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What are different ways to use peanuts?

Tips: "Peanuts Ways":
Foods to avoid while breastfeeding for gas in babies
...Intestines. Baby gas caused by foods most often occurs as the result of food sensitivity or allergy. The most common culprits include dairy products, corn, eggs, peanuts, fish and wheat, lactation adds caffeine, chocolate and soy to the top offenders list. OTHER CULPRITS Your diet isn't the only thing that can give your baby... foods to avoid while breastfeeding for gas in babies

Guide to racing go karts
...There are many ways to get started in racing go karts. First off you might want to consider a price point, if you are just beginning maybe aiming for something under a thousand dollars might be the best way to go. However as you get more serious with the sport... guide to racing go karts

Stay awake while driving
...Staying awake while driving can be very difficult and very dangerous. Here are some ways to stay alert if you must drive while tired. Numerous injuries and deaths are caused each year by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. While the obvious answer to this problem is to... stay awake while driving

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Steve Gillmor: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Comment: Bing IT On! (can the Trojan Horse purge the Trojan horses)
By the way, if you're English: Brilliant, funny journalism: #hollande #cornered
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Comment: #0p6dBTEdShahzade #EdShahzade #Ed @Ed Ed ShahzadeVerified account @Ed Discreet Communications Advisor to Fine Clients. Lighthouse to 3 sons, Constitutional Patriot, Team Player. Boston Joined July 2007
#nextinstinct Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
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Mondoweiss on Friendfeed: New US demographics make Israel’s demographic fears seem all the more prehistoric -
Comment: How long will Obama be able to honor Israel's demographic concerns without sounding like a total racist?
MRW, I don't know much about the Texas audit, but I fail to see how people who are largely not net taxpayers, if they pay taxes at all, are a big plus for an economy--especially when they do use services like public schools, jails, hospitals, roads, aid for children, etc. I would imagine that a Rick Perry or G.W. Bush audit would also show Israel being a net financial positive for the U.S. Seriously, you can go to any non-profit hospital near my hometown pretty much any night of the week, and it will be clogged with the uninsured, many of whom are illegals or recent legals, who use emergency care on the taxpayer's dime for routine care. Unless recent laws have changed things, the same was true for county/state health departments, and all of this is a fairly recent phenomenon happening in the last 20 to 25 years in my area. As for the crop situation in Georgia, I live in a rural Georgia county, and I don't hear much complaining. I also know whites who were sharecroppers into the late 1950s, so I realize that the big growers have just tried to use illegals to replace one rotten system with another. Picking other people's fruit for peanuts doesn't just leave a bad taste in the mouths of blacks.
Also, wouldn't the skyrocketing price of produce be due to rising fuel costs and ridiculously long supply chains more than to labor inefficiencies or troubles? My local grocery stores have plenty of fruit which is rarely local, and often from other countries like Chile, Guatemala, and even from as far away as Spain and South Africa. It's usually pretty cheap to buy directly from local farmers, which has always been the place for local fruit. I haven't done so yet this season, but I'll make a point to stop at a roadside stand or local farmer's market to check and talk about the situation.
"The ADL issued a weak apologia two weeks after the article came out, but the damage was done, as the message got sent to right-wing Jewish groups and most importantly, Christian Evangelical Zionists, who are the meat and potatoes of the anti-immigration movement." That's interesting, MRW. I can't possibly account for all of the Christian Zionists out there, but many of the Evangelical churches that I know of are quite friendly towards immigrants, and do quite a bit of outreach in their direction--most are also in favor of Zionism. An interesting aside is that the kibbutz that I worked on in Israel quit taking volunteers and started importing Mexicans and Guatemalans to do the work. I can only imagine what they pay their new serfs, since the compensation given when I was there was 40 NIS monthly (which was made back in most cases in a weekend by selling 3 NIS bottles of beer and 2 NIS sodas to a captive audience), communal living in mice infested barracks with 2 toilets and showers per building housing 12 to 16 people, free kibbutz meals (eaten at the volunteers' table in the corner of the main dining hall). I should also note that the volunteer housing was placed in a far corner of the property wedged between the stables and the volunteer bar, which was pretty much off limits to kibbutzniks who were not directly involved in making money off the situation.
Todd, it's late in my neck of the woods and a friend is offering a drink at the local. So I'm going. I will respond mañana. Roughly, what section of the country do you live in? NE? SW? W? SE? NW? Middle North or South?
MRW, I like it when you are on fire. And good points on the immigrant issue. People keep forgetting - if not for them "aliens" our population would be in decline, just as in Europe and japan. And I do agree with you about the "wage lowering" issue. In my experience, it is certainly not some "illegal immigrants" that got the health care plans and other benefits trimmed down to bare bones at many medium and even some large companies. Go for it MRW! (PS saw you commented at MW. Are you done boycotting it? not that I don't understand....).
You too, Danaa. Drinkey-poos call. I'm exhausted after this day. Will reply tomorrow. When the fire returns. ;-)
I am all for legal immigration....and torn on the issue of illegal immigration. ..don't know the solution for those that are already here. I don't think illegals are responsible for wage 'lowering' but do think they had at one time an impact on unskilled jobs...the ones we are told Americans won't do. In my area we had a lot of imigrants up until the job market went to hell. Large companies like GP and others here had gangs of Mexicans they would move from job sites to job sites, almost every building construction site you saw was mainly Mexicans. My area has a 60% black population, a large part of it unskilled labor, and I do think it impacted their job opportunities. My experience with latino immigrants is they are a hard working group and that they also get ripped off in many ways by employers. As much as I view illegal immigration as a slippery slope, not having any immigration balance at all and encouraging more illegal immigration, I think we are going to have to legalize them so they become part of the system, pay taxes, have access to health care and education and to prevent employers from taking advantage of them.
A couple more data points for the debate here. One is on the upper end of the scale. People may not realize that in most engineering and Physics departments it is practically impossible to have an American graduate studet. papers I peruse through have long lists of Chinese and/or Korean names, with a sputtering of Indians and an occasional lone east European. It seems that Americans - including those who have the talent and ability - have en mass rejected careers in high technology, especially in anything that involves hardware. Companies are scouring the US to find qualified Americans with advanced degrees in EE or ME for example but to no avail. personally I have seen binders choke full of resumes with barely a single American sounding name. This is not the case of anyone being driven out by foreigners. rather it's that the American talent lost interest in the kind of jobs abnd occupations that require lengthy training, study and high level research. Every professor in almost any department will verify this trend. And you cannot blame American education for this problem either. many top high school graduates in the US have everything they need to pursue a career in the physical or hard core engineering sciences but they choose to go elsewhere.
IMO, this mass exodus from the sciences will have serious consequences for the US. We are already losing on Physics and space research. As more and more of the Chinese, Koreans and Indians we have helped educate move back to their home countries there'll be a major brain drain, the consequences of which are difficult to estimate now. As an aside, I have seen not a single jewish American in the sciences that involve hardware in the past 5 years. Not a single newly minted physical sciences PhD, though there may be a few on the east Coast. Just didn't run up against any lately. And the few I did come across (say all 10 of them) were originally from Israel. So what's that tell us?
On the other end of the scale, which is what Todd seems interested in, there's a serious issue in that Americans don't want to work in certain jobs almost no matter what the salary is. Does any of us know anyone whose dream it is to work at a slaughterhouse? what salary would need to be offered for anyone to take up with that kind of a job? and who wants to pick the fields - a notoriously hard physical labor for which most American born are no longer suited? And even if salaries were increased, are American ready to pay $10. for a head of lettuce grown in the country? I think that the way things are unfolding in Alabama which passed a strong anti-immigrant law are instructive. Vast fields are going essentially untended and there's a quiet exodus of agriculture from the state. Solutions to the immigration issues cannot happen without taking modern economic imperatives into account. And unfortunately there's no will anywhere to look at issues seriously. Certainly not in washington. I think what is really happening is that everyone is content to just bury the real problems - all of them, then use whatever tid-bits are convenient as political ploy - on all sides, really. No one wants to admit that there are no simple answers, especially for a case when 2 countries - of vastly different wealths - share such a long border as US and Mexico. In the meantime, trends that augur great difficulties all around continue unabated.
Danaa, I know many Americans who do physical labor that is easily rougher than picking fruit. That's not the issue. The issue is that they don't wish to work in a system that isn't much better than sharecropping, and also pays very little. I've actually seen the living conditions of migrants in rural areas, and there is no reason that any American would aspire to that kind of life. It's obvious that our system of agriculture is backwards in many ways, and relies to a large degree on brute force rather than innovation and is a system that is almost feudal in many cases. There is some change as the press for a legal workforce is made. Click on just about any county and select farming as the job to see that some progress is being made. I'll also mention that I've picked fruit in other countries to support my travels, and it never occurred to me that that should qualify me for citizenship or the benefits granted to a citizen.
American, I've helped roof a house before, and it isn't that bad. Actually, my great uncle recently roofed his house, and he's in his 90s. It took him almost a year to do it, but he did finished. One problem in this country is that manual or physical labor has been reduced to something to be ashamed of, and immigration has played a part. The belief is that any job below a certain level is an idiot's job that has no value and can be done well by anyone. None of that is true, but I have heard management and HR types say as much. Yet these same people probably complain that nothing is done well any more. Also, it wasn't that long ago that I paid rent, tuition, books, car insurance, bought a used car and generally supported myself on $9.00 an hour. In the 15 years since, the same job with the same company pays about the same (I saw an ad recently when visiting my parents), the same apartment went from $430 monthly (also much nicer at the time) to $850, and tuition has gone and books have risen over 3 fold. I don't need to mention what has happened to the price of fuel, food and other consumer goods. Clunker cares are still cheap.
My adult career wasn't physical labor but in my teenage years it summer I 'cropped tobacco' on a farm which was my father's idea of teaching me about people and areas of life.....this was picking tobacco leaves off stalks in 99+ degrees of sun most of the time...from sun up to sundown. After the first day my arms were so sore I could barely raise them but I toughened up and was proud of being able to keep up and fit in with the mostly black crew which included black kids even younger than I was. I don't look down on physical labor at all. In fact I think there may be some connection to the need for physical work with the popularity of 'exercise' among people whose lives don't involve physical labor....a inate body need for humans to use their bodies. I could hire someone and do often, to muck horse stalls, but I also have this urgent need to do it myself, to get worn out and exhausted and dirty and then admire the results of my physical labor.
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