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Was anyone surpised that ellen page didn t win the oscar?

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2013 Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence talks to the press about winning her first Oscar. For more CNN videos, visit our site at

They talk:
#1. I'm not saying she's a bad actress but it is frustrating how people in the entertainment industry make more than farmers, doctors, miners, people on the assembly line in factories, etc. Those people contribute to utter survival of our species. We would be just fine without music, movies, games, and sports. js 

#2. My two cents on Ms. Lawrence begins with her brief, direct answer on mental health which was perfect and indicative of her intelligence. Then, despite the ignorant, sycophantic, celebrity worship questions (here and elsewhere), she is always in control. She smiles, laughs, and answers one silly question after another logically and with her own little twist. To me, it seems like she is amazed by the absurdity of it all. She's talented, and funny, and she seems honest and genuine. In addition to the wonderful persona, she's blessed with a boat load of healthy, natural, mid-western beauty. I've lived and worked in LAlaland for 30+ years, and I've never understood or cared for the whole celebrity thing. Just the other day I heard some moron call her "J Law." Okay, I know I'm old and don't "get it" but I heard that and thought, oh boy here we go... they're already trying to take away her name. Which reminds me, she was totally miscast in *American Hustle*. They gave her that roll because of her star power, not for her career or to make a better movie. Still, I think she's smart, and I hope she's well managed. She seems like a really great kid. Like so many others, I'm pulling for her happiness and continued success. I just hope the Hollywood crowd doesn't make a mess of her life like they have with so many others.

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Joyceeng61: McConaughey didn’t win an Oscar and Emmy in the same year, but Brad Pitt did: He produced 12 Years a Slave and TheNormalHeart. EGOT

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