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What are different ways to use peanuts?

Tips: "Peanuts Ways":
Diet for a diabetic
...Eat a piece of cake on occasion then stop there. Choose healthy fats. Use canola oil and olive oil for cooking and salads. Eat a moderate amount of nuts and seeds. Tuna and salmon are good sources of healthy fat for fish. Enjoy sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts and walnuts. Eat nuts and seeds in moderation. Use healthy cooking methods. Broiling or... diet for a diabetic

Free wedding shower games & ideas
...Better to provide the guests with little post-its and pencils to write them down. The guest who remembers the maximum number of items wins a wedding shower prize where as the bride gets to keep the apron and all goodies pinned on to it. 3. Straw and peanuts game This is a really funny game to play in a group – not just for bridal... free wedding shower games & ideas

Ways to reduce underarm sweat
...There are several ways to reduce underarm sweat and gain your life back from embarrassingly close situations. . The things you eat and drink can play a major role in this issue. Of course if you are a heavy sweater, then you also run the chance... ways to reduce underarm sweat

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Relate discussion: How to Play Peanuts theme on Piano (easier)
Here is a simple way to play some of the Peanuts (or Charlie Brown show) Theme song on the piano. :)

They talk:
#1. Thanks! Been wanting to learn this one for awhile. And i think the haters should shut their faces! :D i dont see them making tutorials. Just ignore them ;) and if you think the video quality sucks or its wrong, go buy yourselves video cameras and do it yourselves!!! 

#2. Trying to say a keyboard is not a piano is like saying that an electric guitar isn't a guitar because it electric. Really great video lesson, simple and to the point! Thanks!!!

#3. Almost there . the right hand is different though yu have to play C(thumb) Ab(middlefinger) at the same time then go up Eb(pointer finger) and Bb(ringfinger) and the third one is Ab(middlefinger) and c (pinky) its all about the fingering i use to play it when i was 14 so it shouldnt be that hard for new players just takes practice ull get use to it lol

#4. Very informative, but if you changed the angle of the camera so that we can see the actual fingerings for the music, and upgraded/changed the quality of the video, so that we don't have to guess the sequencing based on the input lag of distributed by the poor picture quality.Over all you know what your doing; this was just some advice for your future tutorials, meaning that you should continue to make them! "Keep doing what you do."

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