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What are the notes for dynamite on recorder?

Tips: "Recorder Dynamite Notes":
Tips to speak with confidence
...Palm of your hand. This way it will be easier for you as you will not be struggle with sheets of paper. It also it hides your notes from your audience. If you can, only check down at your notes every now and then or as needed. Try to look at your audience as you talk to... tips to speak with confidence

Kindle shortcuts and tips
...When the magazine is deleted, your article will remain in the My Clippings file. Annotations When you read books in the Kindle you can add notes or comments just like you might write in the margins of a real book. ·        To add a note, just... kindle shortcuts and tips

How to bookmark and highlight content on the kindle
...In the book to go back to later. 6.       Select Add a Bookmark using the 5-way controller. The bookmarked page will appear in the My Notes & Marks list available from the Main Menu. You can also create a bookmark, by moving the desired page and pressing... how to bookmark and highlight content on the kindle

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Hot subject: Party Rock/Dynamite recorder tutorial
Jefferson gold and silver belt practice video. Please excuse my coughing late in the video! Party Rock notes: Introduction GGGGGF#F#G (REPEAT 3 MORE TIMES) C...

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