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How old is teresa of the real housewives new jersey?

Tips: "Jersey Housewives Real":
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Relate discussion: Real Housewives Of New Jersey After Show Season 6 Episode 15 "Secrets Revealed Pt 1" | AfterBuzz TV
Subscribe to AfterBuzz TV's YouTube Channel: AFTERBUZZ TV – Real Housewives of New Jersey edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Bravo's Real...

They talk:
#1. They cut up the season because production was trying to make the finale land during the week that the Giudices were being sentenced for the ratings bump. I also think the fight at the blackjacks table showed just how weak the twins are because you know if they had gone for any of the other girls for "leaving" them they would have gotten chewed up and eaten alive. As this season has progressed Amber has grown on me, not sure why but I like her now. In the words of Teresa the twins can "go scratch."

#2. Wow 20 mins talking about lipstick, periods, college didn't think this was about you sorry didn't like this week afterbuzz

#3. I was amazed that the shit they should have shown is episodes 15/16. I think Andy wanted to use this season to make Teresa out to be like St. Teresa. Of course we miss out on the good times for that reason. Why else did Andy had to use the court trial as the finale. I wished Atlantic City trip would have made it to the show. I think Teresa was annoyed cause of the fact that she is IN DENIAL that her husband slept with her mother. This trip might have been after Jim dropped that bomb. What woman wants to admit that their marriage was over cause of that?

#4. Talk about choppy! This episode was Part 1 yet the clips for next week show the start of reunion. Great recap show as always!! Get it together Andy!

#5. Reaction to News and Gossip from the ladies: No wonder Dina was selling out Andy. I think he was desperate to get in Season 6 before Teresa went to jail. I think he is in denial that he is the reason why Teresa went to jail. For 6 seasons, she got away with it. Also, I found it odd how Teresa got 3 months to clean up her affairs before starting to serve her 15 month sentence. Its been reported that Andy is the reason why. He wants to get in Season 7 in the books. Also, they are doing the filming NOW!!!! Its been reported/rumor that Mel is downgraded to friend status. Here is a link to the article. -27-melissa-gorga-return-season-7. Also, it wouldnt shock me if Victoria Gotti is brought on next season as a full housewife to continue the mess with her and the twins since that Lie Detector Test came true. That is why Joe and Teresa had their dinner cause they could be "acting" like a married couple cause Andy wants them to be one big happy family before reporting to prison. A reason why Dina wont be back for season 7 is that she HATES that Amber and Jim dish it right back to her. Jim went on line and accuse the finale party of being FAKE!!!!! Also her charity doesnt give money to children. Here is a link to that artcle. ty-jim-marchese-claims-donations-dont-go-to-children/ 

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