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What are tiny blood vessels called?

Tips: "Called Vessels Blood":
Ginger root medicinal benefits
...A digestive aid. It eases nausea, improves poor digestion, cleanses the colon and helps expel gas.Ginger also stimulates the heart and blood vessels and helps to promote cleaning of the body through perspiration.Ginger tea makes a handy cold remedy, especially if you drink it as soon as symptoms appear;... ginger root medicinal benefits

Cardiac health tips
...Makes all the difference. The benefits of exercise far outweigh the nuisance factor of problems with cardiac health. Keep an eye on your blood pressure. Not monitoring your BP on a regular basis means that you can be hypertensive and not know it. Stroke is called the silent killer for a reason. Reduce salt intake now. Don't do it later when a cardiac... cardiac health tips

Food for last longer in bed
...Tons of soluble fiber, which helps your body by accelerating the process of pushing out cholesterol before it is absorbed and deposited into your arteries. Blueberries can improve blood flow by having a relaxing effect on the blood vessels. Lower cholesterol and better blood flow is especially helpful for men as it helps to retain... food for last longer in bed

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Called vessels blood discussion

John (bird whisperer): How Do Owls Rotate Their Heads Around? | LiveScience -
Comment: "Owls don't need eyes in the back of their heads to see what's behind them — they can just swivel their heads all the way around. In fact, many owl species, such as the barred owl, can rotate their heads 270 degrees in each direction, which means they can look to the left by rotating all the way to the right, or vice versa. But how do they do it without severing their arteries or preventing blood from reaching the brain?"
"The team noticed that the vertebral artery enlarges slightly as it approaches the brain, which is unusual and not seen in many other animals (like the trunk of a tree, vessels generally get smaller as they get farther from the heart). The authors think that these enlarged areas may function as reservoirs in which blood can pool, so that the brain has extra blood to work with as the head swivels around, de Kok-Mercado said. The blood vessels near the brain are also highly connected. A vessel called the patent trigeminal artery connects the front and the back of the owl's brain, which helps supply the organ with as much blood as possible."
"Why do owls need to crane their necks to such an extreme degree? It's because their eyes are tubular, built almost like telescopes, giving them amazing vision, de Kok-Mercado said. But unlike humans, who have roughly spherical eyes, owls cannot move them about easily, so they have to rotate their heads."
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