn't look like ordinary black people have been helped by 60 years of stirring them up to hate white people - hate white people MORE, there had to be hatred there to begin with, of course.
Todd, the way to look at it, IMO, is the way Bill Clinton put it to his state troopers (remember them?) when he'd sit around with them and expound on politics: If a politician in Arkansas can count on getting a solid, near 100% of the black vote, he only has to get a third of the white vote. (This is from memory; numbers aren't exact.) So, that's what Biden is up to, keep ginning up black voters that the Republicans hate you so you must vote for Democrats. That's 13% of the vote right there, solid. You no longer have to think about getting 50% plus 1 when you've got 13% sewn up solid.
Definitely, Berthe. Democrat politicians in the South play race to the n^th degree to gin up solid black support, and it usually works. We ignore obvious corruption in those communities, but after every major election, the feds trot down here and make a big deal of investigating some civil rights complaints by blacks that never pan out.
My daughter watches those Real Housewives shows and one of the characters on the black show, the Atlanta one, is Porsha Williams, granddaughter of famed "civil rights" (quotes are intended to be snide) leader Hosea Williams. So, my daughter asks me, "How did a civil rights leader get to be so rich?"
Why don't ordinary black people figure it out? That's what I don't get. They have to live in a world where they should try to get along with white people but nooooo they think they are going to triumph over white people. Sorry to say but electing Obama was the worst thing that could have happened in that regard.
Blacks benefit very well from the situation, if you look at how Affirmative Action and set-aside projects work in a place like Atlanta. Most blacks live in heavily black areas controlled by black politicians, and are coddled by the whites they do come in contact with. I don't think many have a feeling that they are only 10% of the population, and they usually aren't minorities where they live. Having spent my entire life dealing with blacks as equals and superiors, I have a hard time viewing them as victims or as having good will towards non-blacks.
Growing up in and around Atlanta, I'm familiar with Hosea Williams, and he didn't have the reputation of living like a king. He was educated as a chemist and did okay for himself before the civil rights movement. After the movement, the leaders often treated government as a playground and a cash register. They really believed that they were royalty, and it is a generational act. One funny thing about Hosea Williams is that he did an interview not long before he died where he admitted that it was his job during the civil rights movement to provoke violence from whites where there had been none. I think he called it 'relieving pressure.' Typical, huh?
The elite blacks certainly benefit but here in New Jersey, the black areas are the crappy areas. They aren't all on welfare and they live amid such danger but this is what they deal with from their leaders here
Berthe, there is definitely a black middle and upper class in Atlanta, but I don't think they really produce much. And the black areas where most people earn middle class incomes and own homes are pretty dodgy. The sense of anger, privilege and entitlement are always present.
It makes me think, "What if?" What if we didn't have opportunists ginning up hatred and triumphalism (while being patted on the back as the goodie goodies by the big media)? Did it have to be this way? Now, its too late, IMO. The third world immigrants moved ahead of the blacks and even in places like the South where there's a high percentage of blacks, they could take over because there are so many of them. The area of the 1992 LA riots is now all immigrant, I believe, and they pushed the blacks out.
And here's the Trenton NJ black mayor up to his neck in corruption
Thanks for that article, Todd. I think of myself as a weather vane. I can't predict anything and I don't spot trends but (mixing metaphors) I get taken along by the prevailing currents and if I'm reacting, lots of people are reacting.
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