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How to set d7000 raw having an issue with menu setting?

Tips: "Setting Menu Issue":
3 mistakes you need to avoid to reach your life goals
...Find a worthy goal to pursue. What matters right now is for you to increase your chances of success, by avoiding 3 Major Goal Setting Mistakes.  These mistakes are so sneaky that many Goal Setting courses actually teach them as a part of their achievement strategy. Yet... 3 mistakes you need to avoid to reach your life goals

Setting goals should not be complicated
...The purpose of setting goals is to help you go through life more easily, with less effort and, therefore, with more pleasure. Setting goals doesn't mean that you should struggle to achieve... setting goals should not be complicated

Fujifilm instax mini 7s - set it to the right aperture
...Packaging. Please remember to pull out the lens to turn on your camera before shooting. Camera is ready to shoot once LED indicators stop blinking on the aperture setting ring. Now, adjust the aperture setting which shows four different symbols: indoor, cloudy, fine, and clear (sunny). The film counter shows the number of films that left in camera.... fujifilm instax mini 7s - set it to the right aperture

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Setting menu issue discussion

Steve Gillmor: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Comment: Solar works great. I have a 6sqft solar power charging a 12v car battery. If I run it all the way down it takes two sunny days or four not-so-sunny days to recharge it.
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JSLeFanu: Commentary: Losing the Middle East | The National Interest -
Comment: "Prediction is always risky or plain silly, but my guess is that when the dust settles, which it will, in a month or two or three's time, one will see that Western—and Israeli—interests in the Middle East will have been substantially undermined and anti-Western—and anti-Israeli—interests substantially bolstered. Similarly, one will see that the regimes which are, by nature and tradition very brutal, such as Iran's, Syria's and possibly Libya's, will weather the storm whereas those which are softer, more inclined to measures of liberalisation, partly because of attentiveness to messages from Washington, will either have fallen or will have given ground, and a large measure of power, to anti-Western, often Islamist, elements within each country. "
I haven't shunned you, JS....though lately with roadtrippin', I've been lurking more than anything else (in the spare moments I have to spend online), and I've continued to read this and others of your posts with interest. I've made very few comments in US Politics of late (somewhat burnt out on politics presently), though I peek in almost daily. I like G+, but I'm not particularly active there either really.
I thought Google Plus was an advertising medium. I wouldn't get excited if I were you. if they throw in a few ff features it still will not be of use to me. I use ff to aggregate feeds I read. I really don't need friends or comments here. the option is nice if I need it.
@JSLeFanu and NoahDavidSimon it would be great to find you on Google+ as I am still working in getting all my ff contacts in my circle and that goes for ♥Prosey♥ as well ...there are very in depth and interesting discussions on these issues that I do not presently find in my stream at Google+....I am still navigating through all the know hows at Google and therefore am spending more time than on here...and these issues presented between you were in my weekly diet of 2-4 X a week and do miss them..
Additional note at JSLeFanu...some of the shunning that you may feel may not necessarily due to disagreement...although that social reality does exist may also be because people just prefer a light and easier interaction with their social media experience ...rather than engaging in deep discussions...and some ffer's tend to shy away from heated discussions as it can become an unhealthy banter of slinging personal insults and hate bashing ... (school yard antics)...not meaning you is just the nature of what it can become.
More on the new Arab age of Aquarius: Brotherhood's website alleges Israelis infiltrating Tahrir protests | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today's News from Egypt
Perhaps O.S.M. Will deign to explain to us where all that Heroes Square peace and brotherly love went to: Muslim Attack on Christians in Egypt Provoked By Installation of Church Bell
Looks like O.S.M. (as I predicted even when he was working himself into a lather of indignation over my lack of enthusiasm for the "Arab Spring") has well and truly run for the hills once it became no longer deniable what the real payload of the Arab Spring is: "In Tahrir Square, the atmosphere has shifted since February. People burn Israeli flags, a sign of the hatred and demagoguery of the old Arab regimes absent from the initial uprising. A seven-year-old girl carries a poster calling for Mubarak to be beheaded. Postcard stands have pictures of Osama bin Laden and even Hitler. "A lot of Egyptians like him because he killed Jews," says the vendor." Now who'd ever have predicted this?
More: Imagine a Nazi rally suffused with Islam and that's what you've got. Well O.S.M> where now for your new age of Aquarius in Egypt? Would you have liked to in the middle of that if you were a Christian (or Jew, Or Bahai, or Ahmadi, or Zoroastrian, or Hindu)? Anyway O.M.D. I realise that there's no avoiding, even for you, the fact that your original cheerleading for this "revolution" now has every appearance of infantile naivety but at least grow yourself a set of bollocks and try to be a man about it.
Well O.S.M. What ya got? Just Kiddin, we both know you got nothing that's why you're hiding. Oh, while I'm here: Jihad Watch - Egypt's Salafis: "We want an Islamic state like the one that was in the Middle Ages" That's progress for you, Arab Spring stylee.
HRW is against granting amnesty to Muamar Qaddaffi. I'm not a fan of the colonel, but the precedent for no way out for human rights abusers is frightening. The Hague was making motions against Obama for instance. I really don't trust the ICC. I fear their agenda is in creating a precedent that can not be trusted. It isn't like the arrest warrant against the leader of Sudan does any good anyhow
Noah that's a dangerous gambit for sure. Hey O.S.M. We haven't gone away you know, even if you're pretending to be otherwise engage. Anyway here's more ecumenicalism Egyptian stylee: Egypt: Muslims attack Christian village after breaking Ramadan fast, target priest's house first
Sharia Law on it's way in Libya now. How wrong I was not to celebrate this outbreak of liberty. O.M.D. Still missing in action I see. Maybe he's still celebrating.
I tried to tell you: Muslim Mob Torches Coptic Church in Egypt #Egypt #sharia For the record April 10th was the last day O.M.S. dared show his face here and even then it was only to make his excuses for not responding. Apparently he was busy finishing a "paper" but would be back the minute he got done.
Noah, the fact is the Vatican have to suck it up because what Christians remain in the middle east are effectively hostages in the caliphate.
Well actually you're pretty wrong on that score. Never hear of Charles "The Hammer" Martel? Let's put it like this, he lived up to his name.
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Kevin (aka ThreadKilla): Paula’s big fat secret - WWW.THEDAILY.COM -
Comment: Shocker: eating mounds of fatty, sugary food and being 100 lbs overweight is not good for you. Who knew? The real tragedy is not that Deen has diabetes herself (though I wouldn't wish that on anyone), but that she's put a lot of other people on the road to diabetes with her glorification of super unhealthy food.
This is about 6-7 times I've seen this story, HuffPo, the Dail, tumblr, Twitter, so I'll just reiterate my prior comments: deep frying EVERYTHING does not a chef make, but is an excellent way to get your Type II Diabetes on
RTFA, click the link, it explains, she does, just even in the subtitle: "TV chef famous for Southern-fried decadence to reveal she has diabetes"
I think that's splitting hairs. She owns a restaurant, she has a cooking show, she publishes cookbooks. To most everybody, that means "chef."
"Not my Mama's meals" sounds like a great show! He should turn it into a teaching show, with his mama sitting int he kitchen watching him defaittify her recipes! )I would totally watch a cooking show that takes tasty fatty kill you goodness and turns it into tasty healthy yummy goodness)
Whole bunch of online dictionaries define Chef as the head cook in a restaurant, responsible for setting the menu and ordering the foodstuffs. That would be Ms. Deen.
haha, this thread. I'm a big time foodie, so my definition of a chef might be different from Joe Public. No matter. She's still a hot mess. Never been a big fan of her over the top style of cooking which certainly paved the way for folks to act and eat like fools.
Paula Dean is a cook. A cook does not a chef make. And having been to her restaurant... I wouldn't even call her a cook.
Chef = went to culinary school. At least that's what the professional chefs I know consider the difference between chef and cook. Has nothing to do with talent or skill, just training. Fat and diabetes correlates, the same things that lead to one, lead to the other (including both genetics and lifestyle), but mostly people just use it for an excuse to hate on fat people. If she was thin and had diabetes, no one would be talking about it. Yet, I know a lot of thin folks who struggle with having it because they thought it was okay to make bad lifestyle choices because they were thin.
Both excess fat and excess carbs stress out your pancreas. I lean more towards the thought of that ER doc who ate nothing but Twinkies but still lost weight. It's not really about what you eat, but how much of it you eat.
Exactly Invisble Man, that and when you appear on MasterChef as a JUDGE yeah I know. There's also some amazing chefs that are self taugh,t never went to culinary school, but learned the industry through hard work in kitchen's for years upon years, that's how u get for real practical training
Lix, sorry. I figured someone might think I was hating on heavy people. I'm not. But in her case, I think the evidence is pretty clear that whatever predispositions she may have, her diet hasn't helped.
I didn't mean you specifically. :) It just happens a lot, and I think it does a disservice to everyone. I've known so many people who don't treat their bodies right because weight is not an issue for them. Diet/exercise is vital, no matter who you are.
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Comment: #1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @SweetSnark7 #SweetSnark7 hey, its your info #BostonTrolls #opTrolls #OpFWQW #BostonFBI #Op6D #NWO
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perhaps you have an alternative theory for who #AGENT_GATTACA @AGENT_GATTACA is #OccamsRazor #TimGenck #DanielGenck Tim Genck Daniel #Genck.
government employees like daniel genck are the reason conservatives think that government is overgrown and ineffective. he should quit trolling twitter and take a moment to reflect on what his oath of office means to him. #BostonFBI #BostonResignations #RichardDeslauriers #JanetNapolitano #RobertMueller #JaneHollLute #EdDavis #TCOT #TLOT #P2 #TOPPROG
still waiting for the full contents of the #FakeBoatNote to be released so we can compare it to what journalists selectively paraphrased it to be. #Justice4Jahar #TroyCrossleyTruth #Nation4Jahar #FreeJahar #Anonymous #Cicada3301 #BostonHoax #Op4c #Op6d #Op64s
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