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Is chris christie related to lou?

Tips: "Lou Related Christie":
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Relate discussion: Two Faces Have I - Lou Christie- 1963
Heard This In A Market A Few Years Ago.Could Never Forget It.Every Time I Play This Song Loud Someone In The House Would Say What The Heck Was That? Lou Chri...

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#1. Two Faces Have I - Lou Christie- 1963 Join Cape Breton Daily Brew: *Follow Me:*

#2. I heard this song in the grocery store a few days ago. Really an attention getter: Two Faces Have I - Lou Christie- 1963

#3. I hope the people alive and living during this time period realize how lucky they are! Obama said the generation today are the most fortunate in US history! OMG. Even after the 80's the black sound fell apart.

#4. I was 5 when this song came out. Like most of the songs from the early '60's, I heard it when visiting my Grandmother and my "aunt" who was 14 when this song was popular. Once she got her driver's license, she'd take me to her friend's houses and they'd play all these songs and dance around, usually talking about boys. I thought they were so grown up and sophisticated! She'd take me cruising with her and her friends, too. I had a lot of fun going to see them in the Summers. This song takes me bak to those great times!

#5. Oh and PS do you have any idea how many millions that voice made him? So Angelo while your opening up your campbells chicken noodle soup for dinner think about that you loser

#6. Great tune!!! The funny thing is that it reminds me of when my dad, God rest him, who didn't like rock'n'roll in general, would hear Lou's falsetto on the radio and say "Listen to that shit ..." Although I guess, in many respects, that's how we oldsters view today's pop music as well.

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