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What are common physical characteristics of english people anglo saxon?

Tips: "Anglo Saxon People":
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Anglo saxon people discussion

Holly's favorite Anna: Shaka, When the Walls Fell
Comment: "This capacity responds to fans’ skepticism at the Tamarian’s technological prowess. The Children of Tama would not be delayed by their inability to speak directly because they seem to have no need whatsoever for explicit, low-level discourse like instructions and requests." -- BULLLLLLLLLLLSHIT
You don't consciously learn syntax and grammar, though, at least not until you start formal education. Much of that ends up in place long before you're actually verbal. So it's not that difficult for me to imagine that, if the Tamarians also never thought to bring a linguist along, it would be nearly impossible to get to that very basic but also mostly instinctual level of instruction across a massive cultural divide that we can't even really imagine.
I still like the analogy where their individual words correspond to our individual morphemes. While they do carry some semantic meaning, they're hard to pin down without surrounding context. The word "walls" in "Shaka when the walls fell" probably has the same status as "-struct-" does in a word like "deconstruction." Knowing that "-struct-" is derived from Latin "to build" doesn't really help you figure out what "deconstruction" means. You need to know the history of Western Civ leading up to Postmodernism to really appreciate what it means.
Like analyzing the morphemic elements in "deconstruction" (de- sense of undoing, -con- "together", -struct- "to build", -ion morpheme that nouns verbs) totally doesn't tell you what "deconstruction" means.
"You need to know the history of Western Civ leading up to Postmodernism to really appreciate what it means. " -- and by analogy, the Tamarians would... share their stories! not repeat "deconstruction" over and over, which is essentially what the Tamarian captain actually did.
Like I said, how to you explain "agreement" when you can't be sure that the other person has any idea of how your culture and society is supposed to work? I can't imagine how you would convey that with gestures alone.
The "allegories and analogies to something else" is where this concept totally fails in the episode, because the Tamarians apparently cannot grasp that there /is/ a "something else" at all; they make references without even the concept that anyone could not know those references. Which I maintain is pretty much as impossible as the language Douglas Hofstadter proposed (as a thought experiment that showed its impossibility... if I remember correctly) where a single short word contained the equivalent of an English-language novel and for what I think are similar reasons, though I can't articulate the similarity right now.
Just thinking about the ST prime universe, we kind of cheated with even getting a universal translator up and running. The very first sapient species we met were telepaths with similar biology (owing to the Ancients). Without the Vulcans and their existing knowledge base, and without the shared neurobiology with a lot of the sapient species in the Alpha Quadrant (the Klingons and the Cardassians were also descendants of the Ancients), I wonder how impossible trying to grok xenolinguistics would've been.
But what is that "something else" though? I suppose one could argue that nouns and verbs most closely correlate to experience in reality, but even then, they're ultimately idealized abstractions that rely mainly on shared experience and shared culture/society to have any useful meaning.
Yes, but there are some foundational words rooted in reality or pre-verbal experiences (eating, for example), which is how we bootstrap. The Tamarian language has an immense bootstrapping problem.
Conversely, if the allegories of Tamarian-ese map so well to words and phrases, then the UT shouldn't have failed.
But you can't really bootstrap an entire language on base concepts like that. Otherwise learning other terrestrial languages would be totally trivial.
Yeah, but we're having this discussion ignoring the alleged infallibility of the UT. I think we can all agree that if Kirk's explanation for how it works is right, then there's no way this episode makes any sense.
Even ignoring Kirk's explanation, though, the established function of the UT has been that it has basically always worked, or at least never failed to the extent that it did with the Tamarian language.
I have to wonder, though, how one could possibly go about explaining the history of Western Civilization leading up to Postmodernism if you don't share a common language or a common culture :D I don't see how you could start from basic concepts of eating and sleeping. At best, it would take a *really* *really* long time.
Actually, while there weren't any episodes depicting total failure of the UT except for this one, there were apparently a couple of DS9 episodes where the UT wasn't perfect
The UT facilitated translation to the nanites!!! By any measure they're more foreign than the Tamarians. Edit: two fucking seasons before "Darmok"!!!!!
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American: In addition to Chas --California School Asks 8th Graders To Debate Whether the Holocaust Happened
Comment: Is this finally a blow back to the indoctrinating of children with The Holocaust in US schools.? I hope so.
The land might be government land given to them. The one in Nassau Cty LI is on the Welwyn Preserve County Park. But the memorials aren't all of it. How many school trips to Holocaust museums? My daughter went to Washington DC to the Holocaust museum in 8th grade. If you didn't want to go on the trip, it was a day off. That's a whole day of school "spent" on Holocaust education.
From what i've read it private capitol funding these places. but wait. here's an article from 2003 Re Dc Museum "As its Web site, <>, explains, the museum was “built on land donated by the federal government and funded with more than 200,000 private donations...As required by law, all funds for planning, constructing and equipping the museum were raised exclusively from private, tax-deductible contributions.” That was then, however. Now American taxpayers provide some 67 percent of the Holocaust Museum’s annual budget, this year to the tune of $38.4 million. Its funding for fiscal year 2004 was increased to $39,997,000. By comparison, this year the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts received less than $34 million in federal funding. That figure was cut to $32,560,000 for fiscal year 2004."
"Now American taxpayers provide some 67 percent of the Holocaust Museum’s annual budget, this year to the tune of $38.4 million. Its funding for fiscal year 2004 was increased to $39,997,000." - I assumed this was paid for by the taxapayer, I don't think Jewish contributions can afford to keep these museums running. think of all the maintenance, cooling/heating. The taxpayer pays, because congress makes it so.
Wilson Center is government funded think tank. An uberJew, Jane Harman, runs it. I think she took the "demotion" from senator to pres. of Wilson Center so she could keep documents in the dark closet about how Brandeis & Untermyer ganged up on Woodrow Wilson and pressured him into betraying 14 Points at Versailles.
Jeffrey Rosen is president of the National Constitution Center, taxpayer funded. I think it's in Philadelphia.
Jews built a Museum to Jewish American History in Philadelphia right across from the Liberty Bell.
How many museums to Italian American history has the US government funded? But Italian scholars, specifically, Gaetano Filangieri, the first modern scholar of political science, corresponded with Benjamin Franklin and influenced the drafting of US Constitution (Wonder if eighth graders in Rialto School District read about that, along with their Ann Frank).
Filippo Mazzei was Thomas Jefferson's friend, neighbor, and intellectual comrade in Jefferson's thinking about how US government should be set up. How many Common Core bullet points are devoted to Mazzei's influence on US constitutional republic?
What sucks about Jewish overreach re holohoax indoctrination centers and lesson plans is, among other things, they way they suck the oxygen out of every other ethnic and cultural group that contributed meaningful elements to US (used to be) way of life. Todd's, JTFP's, and Berthe's & American's ancestors, are made to seem insignificant at best or offensive at worst. Thus, the young people from groups that have been thus marginalized are never permitted to express a sense of pride and contribution and cohesion in the grand US project. Self-confidence is the most important thing parents/older generation can give their kids, but only Jews are allowed to occupy that space.
I know a local teacher who was sent to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. as part of a Holocaust education program. She came back talking about soap and lampshades.
I would rather hear about Americans who sacrificed during WWII and have museums built in their name, then have a holocaust museums. The holocaust didn't affect any US Jews or US citizens. So bizarre how the concept has morphed into a giant industry to teach the rest of the citizens about an aspect of the second world war.
"Todd's, JTFP's, and Berthe's & American's ancestors, are made to seem insignificant at best or offensive at worst..." I think it's even worse than that, Chas. Even if you don't care about your own ethnicity, you can't escape it. At every turn, demographic info is requested, and I know it's generally used to harm me, or to figure out ways to do so. Marginalizing one's ancestors is bad enough, but that's not where it stops.
'' Todd's, JTFP's, and Berthe's & American's ancestors, are made to seem insignificant at best or offensive at worst..." ) Yep, we have been demonized in many ways. Its geting to be a struggle for me to maintain my preferred attitude of ' live and let live' and be a believer in the 'melting pot'. On principle I dont object to non anglo immigration, ..Asian, hispanics, etc.. And actually I dont see those groups as a negative for the US. What I do see as a huge negative is what extreme tribal and ethnic groups like the Jews do 'politically' in this country. ..I think they have contributed heavily to the corruption of US government. I do recongize that it is not all the Jews but at the same time I have to recongize that too many of them do follow their zionist leadership and as 'a group' are a problem.
What is amusing and infuriating is those who immigrate to the US and try to tell us' how to do democracy better" and how bad WASP and anglo saxons were and are----WHEN..... it is we and our anglo saxon founders who create this fucking country that they all flock to and want to come to. None of them created a deomocracy in the countries they left and they're going to tell us how to run a country and a democracy????.
Also my standard reply now to how the US is so full of anti semitism ---(the US being the source of 90% of all Jewish riches, rights and power from us anti semites)----is now ---- WELL THEN, GET THE HELL OUT..LEAVE. I am totally fed up with that ungrateful whine.
"Todd's, JTFP's, and Berthe's & American's ancestors, are made to seem insignificant at best or offensive at worst . . . " I suspect there's a money dagger aimed at us. We're aware of affirmative action ("racial sensitivity" per affirmative action Supreme Ct Justice Sotomayor). This year they talk about "income inequality" and Eric Holder is all about "disparate impact." And then every once in a while you hear about the "wealth gap" between blacks and whites. It hasn't "budged" in 50 years. There was someone in the Clinton administration who wanted to do a "one time" tax on IRA accounts. Last year, HUD came out with a plan to integrate suburbs. Movie stars and billionaires are safe from government social engineering and coercion but it would make the elites very happy to see most Americans leveled out even if it means leveling down for lots of us. They would feel very satisfied with themselves to accomplish that.
AMERICAN. "None of them created a democracy in the countries they left and they're going to tell us how to run a country and a democracy?" Yep. Couldn't even construe the idea of a democracy. Couldn't even entertain what that looked like (present-day Israel being the most glaring example of that failure to imagine, or conceive). I like the inability to imagine the Geneva Conventions as another example of the paucity of morality.
"crypto/marrano jew?" Look up what sotomayor means in spanish, also take note of the facts that she has never been to puerto rico and DOES NOT SPEAK SPANISH, just like how pelosi doesn't speak Italian but she knows yiddish :/
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Sean McBride: Benjamin Netanyahu's demeanor reeks of fascist brutality and fanaticism -- he is a classical messianic ethnic nationalist.
Comment: Yes, if people like Netanyahu they probably say he's channeling Theodore Roosevelt or Winston Churchill. (T.R. was a terrible racist and Churchill was a monster, of course.)
Apparently Churchill was also a racist and a Zionist: speaking to the Peel Commission in 1937 on a Jewish Homeland in Palestine: "I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place." This is the tradition that has produced Benjamin Netanyahu.
I'd say the Yahu's role model is jeffery Dahlmer. That isn't a piece of lamb stuck between his teeth.
Netanyahu is a cheap thug. That's all he is. And the only reason he gets aways with it is because our politicians are the bottom of the barrel of US society. They are on the same level as the hoods who hang around schools and push drugs on kids.
I saw Erin Burdett's show tonight and this is the second time she has impressed me. She had on a raving lunatic Israeli and a guy who seems to be opposed to the US attacking Iran. She didn't let the latter talk enough but she herself stuck in that Israel had nuclear weapons even though its not supposed to have them. The Israeli ignored it and went on raving about "annihilation." IMO, he looked bad. Where the debate needs to go is someone forcing the proIsrael talker to respond to the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons AND they are not supposed to. Obama should have to answer for that, of course. Where's the new Helen Thomas?
What about Israeli nukes? Where is the discussion about making the Mideast a nuclear weapons-free zone? What about North Korean nukes, which North Korea has credibly threatened to use against the United States?
Churchill was mostly a Anglo Saxon elitist, if not entirely racist. Typical at that time of British leadership that believed that ASs were the 'establishers' of civilization and had to manage and direct the less advanced and capable of the world and contain their trouble making. His race attitude was also whatever was politically expedient in any situation. He wrote some real screeds about Bolshevikism and blamed the Jews for instigating it. Churchill was a zionist only in the sense that he regarded them as a "problem group" that a Jewish state in Palestine would relieve Great Britian of the problem. You could call Churchill the ultimate politician.
American -- that is an accurate description of Churchill (including his views about the Jewish role in Bolshevism) -- I know quite a bit about his biography. Arguably he also succeeded in wrecking the British empire. American neocons who use Churchill as a role model may well succeed in wrecking the American empire -- they are too dim to grasp the absurdities and self-contradictions in their beliefs and agenda.
Sean...Agree. I never have really admired Churchill as a man or individual as some do. He gained his reputation by being a 'war time leader". Impossible to say how he would have been judged as a leader if not for fate and timing.
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Mondoweiss on Friendfeed: ‘Atlantic’ writer provides no evidence for allegation that Harvard professor is anti-Semitic -
Comment: Jeffrey Goldberg says Steve Walt doesn't like Jews and is a 'grubby Jew-baiter' but provides no evidence
I made a reply to him that was pretty mild just saying his attidue toward the white race was the same kind of bigitory as any others and it was hypocritical of him to call others bigots...BUT it didn't go thru....I have no idea why it was censored. Seems very unfair to censor what I said and let Dan's slandering of people as bigots stand. Dont' understand it. Same as that thread with that elisehendrick person going on and on about 'whitebreads" being the evil of the world. Whitebreads?.... isn't that like calling jews kikes or blacks the n-word? Looks ilke a big double standard on bigots to me.
Most comments that don't go through on MW will go through here. Just post them with no wait for moderation.
You know what...I really truely don't give a damn about belonging to the white race for better or worse..I think it's about as better and worse as all the rest of them. But at the same time I am not so ignorant as to not realize that indeed the white or anglo saxons groups have prevailed in power and in establishing the major national civilizations since post -ancient history. Whether they have been good or bad doesn't really matter. It's who always prevails that counts. What I see in history is that when Anglo Saxons have gone tribal or empire-ish they go in a BIG way...they go world wide with their schemes and ambitions. So if they feel they are being 'marginalized" or threatened they could go BIG again. I guess we will see where all these group end up pushing each other.
Crowther's attitudes are precisely like those of extreme anti-Jewish, anti-black, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigots. He's a fool. The world is full of fools, unfortunately. :)
The main problem I have with the MW moderation system is that when I am in the middle of a conversation, I want it to move as fast as the speed of thought. That is how natural conversation works.
Regarding the "white" stuff: I am not a white nationalist, and I oppose white nationalism, but I would have to be a damned moron and idiot not to appreciate that "my people" have created a great deal of valuable culture and civilization which have provided me with much spiritual nourishment, intellectual stimulation and aesthetic pleasure. I am not a damned moron and idiot. :) No one is capable of talking me into hating my own culture.
No Dan isn't black according to what he has about himself in the past. I recall from some of his past comments about himself and his life that my impression was he saw himself as disavantaged as compared to some on a 'economic class basis"....felt some rejection from white peers or felt better off people got by in the world on their class or status instead of people like him who had to do hard work for anything he got.. So I think he has some kind of class envy or resentment mixed up with his white race hatred or dislike. Sort of like in his comment about Sean being a 'country club" kind of bigot. club members being in his mind some kind of inhuman elitest or snobs who look down on the non country club class.
I didn't research Dan's comment archive to check this; I was relying on memory of Dan calling Phil, "My brother" and stuff like that, his use of language, and his comments about being systemically disadvantaged/part of the poorer class. Am I correct that he is in the Boston area?
"What I see in history is that when Anglo Saxons have gone tribal or empire-ish they go in a BIG way...they go world wide with their schemes and ambitions. So if they feel they are being 'marginalized" or threatened they could go BIG again" What do you mean by go BIG? My desire is that people get along and live by the same rules. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. I see different groups going tooth and nail over scraps. FWIW, I don't have a problem with being white. For the most part, I prefer being around other whites, but I don't hold birth against anyone. I also wouldn't have a problem with a white homeland, but I wouldn't support killing or displacing others to obtain one.
Actually, one can evision a scenario in which white nationalism could make an explosive comeback. If white ethnic groups came to the conclusion that other ethnic groups were revving up their own ethnic nationalist juices, while demanding that white ethnic groups abandon their own ethnic self-interest, things could get crazy real fast. This is why the continued controversies about Jewish nationalism in American and European politics are highly problematic -- they are leaving the door wide open for the resurgence of other varieties of ethnic nationalism -- for every other ethnic group, including white ethnic groups.
I dont understand how Goldberg can lob accusations like this and get away with it. This journalist didn't even serve the country he lives in. I think allowing American Jews to go and serve in the military of another country is a complete mistake. His loyalty is so screwed up it's appalling.
It is likely that pro-Israel activists like Jeffrey Goldberg are going to provoke a huge backlash against themselves and their cause. They have been able to get away with a high level of personal attacks and verbal abuse for quite some time -- but the patience of the world for this kind of behavior is wearing thin. I think they fail to comprehend what a minuscule portion of the human race they represent.
"' I think they fail to comprehend what a minuscule portion of the human race they represent. - Sean McBride ....It's part and parcel of the zionist hubris and chosenness. They do think they are a special breed and destined to be one of, if not the ruling power in the world.....despite their tiny numbers. You would think they'd be more cautious, have learned something about 'majority power' from their past but they don't seem to have. Since WWII they have skated by on and rode the victim train to success but I don't know how much longer that is going to work. I think people are growing very tried of the holocuast prilivage. I am sure plenty of world leaders roll their eyes and upchuck some when Israel and the zios start the tired old refrain of how they holocausted them and so they must give then this and that and allow them to do anything they want.
"Actually, one can evision a scenario in which white nationalism could make an explosive comeback..." I tend to agree with you on this issue, Sean. I have heard too many whites bitterly complain about minority racial, religious and ethnic politics and solidarity. If the WNs are right about anything, they are right about the anti-white, ant-American and anti-Western flavor of many minority movements. I've seen, heard and experienced too many examples of the attitudes myself to wear rose-colored glasses at this point.
"What I mean by going BIG..." I think it could be too late to recapture what was lost, American. To me, it looks like most of the desire to do so comes from the bottom and, even then, I think the movement is more of a conservative backlash more than a desire to reestablish the role of empire building, etc. I don't even know if there is much of a traditional Anglo/European component to the current American elite class. If so, they seem to be bent on destroying any vestiges of their own past. Europe has too much of a demographic problem to go on the offensive outside of Europe. At this point, I'd settle for everyone obeying the same laws and meeting the same standards, but I don't see that happening.
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