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What are the three holes on a women?

Tips: "Women Holes":
Using toothpaste to clean things besides your teeth
...Wall: Just put a litttle dab in each corner of the poster and a few in between on the edges. Put your poster up and it will stick like magic. When you get ready to remove it will come off easy with no holes. Fill in holes in the wall: Ugly nail holes showing? Just a little white toothpaste will fill in the hole instantly. Let... using toothpaste to clean things besides your teeth

Make her chase you
...There are a few little secrets that every guy needs to know in her to know how to make her chase you. Many guys make the mistake of chasing women, instead of letting the women chase them. Having a woman chase you is an experience that no guy should miss. It doesn't matter if your drop dead gorgeous or if you an ugly... make her chase you

Common myths that women think about men
...When it comes to differentiating men from women, there are certainly many things almost anyone can suggest that are true. However, there are also some things that women believe about men that are just not true, despite the differences between genders. But some... common myths that women think about men

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Relate discussion: Misogyny Theater: Stefan Molyneux in "Women Who Choose A**holes."
Welcome to the second installment of Misogyny Theater, brought to you by We Hunted the Mammoth, your friendly guide to the New Misogyny online. http://wehunt...

They talk:
#1. Ok, let me just explain exactly what Stefan means. If you watched any of his videos, you would see that he has many facts and statistics clearly showing that child abuse leads to criminality and dysfunction, not every victim of abuse is a criminal but all criminals are victims of abuse. And since women are the ones who choose who a child's father is, every time a child is abused, it is the mother's responsibility. If the mother is abusing the child, which is most of the time, then obviously it is her fault if the child goes bad. If the father is abusing the child, then the mother has the option to divorce him for absolutely no reason and take all his money. So if she chooses continues the relationship with the asshole, she is responsible, directly or indirectly, for that child being abused.

#2. Dave, Stefan puts out an actual body of work, that is, he positively states a philosophy. And he welcomes discussion about the merits of individual arguments. You don't. You simply engage in reactive ad hominem. Such as putting a "creepy face" on your opponent. That is why even if you disagree with some of Molyneux's ideas, he is a much healthier and more valuable contributor to the human race than you are. Where are your ideas? He is positive; you are negative. He works out; you are obese. I see a link there.

#3. "Women who choose assholes..." Did Stefen really say this? Is he related to Elliot Rodgers? Seems so, if that is the case. Just more evidence that anti-feminists and Elliot share similar mindsets. Though the taliban had their own agenda to control female reproduction -- house arrest and burkas. Yes, the basics are still there. The same misogynistic shitty attitude reigns whether it's the extremism of religious fanatics or online anti-fems. They ALL see women in similar negative light.

#4. If I decide to stay in a relationship with a woman who's a violent, psychotic bitch and I take shit from her time and again instead of leaving her, it's my responsibility. I'm choosing to do so. If I decide to have children with her and my children are abused time and again by her, it's also my responsibility as a father. And if those children grow up to be as crazy and psychotic as their mother, I'll be held partially accountable for their state of mind and whatever they do because of it. Why is this not applicable to women? Because they have to be these pure, little angles who are incapable of doing wrong? 

#5. This is like saying that men are morons, brainless animals who are incapable of choosing a mate to have children with. He doesn't give men much credit for being intelligent, sentient human beings. Both men and women can be assholes and both men and women can make poor choices when choosing a mate.

#6. I agree with the sentiment, but the way he's expressing it is pretty messed up. Why should the women be the ones who should be held accountable for their partner's actions? Men are also capable of turning into assholes after they've had children or gotten married, in fact, I'd imagine that this is usually the case, because most women don't WANT to be with somebody that's abusive; that comes later, when the man feels like he has enough power to get away with it.

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