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Is it normal to like charles manson?

Tips: "Manson Charles Normal":
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Relate discussion: Charles Manson Music Fact: "CEASE TO EXIST" Stolen by Beach Boys from Manson
Charles Manson Music Fact: "CEASE TO EXIST" Stolen by Hollywood from Manson. Find more interesting facts on Manson at :

They talk:
#1. Manson begged Wilson for putting this crap on record, and he was paid for it, though it was not worth a single cent. Dennis Wilson was always generous. Manson got money and a motor bike. But they (Manson and his criminals) stole and stole, not only the gold records (not ONE but TEN, and if you think they are nothing worth you should try to buy a real BB gold record) but clothings, money and so on. All in all Manson stole around 100.000 Dollar, and this was a huge sum in the Sixties. And he wanted more, tried to stab Wilson and told Wilson he would kidnap Wilsons little son Scott. Wilson then even moved out of the villa and had to hide, as his producer had to, too, because he could not get rid of this criminal scum Manson which meanwhile enjoyed spending is days beating children. You say 'eye for an eye'; it was Manson who started stealing ( and he stole as he never had any respect for others, he stole money and he stole lifes. Don't say he did not kill! Hitler told others to do so too and is still a mass murder) so your 'argument' is on Wilson's side. Manson sits in prison and hopes still to be a musican 'one day', but he is nothing than an old piece of shit, as his songs only copied mainstream and never were worth a single minute to listen. The same ill brain with the same narcisstic personality disorder as Hitler and his gay bunch had. If Manson would not be so disgusting one could laugh about him the whole day.

#2. Manson stole one of there gold records, he and some of there family lived with them for over a year, the song was crap . manson stole more than the song was worth.rott in hell scumbag . 

#3. Forget about Gold records everyone. Wilson paid more than $100,000 in medical bills for the family and some of the girls totaled his Mercedes. I'd say Manson was paid well. I love the Beach Boys but I hate their version of the song. I'd much rather listen to Manson's original. All you people want to call Manson a scumbag, do a little research. Forget about all that helter skelter bullshit. Forget all the ridiculous theories and hype the prosecution spread. Manson wrote a lot of good songs. If he hadn't met a bunch of teenage kids maybe things would've turned out different.

#4. Hey jason ,no shit thanks for telling me that gold records are not gold,your right i only wish i was cool like you. manson was a loser spending most of his worthless life behind bars .you go worship that.

#5. What would the world be like if Manson was famous for his music and being hacked by the beach boys instead of being famous for making sheep kill pigs .... It not to late for him to hold a record label .. The music will still come out the wood works for him .. Final music compliation. Ya know ???

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