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Is naomi russell married?

Tips: "Married Russell Naomi":
Reasons not to get married
...From 50 to 65% of all new marriages ending in divorce, it's best to be wary of marriage. And, if your girlfriend is pressing you to get married? Well, that the top reason NOT to get married! Your girlfriend wants to marry you and gives you an ultimatum. Get out of there as fast as you can!... reasons not to get married

Tips for living without love
...Feel better after experiencing that heady sense of accomplishment.     Don't freak out. Not every person is married by 25. Don't measure yourself against your friends who are married with kids already; the grass is always greener on the other side.... tips for living without love

Falling in love over the internet
...Didn’t know it was moving.” Once we are in this relationship a little while, we naturally begin to think, especially if you are a woman, where is this relationship going? The idea of living together or getting married surfaces it’s chameleon face. You and your partner may even... falling in love over the internet

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