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Was anyone surpised that ellen page didn t win the oscar?

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Win oscar didn discussion

pepsi: wild theory: Glenn Greenwald becomes our first Jewish president
Comment: I can just picture it, maybe as soon as 2016. He keeps talking about how he's going to fly to the US to test if he'll get locked away. I bet he doesn't get locked up, his movie(s), books, and Huffpo partnered web site(s) will launch him into the 90%+ recognizability rate among the voting public, and he'll be the hero that 51% of the country will rally around.
Chas, my sibling has an israeli live-in nanny taking care of their kids. Todd, I'm a quarter Incan, which gives me a bit more rythm than my hopeless irish relatives, lol. Jtfp, i couldn't handle la either at this point. I lived in chicago while i was still a philosemite, and found it a bit bland and sterile and probably not jewish enough. Now i think Rahm has jewed it up pretty good, lol.
I wouldn't want raise a family in New York, but certain areas seem nice for singles. As a tourist, it seems like a really rootless place and completely detached from the rest of America.
Pepsi, according to a DNA test, I'm just over 1% Native American, which took me by surprise. I don't know which group, but I'm sure it isn't Mayan. Otherwise, I'm mostly English and Scottish with some German Moravian, Swiss Protestant and French Huguenot ancestors. How do you go over with your Jewish relatives? Are they in-laws or blood relatives?
Todd, I actually had an Irish grandparent convert to Judaism after Vatican II. So I attended the 'gogue maybe 5 fridays as a kid, and again for the funeral, before the shiva turned into an irish wake. Before the shiva/wake, all wood coffin, wooden nails, Jewish part of the cemetary. That congregation was very welcoming and friendly toward me. JVP types in the boonies. I also have 4 jewish ex-uncles in law. Mostly damaged types who didnt live up to their elitist, perhaps self-absorbed jewish mothers' expectations. Hyper-sensitive and a bit volatile. Then there was the super-suave jewish lawyer, who took a wealthy aunt for millions. Go figure. The only good thing about that guy was he was very quick witted and funny, and i kinda learned how to be cool as a kid from acting like him. Best story i remember about that fucker was one time in his past he woke up next to some chick, who asked him how he liked his eggs while he was getting dressed. "In a diner" was his answer.
I don't know if you guys read the sockpuppetry link above, but it's pretty funny, Greenwald bragging about his bestselling books and being read by presidents, under fake names but the same ip address. I could be wrong, but I think this is greenwald doing it again last night in a more sophisticated fashion on fdl, under the name UT1, which might stand for unclaimed territory. Check this out:
Great response by Public: Public February 23rd, 2014 at 9:58 pm In response to UCT1 @ 16 Your nasty tone is unwarranted. We are in this terrible position right now because of people like you accepting the risible Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Zelikow official story of 9/11, no questions asked. And even worst, people like you doing their very best to stop any substantive questions about that day from ever being asked… without any thought being given to just how important those (obvious) questions might be…to all of our futures. It is people like you that helped create this surveillance nightmare.
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greenwald back in the us
"All of our leaders sell us out, Pepsi. Black leaders at least deliver Affirmative Action, set-asides and push to keep outdated civil rights laws in place. - Todd" Yep.
pepsi, et al. Sit back. Watch. Listen. Now I know you won't, pepsi. You will be regaling us over the next four days with tons of shit, and I will be delighted. But you need to understand: the idiots are out in full force. Putin is in control because he has the superior intellect and a superior grasp of the facts. So do we. Sit back, and watch.
nobel and oscar up next
I just looked at the Greenwald FirstLook site----nothing happening there. Their editor says will 'take them a while' to get 'process' of editing and etc set up. I think by the time they do the 2 second attention span of the public will have moved on to a new scandal.
If that psyop publishes anything, they will get flooded with questions about Ukraine and their silence on it. So they hire a puppet 'executive editor' to take the flak for a big payday. Now Greenwald can try to claim his hands are clean while the site goes dark and Cook does a purge of the comments section.
McJew and Danaa are still true believers in Greenwald's precious jewish soul. Blame it on the indian goy;) ... Danaa, time to re-think the GG narrative, even the salon days. He was groomed and obsessed with being a politician since he was 3 years old. When Greenwald went off to DC after losing a city council race at age 17, he was recruited by some agency. Is there any better route for a hyper-ambitious politician?
I see what you're saying pepsi. He may be the reluctant politician that has to change Washington cause no one else has the know-how to do it. Kind of like Jon Stewart -a politician who uses his cable 'news' perch to lambast those who he disagrees with (really a pundit). But I am not totally sure of his ambitions yet. Glen must have been the precious son in Fort Lauderdale - note that Nova High School was a public school (not a jewish day school).
Good point on JStewart, Chu. He was Weiner's roommate when Weiner was being groomed by Chuck Schumer. And then Stewart's brother also goes on to run the nyse.
I'm really curious about Greenwald's college years in DC. It was right around the time Barney Frank was running a brothel out of his apartment. It's just such a small town, and an out of the closet 20 year old gay jewish striving politician would have attracted the attention of some powerful older dudes.
I can't find the quote from Greenwald's mother about being obsessed with politics since age 3, but i found this from 1985: ''If he wins, the National Merit Scholarship finalist plans to attend the University of Miami. He will study pre-law and political science. Previous experience for the young politician dates back to 1975, when he was appointed to the city`s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at age 8. At that time, he regularly attended meetings with his grandfather. As a Little League baseball player he had been worried that the council wasn`t concerned about the city`s park. Later, he started a political youth organization and recently completed a 4- year term on the Broward County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.''
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p01yN0Nym0u5: #1U @jjellli #jjellli just #fyi @cathunwin #cathunwin is #suspended #AUSpol #AUSunions #BostonTrolls #Justice4Jahar #OpFWQW #AnonOps

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