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What does see sawin mean?

Tips: "Sawin":
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Relate discussion: The Sharpening 039 - 040: Brenton Sawin and Dero Encounters from Hollow Earth
Tonight we welcome special guest Brenton Sawin to tell us about an encounter he had with an entity known as a Dero. Brenton gives us an extremely detailed de...

They talk:
#1. This is a show on blog talk radio i was a guest on. This man is a great fellow and i like him a lot. The sharpening is the show he has and then loads it on youtube so this is the video version of his blog talk show. Subscribe and see his stuff he has great content. Thanks.

#2. This was amazing! So many Gold Nuggets in here. Much of it coincides with experiences & conclusions I have made. Really Neat how it ties into Josh's research. I also noticed it syncs with Jim Whilhelmsen's work as well. @Confirmations LOVED IT! 

#3. I'm sure the sleep paralysis thing IS demonic. I used to get it when I was very young around 5-6 years old,along with seeing a couple things at night. Then it stopped as I became a little older. I was always a believer in God and Jesus. Fast forward to me being 29, 30, I started looking into the ancient aliens thing, the Project Camelot interviews, etc along with not having a very strong relationship with Jesus. After almost believing the New Age alien deception, I started to build a relationship with Jesus again, and rededicated myself to him and asked him to come into my life and did the sinners prayer etc. Pretty much right after that and continuing off and on to this day the sleep paralysis started after being gone for 25 years. 

#4. I am almost postive I have seen the Dero creatures going in and out of a black interdeminsional door honking in a weird 70's or 80's cartoon (for adults). If I remember correctly it made me nauseous for the short time I watched it. This only confirms your story. Alot of these things are in movies and TV shows in order to desensitize people for what is coming. I am trying to research and find the cartoon I saw these creatures in.

#5. Very good show, many tears. A very terible thing is happening to a man named Donald Marshall at v r i l lizards if you are so moved, may you please help him. I am losing my internet for a while,but also if its beyond you please pass on his plea. May Gods will be done.

#6. I m still learning daily to trust and obey (got no family,real friends unexistence) Only Jesus keeps me going!!

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