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What does juno in capricorn mean about a person?

Tips: "Person Capricorn Juno":
Make someone love you forever in 1 hour and half
...And positive first impression within minutes. However, some people need help. Many tips are plain common sense, and many may be tips that you have used yourself or seen used in person.     Keep them laughing. Not everyone has the ability to tell funny jokes or stories, so it is a characteristic that is appreciated. Be sure... make someone love you forever in 1 hour and half

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...One big reason why people tend to be really upset when they lose someone is not only because they love him or her. It is in fact also due to the idea that they think the person that they just lost or lost is the person that they want to end up together as they grow old. We tend to think that there will be... steps to better love life

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...Problem to dating: when do you meet this online stranger? You could wait until you’re sure he’s the one, but then you could be wasting time talking to a person online that you might never actually decide is right for you. You could also be missing out on a really great guy who has a hard time expressing himself over the... online dating: ready to meet

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They talk:
#1. Hey my juno, 7and 5 in cancer the Lord of cancer is. Moon in my 12 house so what does it mean.where am I ganna meet him? Thanx:)

#2. Hi, I have Juno in Capricorn but in the 2nd house even though I am a Scorpio ascendant. I was thinking that as Capricorn is 3rd from Scorpio, Juno should be in 3rd house?...

#3. What happened to Juno in Gemini? I had to rewind the video to make sure that I didn't miss it.

#4. My juno is in scorpio - secretive, not revealing verything on first meeting, sexual, maybe questioning me out... Laura that type of man sounds actually like a spy or detective...:D

#5. I don't think it fits very well. I always wanted a happy-go-lucky excntrick kind of person... And I get a virgo. That's off puting.:/

#6. Man with Juno in Scorpio, 11th House. I always end up with Scorpio women and often through a mutual friend. I get investigated first by typical Scorpio behavior.

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