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What are the three holes on a women?

Tips: "Women Holes":
Meeting new women
...A great deal of men don't approach women because feel like they're not prepared to talk to them. When it comes to social communication with women, most guys use submissive, apologetic body language and voice tones and they look as if they're pleading with a woman to give them approval, and they... meeting new women

How to fix a hole in the drywall?
...It themselves – Like patching a hole in the wall, for example. DIY Wall Hole Fixing Here are the things you’ll need to get together before you can go about fixing drywall holes. ·         Drywall patching compound for... how to fix a hole in the drywall?

Easy apple pie recipes
...Your apples (peel them as well if you desire!). Mix the sugar, cinnamon and flour together and then coat the apples with the mixture. Place apples into the bottom pie shell (make sure you poke a few holes into the bottom of pie shell or it will puff up).For your topping:Take 1 cube of butter, 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of flour, mix until crumbly. This becomes... easy apple pie recipes

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Relate discussion: Louis CK And Buzzkillingtons (Stand Up Meshed With Opie & Anthony Interview) [Radio Holes/Women]
(Edited For Time) Louis CK On The Opie And Anthony Radio Show With Jim Norton describing why they don't necessarily enjoy women on the radio. I guess I'll sh...

They talk:
#1. I'm not using it in the racial terms I'm using it as the more recent derogatory term for someone with questionable intelligence. Either way it is an archaic term and it usually leaves those who I think it applies to scratching their head wondering what I just said to them.

#2. Dude be mean i dont care. i maybe a idiot savant . i enjoy mishtyping so you guys have some low hanging fruit because other wise an argument with a genius of my ilk slash caliber would just be to much for you, I dont want to collapse an entire lifes learning in one cahment, i care about you in that way. its like patting retards on the head with that bless your heart expression. im hardcore in a troglodytic sort of way so stop mesozoicing w my gangster. ill come to you house and get my raptor on

#3. I'm not being mean, but are you actually retarded? Claiming self evident intelligence and genius, then not creating proper sentences makes you look like a troglodytic fucking moron.

#4. @MrVoyaging pain medicine is fine. i'm ripping on taking drugs as a form of medication to deal with day-to-day afflictions like depression or ADHD or anxiety or whatever. for example, the side-effects of one such anti-depression drug cymbalta could include all sorts of nasty shit that feature liver failure that could result in DEATH. That is literally what they say in the goddamn TV ad. If you want a cure to depression then just fucking meditate or get off your ass and exercise! it's that easy!

#5. It took me a little bit of thinking to figure out why this video bothers me. the jokes made are normal and expected jokes from louis ck. the things he says are a little sexist, but that's not a big deal in the end. louis ck's gotten away with racier subject matter, like rape, the wtc bombings, etc. i guess what's upsetting is that the radio show guys accept and agree with everything he's saying, and go on to say shit that sounds significantly more sexist than what louis originally said.

#6. @aliG2500 So what you're saying just doesn't make any sense. How does the fact that modern medicine can relieve your pain imply that it can't cure anything? That's just some flawed logic.

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