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What are the 5 parts of a complete sentence?

Tips: "Sentence Complete Parts":
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This English grammar lesson on word order will teach you about the sentence structure of phrases in the English language. To practice what you've learnt from...

They talk:
#1. Good morning Prof, I saw your wonderful lesson "negatives". You said:" It is still raining" and " it is NOT raining ANY MORE " or "It is NO LONGER raining". I wonder If I might write out, " It is NOT raining ANYMORE." What kind of difference should there be? . Let me explain presently, may I use anymore instead any more or not ? Someone says there is a big difference, someone else says there is no difference.... Would you please help me out? thank you kindly I pay my respect to you. Ciao Prof. A

#2. Hi ^^ how are you Mrs. Minoo ?? hope you all fine. I just want to say thank you. you're my ideal English teacher who I always looking forward to be as attractive as her. Honestly, I can't wait to meet you in person and being your little girlfriend^^. god bless you. ^^ 

#3. Madam, 1st thanks a lot, just guide me to find the order of two or more types of adverbs come together, "He never learns English quickly." and two or more adjectives "red big beautiful four flowers" pls help. Your lessons are very simple. Thank you so much.

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