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What are tiny blood vessels called?

Tips: "Called Vessels Blood":
Cures for dark under eye circles
...Cure: To determine whether excess pigment is the culprit behind your dark circles, press on the discoloration. Does the darkness lessen? Then you're probably dealing with blood vessels underneath the skin. If the darkness remains, your dark circles are caused by hereditary pigmentation or sun exposure (or both). The most effective fix: Apply sunscreen right up to your lower... cures for dark under eye circles

Benefits of walking during pregnancy
...Going for walks retains a female powerful and balanced through pregnancy and is able to reduce the variety of is catagorized which can be noticed. Greater The circulation of blood Strolling day-to-day receives the blood vessels going and this can be superb through pregnancy.... benefits of walking during pregnancy

Best herbal aphrodisiacs
...Combined for an all around effect on the libido. Yohimbe is recognized by the medical industry as an aphrodisiac and is one of the strongest herbal aphrodisiacs available. Yohimbe dilates the blood vessels in the body which causes the blood to rise to the surface of the body (including the sexual organs) which helps to stimulate arousal. Peruvian ginseng,... best herbal aphrodisiacs

a Bloody Day Thinks about Viability~ Conjugal Tie :: The Invasive the usual i can taste Give Blood Saw / Jogos

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Called vessels blood discussion

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ANONOMYOUS TIPS: The Boston Police Department urges anyone who would like to anonymously provide information about a crime to call the Tip Line at (800) 494-TIPS.
noted #Gencke
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John (bird whisperer): How Do Owls Rotate Their Heads Around? | LiveScience -
Comment: "Owls don't need eyes in the back of their heads to see what's behind them — they can just swivel their heads all the way around. In fact, many owl species, such as the barred owl, can rotate their heads 270 degrees in each direction, which means they can look to the left by rotating all the way to the right, or vice versa. But how do they do it without severing their arteries or preventing blood from reaching the brain?"
"The team noticed that the vertebral artery enlarges slightly as it approaches the brain, which is unusual and not seen in many other animals (like the trunk of a tree, vessels generally get smaller as they get farther from the heart). The authors think that these enlarged areas may function as reservoirs in which blood can pool, so that the brain has extra blood to work with as the head swivels around, de Kok-Mercado said. The blood vessels near the brain are also highly connected. A vessel called the patent trigeminal artery connects the front and the back of the owl's brain, which helps supply the organ with as much blood as possible."
"Why do owls need to crane their necks to such an extreme degree? It's because their eyes are tubular, built almost like telescopes, giving them amazing vision, de Kok-Mercado said. But unlike humans, who have roughly spherical eyes, owls cannot move them about easily, so they have to rotate their heads."
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Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ: I was just 'introduced' to the species known colloquially as ground bees. Also, OUCH!
Comment: I didn't know such a thing existed. I was clearing accumulated leaves and pine needles from around the remaining stump and roots of the yew shrubs that I removed. Little did I know that semi-subterranean conglomeration of twisted wood also served as home to these little devils. Man-O-Man did that sting! I think I got stung 4 times by one of 'em (on 3 fingers and on my wrist) and several more times by others. Aggressive little sh!ts, they are.
Jennifer, I had to give up smoking, and smoking bees would probably be a lot different than the Captain Black tobacco I favored back in my pipe smoking days. Anika, unless the dog is trained to search and destroy the little suckers, that option probably won't do the job. Or were suggesting the *I* wear that get up? No way, I once got my head stuck in a popcorn tin and have been claustrophobic ever since. #imadethatup
Find the hole from afar for now, and go out tonight, while they're in the hive, with a jar (5-6oz) of gas, pour it down the hole and light it.
Last year, we also found semi underground hives for the first time. But they disappeared as sudden as they appeared.
Ground hives and my body are mortal enemies. Last ground nest I disturbed stung me over 25 places. Sadly, 7 stings to my left breast. I ran up our lane stripping off clothing and screaming. When I asked my husband if I was swollen he got in trouble for laughing and saying he couldn't tell.
It's dark now, so went out to spray some wasp/hornet blaster on the nests. (There are two nests that I've found so far.) The first one is in an open area, and that went without a hitch, though it's difficult to be certain where the actual nest is (mounds of pine needles, mulch and shrub roots abound.) The second nest is next to the compost bin. I know this because I got stung four more times when I was 'turning' the compost inside the bin. When I tried to get some idea of where the actual nest was, I shifted the compost bin slightly. Before I could say whatchacome'n'ago I'd been bitten 3 more times! And each of those was exactly where I'd been bitten before! One was on the upper'knuckle' of my thumb, the second was on the 'protuberance' of the wrist, and the third was on the second knuckle of my fourth finger. (Did everyone get that? It will be on the quiz.) I mean they were in *EXACTLY* the same places, right down to the micron. They must have an amazing infrared detector so they can pinpoint where the warm blood vessels are closest to the surface. Oh, and OUCH!!! It hurts even worse the second time you're stung in the same spot. What's weird is that I haven't had any trouble with them before today, and now they're getting me from multiple places! Maybe they were all just born yesterday? Which makes me feel NOT ONE BIT better, because it means that I'm being outsmarted by something that was born yesterday. Oh... and OUCH!!!
A shame they're not in a good place for you to co-exist. Ground-nesting bees are actually in a bit of trouble as well because using mulch is so popular now that they don't have a good place to nest. And they pollinate plants as well as honeybees.
Ground bees in NC, (well the south) are called Yellow Jackets. not sure if they live up north.... I have been stung by them a few times. One time I needed antibiotics / steroids to avoid losing my leg. (do not mow over a yellow jacket nest) it was 4 days after being stung that I had to visit a DR because it kept getting worse. Yes they are mean and can sting multiple times, and their venom is potent.
Ah, yellow jackets. Wasn't sure what "ground bees" meant until Mike piped up. Yeah, I've been attacked by them a few times. Most recently was about 6 or 7 years ago. I was opening someone's septic lid (I worked for a septic contractor) and all of a sudden, I felt like my legs were literally on fire. Turned out there was a swarm of yellow jackets in my pants legs, and they kept stinging me because they were stuck in there. Ended up getting stung about 15-20 times, at least. I was in a lot of pain for about an hour. Sorry to hear about your experience, Mark.
Morning update: My thumb on my right hand (the one that got multiple stings) feels like it was hit with a hammer. There's still burning sensation beneath a bigger area of numbness. Will monitor closely and am pondering possible action based on Mike's experience, because I heard that opposable thumbs are quite useful. Like for thumb wars 'n stuff.
I always prefer non-toxic/non-kill option, but the neighbors across the street have a granddaughter staying with them because her parents are working (each in a different city.) The granddaughter is highly allergic to bee stings, and nearly died from one a few years ago. The nest is situated just a couple feet from the street corner. There are a number of neighborhood kids who play frisbee or walk/bike/rollerskate around that corner. I don't want someone inadvertently stepping on the nest to retrieve a frisbee and get caught in a swarm of bees. The other nest is either in or adjacent to my compost bin, and I need to be able to use that without worrying about getting stung multiple times. Any other nests that aren't situated in such places can stay put, as far as I'm concerned. (They just better leave me alone!)
July 26th update: They're back. Online resources say that the nests can be 3 to 5 feet in diameter beneath the ground with multiple entrance points, making it difficult to remove them from the location they've chosen. Most of the responses suggest using gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid or some combination of those. I don't want to do anything that will contaminate the soil for 5 years or more. All I can do at this point is post warning signs and hope that kids will stay away.
Pour the gas and ignite it. That will burn off most of the fuel. Also you don't have to use a lot, and between evaporation and rainfall it won't last that long.
If it's important to get rid of them due to a neighbor's kid, approach that neighbor and see if they'll go in with you on the cost of hiring a pro. Cheaper than a Darwin Award.
Thanks all. Greg, on a website that recommended using gas or lighter fluid, one of the commentors recounted how they had poured lighter fluid in one entrance to a nest, and then through a match into another entrance. The 'lit end' glowed like a pilot light for 10 minutes or so, then suddenly a huge explosion occurred. The result was a crater about 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The police (who were called by neighbors when they heard an explosion) determined that there were a couple of barrels buried illegally below the ground (by previous owners of the property.) The lighter fluid fumes eventually reached the inside of the barrels, the slow burning flames ignited the fumes and KABOOM! So prudence is advised.
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michele: FONE CULTURE: The Indescribable Voice of Mark Lanegan -
Comment: “In the mid ’90s he volunteered for a series of experiments in Phoenix that were involved with the weaponization of sound. The so-called “brown frequency” produces extremely intense resonance at very low frequencies, causing a person in its path to spontaneously shit their pants.
questa è dal disco nuovo
in un articolo settimana scorsa descrivevano la sua voce come “una barba di tre giorni morbida come un mocassino”.
Leggete anche il resto del pezzo: la parte dove lui cerca di convertire al cristianesimo gli Hell's Angels che l'hanno allevato e loro lo cacciano perché scoprono che si trombava le loro donne non è male.
poi c'è quella volta che ha fermato una rapina in un ristorante messicano, che poi ha tentato di rapinare lui la settimana successiva.
Di quella balotta lì io ho sempre avuto un debole per Greg Dulli, però Lanegan ammetto che aveva un suo marcissimo perché.
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