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What are the notes for dynamite on recorder?

Tips: "Recorder Dynamite Notes":
25 hot recording tips
...In a number of styles (eg, picked and fingered for a guitarist). You never know which might sound better, and you then have layering options for mixdown and different versions for your arrangement stage. 12. If your vocalist is struggling to hit the notes, try washing their... 25 hot recording tips

How to bookmark and highlight content on the kindle
...Want to create bookmarks at various places in the book to go back to later. 6.       Select Add a Bookmark using the 5-way controller. The bookmarked page will appear in the My Notes & Marks list available from the Main Menu. You can also create a bookmark, by moving the desired page and... how to bookmark and highlight content on the kindle

Tips to speak with confidence
...On to small cards that you can hold in the palm of your hand. This way it will be easier for you as you will not be struggle with sheets of paper. It also it hides your notes from your audience. If you can, only check down at your notes every now and then or as needed. Try to look at your audience as you... tips to speak with confidence

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Recorder dynamite notes discussion

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