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How to get a gap between my thighs?

Tips: "Thighs Gap":
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...Pay an up-front monthly fee to insure delivery or availability of items they will buy on a repeat basis. Of course, the key is to make sure there is little or no gap between when you pay for labor, stock inventory and when you actually get paid. Ideally, you'll find ways to get money up front, and your cash gap will never be an... tips for a strong start entrepreneurs

Exercise for a flatter stomach
...Lie on your back. inhale and then, as you exhale, slowly curl your head and shoulders upwards and slide your hands up your thighs towards your knees.Pause. Inhale, and then exhale while uncurling down to a resting position. Repeat 10 times.... exercise for a flatter stomach

Male genital odor elimination
...Pose adverse effects to one's self esteem and can also be a complete turn off to one's partner. How does male genital odor come about? Well, it’s simply a combination of sweat, bacteria, shed skin and water that hides  between the thighs just below the scrotum and smells like... male genital  odor elimination

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Thighs gap discussion

Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart: Dangerous teen obsession: having a thigh gap. Yeah, my thighs haven't had a gap since ever. #thicklikeasnicka and proud of it!
Comment: That is one thing I'll never get. It's not attractive. I always associate that with eating disorders.
Yeah, some ladies have them naturally but these teens were obsessed with getting a gap and keeping it. That's just awful! It's borderline anorexia if you don't have a gap and STARVE yourself to get one. Jeez.
That's what was happening with schoolmates when they were obsessed with it. There's a lot of Asian women where we lived and many have it naturally. Many of the non-Asian girls became obsessed with it and eating disorders abound.
I saw one of those MTV documentary type deals with plastic surgery obsessed people. Two best friends had liposuction of their inner thighs so that they wouldn't touch. Their life goal was also to be in Playboy together.....>.>
I love my chubrub. I can crush beer cans with my thighs and hammer nails with my calves. My lower half is built like a brick shithouse and I'm totally cool with that.
I admit I want a thigh gap. Not because I want to be skinny, but because chafing is a bitch when running!
Not having one was one of the reasons I thought I was so fat in high school (which I now know wasn't true at all, but that's years later.)
Chafing is a bitch, that's true. I've worn many a pair of jeans down in the thighs because of chafing. :/
Jennifer - Me, too. And then, hearing all of my friends talk about needing to diet if their thighs touched gave me a complex for a long time.
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Lit: 12 Rude Revelations About Sex -
Comment: "Why is sex more difficult to talk about in this era, not less? Whatever discomfort we feel around sex is commonly aggravated by the idea that we belong to a liberated age—and ought by now to be finding sex a straightforward and untroubling matter, a little like tennis, something that everyone should have as often as possible to relieve the stresses of modern life. The narrative of enlightenment and progress skirts an unbudging fact: Sex is not something we can ever expect to feel easily liberated from. It is a fundamentally disruptive and overwhelming force, at odds with the majority of our ambitions and all but incapable of being discreetly integrated within civilized society. Sex is not fundamentally democratic or kind. It refuses to sit neatly on top of love. Tame it though we might try, it tends to wreak havoc across our lives; it leads us to destroy our relationships, threatens our productivity, and compels us to stay up too late in nightclubs talking to people whom we don't like but whose exposed midriffs we wish to touch. Our best hope should be for a respectful accommodation with an anarchic and reckless power."
"How is sex a great lie detector? Involuntary physiological reactions such as the wetness of a vagina and the stiffness of a penis are emotionally so satisfying (which means, simultaneously, so erotic) because they signal a kind of approval that lies utterly beyond rational manipulation. Erections and lubrication simply cannot be effected by willpower and are therefore particularly true and honest indices of interest. In a world in which fake enthusiasms are rife, in which it is often hard to tell whether people really like us or whether they are being kind to us merely out of a sense of duty, the wet vagina and the stiff penis function as unambiguous agents of sincerity. A kiss is pleasurable because of the sensory receptivity of our lips, but a good deal of our excitement has nothing to do with the physical dimension of the act: It stems from the simple realization that someone else likes us quite a lot."
"What is the lure of sex in the back of an airplane? Most of the people we come in contact with in daily life hardly notice us. Their businesslike indifference can be painful and humiliating for us—hence, the peculiar power of the fantasy that life could be turned upside down and the normal priorities reversed. The eroticism of nurses' uniforms, for example, stems from the gap between the rational control they symbolize and the unbridled sexual passion that can for a while, if only in fantasy, gain the upper hand over it. Just as uniforms can inspire lust by their evocation of rule-breaking, so can it be exciting to imagine sex in an unobserved corner of the university library, in a restaurant's cloakroom, or in a train car. Our defiant transgression can give us a feeling of power that goes beyond the merely sexual. To have sex in the back of an airplane full of business travelers is to have a go at upending the usual hierarchy of things, introducing desire into an atmosphere in which cold-hearted discipline generally dominates over personal wishes. At 35,000 feet up, just as in an office cubicle, the victory of intimacy seems sweeter and our pleasure increases accordingly. Eroticism is most clearly manifest at the intersection between the formal and the intimate."
"Why is "Not tonight, Dear" so destructive? Logic might suggest that being married or in a long-term relationship must guarantee an end to the anxiety that otherwise dogs attempts by one person to induce another to have sex. But while either kind of union may make sex a constant theoretical option, it will neither legitimate the act nor ease the path toward it. Moreover, against a background of permanent possibility, an unwillingness to have sex may be seen as a far graver violation of the ground rules than a similar impasse in other contexts. Being turned down by someone we have just met in a bar is not so surprising or wounding. Suffering sexual rejection by the person with whom we have pledged to share our life is much odder and more humiliating."
"Why is impotence an achievement? There are few greater sources of shame for a man, or feelings of rejection for his partner. The real problem with impotence is the blow to the self-esteem of both parties. We are grievously mistaken in our interpretation. Impotence is the strangely troublesome fruit of reason and kindness intruding on the free flow of animal impulses, of our new inclination to wonder what another might be feeling and then to identify with his or her potential objections to our invasive or unsatisfactory demands. All but the least self-aware among us will sometimes be struck by how distasteful our desire for sex can seem to someone else, how peculiar and physically off-putting our flesh may be, and how unwanted our caresses. An advanced capacity for love and tenderness can ironically render us too sensitive to try to pester anyone else into having sex with us, although now and then we may cross paths with individuals who are not appalled by our longing for urgent and forceful sexual congress, and who see nothing disgusting in even the farthest erotic extremes. Impotence is at base, then, a symptom of respect, a fear of causing displeasure through the imposition of our own desires or the inability to satisfy our partner's needs—a civilized worry that we will disappoint or upset others. It is an asset that should be valued as evidence of an achievement of the ethical imagination."
"What do religions know about sex that we don't? Only religions still take sex seriously, in the sense of properly respecting its power to turn us away from our priorities. Only religions see it as something potentially dangerous and needing to be guarded against. Perhaps only after killing many hours online at can we appreciate that on this one point religions have got it right: Sex and sexual images can overwhelm our higher rational faculties with depressing ease. Religions are often mocked for being prudish, but they wouldn't judge sex to be quite so bad if they didn't also understand that it could be rather wonderful."
"Why are hotels metaphysically important? The walls, beds, comfortably upholstered chairs, room service menus, televisions, and tightly wrapped soaps can do more than answer a taste for luxury. Checking into a hotel room for a night is a solution to long-term sexual stagnation: We can see the erotic side of our partner, which is often closely related to the unchanging environment in which we lead our daily lives. We can blame the stable presence of the carpet and the living room chairs at home for our failure to have more sex: The physical backdrop prevents us from evolving. The furniture insists that we can't change—because it never does. In a hotel room, we may make love joyfully again because we have rediscovered, behind the roles we are forced to play by our domestic circumstances, the sexual identities that first drew us together—an act of aesthetic perception that will have been critically assisted by a pair of terry cloth bathrobes, a complimentary fruit basket, and a view onto an unfamiliar harbor. We can see our lover as if we had never laid eyes on him before."
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