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Was there a mateus on the notre dame football team?

Tips: "Team Football Dame":
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Relate discussion: Notre Dame Victory March
Visit to purchase this as a ringtone for your iPhone. Hear and sing along with the Notre Dame Victory March!!! Visit www.your-fun-stop....

They talk:
#1. Everyone says this is really good but I just don't see it. Michigan has a better one, Auburn has a better one, Tennessee has a better one (Rocky top not their official one), even Idaho has a song that's just as good as this one, if not better.

#2. Ok, come on people, let us all enjoy this video without fighting... Most of these comments are childish and very rude. No one really cares which team you like, if you are going to hate on a video, then don't watch it.

#3. Ndfaithful is not a USC fan he is not from California hes a fraud. He is an LSU fan. He admits hes from Alabama. Gaymoose switched his account to 101Tigerbait so you can share your thoughts with him. Im a Alabama fan and he trolls the shit out of our videos every chance he gets. ndfaithful is an LSU fan the only SEC team he hasn't talked shit about is LSU and I checked every LSU video and nothing from the gaymoose but hes on every other SEC video talking shit about our teams. So theres some info for you ND fans out there. At least ND and Bama fans have one thing in common is that gaymoose is a retard.

#4. Trying to figure out if I'm crazy but listen to the 2 second part around 0:20 then listen to the start of the Russian National Anthem and tell me they're not the same. It's obvious, Notre Dame obviously is an ardent supporter of communism. Good thing I got my tin foil hat to protect me. 

#5. Maybe we can play our "Victory March" if we defeat the mighty RUTGERS! They just became bowl eligible last weekend (6-6). I didn't even know they had a football team! We should be embarrassed, but we're not. If we should happen to prevail over a weaker opponent, we act like we won the Super Bowl. That's why we play teams like Temple, Purdue, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, etc. We're not fooling anyone. We are ND.

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GrandSlambert77: RT FantasySci: If praying works, then how come Notre Dame College's football team is not undefeated?

Luke_gardner21: beccasites brianna_lotz notre dame is the worst team in all of college football SorrynotSorry

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BayleeNicole12: Notre Dame football is on and I'm crying 😊 I missed my team so much! 🏈

Cbowen90: RT whitehouseprez: Headline says Notre Dame Stadium to feature artificial turf. Shouldn't it feature their football team?

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DennisLaffin: damianmcginty I hope u arrange to do a show at Notre Dame sometime Damian. After all its the home of the Fighting Irish Football Team.

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