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My boyfriend keep rubbing and kissing stomach why?

Tips: "Stomach Kissing Rubbing":
Foods to eat when you have diarrhea
...Sure to hydrate with plenty of water since you can lose a great deal of fluids during a bout of diarrhea. Saltines Crackers are small, easy to eat and can help absorb the stomach acid that cause cramps and aches during diarrhea. Consume a few crackers at a time and wash them down with water if you need food to eat when you have diarrhea. Rice This is... foods to eat when you have diarrhea

Everything starts with a kiss
...Single most underrated intimate display of affection. The kiss is the key that opens the door to both her heart, and her body. A study on kissing was done a few years back, and found that most women based their decision of whether they would sleep with a man, on his kissing abilities! So, before you... everything starts with a kiss

Simple tips for healthy digestion
...To move easily through your digestive tract. Do not have a heavy meal at night as the digestive system may disturb your sleep. Keep away from foods that upset your stomach: You may be allergic or find some foods that upset your stomach. Some foods that cause a digestive problem are: spicy, fried, alcohol, dairy products or some gas producing... simple tips for healthy digestion

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Relate Tweet:

Fukyodamntweets: I like rubbing my sister's stomach and kissing it she hates that😂😂 Oh well I love my future niece already😁

_moberry: oomf was massaging, rubbing and kissing all on my stomach ... them cramps are HELL

TaraAdamsRR: TheMusicalGavin *kissing you passionately&intensely, rubbing your chest,then slides my hand onto your stomach, rubbing it,feeling your abs*

Riamee__: If I had a boyfriend I'd def wake him up by rubbing ice on his stomach 😂😂😂 time to wake up nigga or by kissing him all over.

RuneruDV: Blue_Mist101 I hope your day was alright? -he said kissing her head again, and rubbing his hand on her stomach-

LilKurk: Hugging me from behind , grabbing my big booty , kissing me on my cheek , rubbing my stomach ... 😍🙌🙌

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