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What do people from el salvador look like?

Tips: "Salvador El People":
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Relate discussion: Christy Moore - El Salvador
A song by Christy Moore on the suffering the people of El Salvador have endured over the years and how they fought against the oppression.

They talk:
#1. See dey got da pentagram star yew tree rite way up I like how the real freedom fighter souljas for the people is unity there all kinds of ppl no counterfeit pharishee want keep in next slavery I had dream I was there before in south or central merica cud be future sometimes i feel I going backwards I cant measure it but is start feel like progress jah jah bless I love dis singer is sound good has deep lyrics is real had good name too

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CherylJUpchurch: Vagabond circus people from El Salvador. Quality work...

KimmyHed: When people say "el salvadorian" it's just salvadorian,,, El Salvador is just the country 😒

Katushca18: I like sleeping in my grandma's room when she leaves to El Salvador but it's downstairs and I feel like people are staring at me😂😂

Smaaltez: michelleann_v well she lives in El Salvador haha that's why people always forget haha

Cesiakilla: My personal opinion is el Salvador has beautiful beaches and landscape but the people can bring it from 💯 to 0

J_gutierrez70: Half of people that I had class with in four grade already have kids or they got killed for being in gangs El Salvador is crazy now

J3ssicarabbit_: When I went to el Salvador my uncle made sure he was armed n we never went out alone... People would say Mira las Americanas

Noo_Nombre: RT J_gutierrez70: Half of people that I had class with in four grade already have kids or they got killed for being in gangs El Salvador i…

Thedorc: Also... El Salvador had (has?) a law making illegal for black people to live in the country.

Wyvernx666: nekro_surge that's true too, I don't like how people from the capital city talk, but I do like how people on El Salvador's border talk lol

Inherprimee: Throwback to when I was young and when people asked me, "Where you from?" and I replied, "El Salvador."

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