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What does juno in capricorn mean about a person?

Tips: "Person Capricorn Juno":
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They talk:
#1. My boyfriends North node is in 7th in Aries. That is really worrying! Also, I have no planets in my 7th house. Its in Leo. And my venus is in conjuction with Uranus and neptune and squares my 10H house. Talk about being alone huh! But if its destined to be, i wont fight it. You can learn something from everything. Really like how you usually end with, being very attuned with a higher protective energy that will heal and guide.

#2. I am a Gemini Ascendant with Sun and Venus in 7th house at 20 and 15 degrees respectively. Mars is in 2nd, Saturn in 3rd, Rahu in 4th, Moon in 5th and Mercury in 6th house.Jupiter is in Ascendant and is aspecting the 7th house.Will Jupiter save my Marriage?..I am 35 and still unmarried :(

#3. rahu in seventh house in sign of pices.....jupiter in eight house ....venus and mercury in 2 house in libra.......i was cheated ....i didnt cheat......

#4. Dear Kapiel, if my recollection is not wrong, BPHS says that venus and mercury conjunction in any kendra or trikona causes divorce because they are the only mutually 2-12 planets that cancel each other's effects. Even mars venus are 2-12 but they are also 1-7 planets. So they can cause divorce only if their conjunction is afflicted.

#5. Hi kapiel, Request you to conduct a video where divorce can be avoided..what if jupiter is placed in the same house as sun and venus retrograde..say 12th house leo.Then will it still lead to a divorce?

#6. Hello Kapiel, in my 7th house which is Capricorn Saturn and Ketu sit togehter, and my Sun is in the 9th house, Pisces at 19 degrees and Venus is in the 10th house, Aries at 5 degrees which seems weak and hot with Sun. Addition to those, Jupiter sit in the 8th house, Aquarius (with Mars & Moon). As you say, my marriage in my twenties is already broken up. Explanations above are according to my natal chart. I seriously worry about whether I will be able to marry in the future and getting well along with a person who I love. My mahadasha will going to move into Venus (around) the end of March of 2014. I would like to have your opinion about my love life.

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