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What are common physical characteristics of english people anglo saxon?

Tips: "Anglo Saxon People":
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Anglo saxon people discussion

Jessie: Etymology - Normans vs. Saxons: cow = beef, sheep = mutton, chicken =? -
Comment: "The story goes that after the Norman invasion of England, the words in English for prepared foods took on their French equivalents. The Saxon serfs bred the cows, sheep, and swine, which when served on gilded plates to their Norman rulers were referred to as beef, mutton, and pork respectively, a practice that continues to this day. My question is, why was the humble chicken, a word which does not have a French connection, discriminated against? Why don't we refer to cooked chicken as something like poulet?"
"Chicken" is the Anglo-Saxon derived term while "poultry" is the Norman French term, no?
Right. I've seen some use of "pullet" in English to refer to a cooked young chicken, but I think it's mostly antiquated.
"Fish" in French is "poisson," and I can't think of an English word similar to that.
What about game? Are there English/French naming pairs? I thought not, but then I am not a native speaker.
Chicken = What ever we taste that is not normal. Really.. people.. let find another tastes like subject other then chicken.
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Holly is Happy: Stock V. by *VerothicA on deviantART on -
Comment: Google+? I have to find that after wading through all the occupy cat pictures. Does this mean that Verothika will appear on every social media service that debuts in the next 250 years?
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Steven Perez: Romney Adviser: Obama Doesn't Understand Our 'Anglo-Saxon Heritage':
Comment: Yeah, I'll bet Obama doesn't understand the ol' Anglo-Saxon thing. What with his mom being white and all.
"Historical research shows that US President-elect Barack Obama is descended from the Pilgrim Fathers who left the Dutch town of Leiden in 1620 to found the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts."
The continuing irony here is that for many in the black community, Obama's maternal heritage means he's "not black enough." Which, combined with the story topic, just makes me even sadder. Edit: or laugh, depending on my mood.
"An adviser to Mitt Romney told" - so familiar sentence, sounds like I have heard a similar sentence almost a million times in our Iranian state media for attacking the so called evil enemies
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Jessie: Clipping the church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Comment: "Clipping the church is an ancient custom that is traditionally held on Easter Monday or Shrove Tuesday in the United Kingdom. The word "clipping" is Anglo-Saxon in origin, and is derived from the word "clyppan", meaning "embrace" or "clasp".[1] Clipping the church involves either the church congregation or local children holding hands in an outward-facing ring around the church. Once the circle is completed onlookers will often cheer and sometimes hymns are sung. Often there is dancing. Following the ceremony a sermon is delivered in the church and there are sometimes refreshments.[2] Currently, there are only a few churches left in England that hold this ceremony."
Did it say what the purpose of it is? (Yes, I could look it up. But it's late and I don't want to go down the internet research rabbit hole.)
It doesn't say much besides " Yeclepping is an ancient term meaning ‘embracing’. It is thought to have originated from pagan times but Christians quite wisely have adopted this tradition to show their love for their church and the surrounding people"
I wonder if this has any links to Maypole? Couldn't find any link on my initial search, but found this interesting book: Dark Dorset Calendar Customs
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