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How to make a hack lobby in black ops?

Tips: "Ops Black Lobby":
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They talk:
#1. The worm is garbage. This is just another reason why BO2 sucks. Because people PROFESSIONALLY camp like this... and their is absolutely NOTHING people can do about it except stay away from him. BO2 promotes camping by having all these camper protection items.

#2. Suck the worms dick already thunder your fucking lame your not funny you force yourself to laugh you bitch in every fucking video your garbage

#3. That ain't the worm bitch I don't see his black worm logo on the gun duh and he never get care package he gets war machine 

#4. EMP and a half good clan to rush him. I have faced this dude before and he is infuriating. One game he camped yemen in the small room so my whole clan ignored him and avoided the room for the whole round. He got 3 lucky kills by lurking near the doorway lol

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