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What fast food restaurants are open 24 hours in indianapolis indiana?

Tips: "Indianapolis Indiana Hours":
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Indianapolis indiana hours discussion

Kamilah Reed (K. Gill): Is something wrong with Wikipedia today? I can't open any of the pages. I'm on a Mac, so I don't really think it's a virus, though I guess it could be... UPDATE: Actually it's some kind of problem with the Indianapolis Brighthouse network.
Comment: here's something specifically about no access to Wikipedia from Indianapolis Brighthouse... Seems to have been going on since 10/20 here. Oh no :( This is terrible... Harold just confirmed that it does work through 3G on our phones. This is specifically a Brighthouse Indianapolis problem, with just Wikipedia. Ugh.
Does anyone know about flushing the DNS cache on Mac OS Lion? I confess that I have no real idea what that means, but that seems to be the key to solving my Wikipedia problem. The stuff that I found to type into Terminal has had no effect so far.
Yes, that's what it says to use everywhere online. Then I enter my password and nothing happens. Am I supposed to do something else?
You may need to also type logout and hit enter afterwards. Occasionally, I've had to logout/back in again to the machine.
I just tried logging out and back in. Some of the other sites said something about "sudo". That didn't work, either.
Is it the DNS servers of your ISP that are the problem? You can check by switching your DNS server to Google
I think I put the numbers in the right place. (DNS servers under the DNS tab under WiFi under System Preferences?) Nothing changed... Wait, turning wifi of and on... no, the ip address stays the same
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p01yN0Nym0u5: #SusanBeehler @SusanBeehler

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I'd use some of the money to get my 4 year old into music class. Its not super expensive but beyond my reach right now. Neither myself or his mother are musically inclined at all. But he is.
============= with the money, Il register a lot of domains, and not only .com ! I'l start new websites, new web app services. I want at least one of them to be that BIG one. I have an idea. Just not that money. :] ......... If money enough, Il commission userscripts, to facilitate internet browsing in general ! ....... I'm open to share in the results. ================
If you still reading it means you did not like any of the 1575+ comments here. This is a very good reason to pick me. Second comment about what I am going to do with this money; probably will go to a holiday, order a champagne and remember you.
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Caitlin: what is this sense of entitlement? When I was a student I had to buy all my textbooks. So you can only check it out for an hour... or a week... why is this not an awesome service the library is providing so you don't have to purchase every textbook for your classes? Why is this something that is annoying and not good enough for you? *rant over*
Comment: Because they want to be lazy and let their reading work languish on their desk for weeks before cramming it before an exam. :P
Yup. Unfortunately a current trend has been to move away from individual literary texts and switch to readers that include chapters or portions of books and plays. It's more cost effective but for districts that don't supplement it is now entirely possible for a California student to never read a complete work of fiction after about grade 5 or 6.
I remember my parents having to pay for my book rental all through the time I went from K to 10 in Indianapolis Public Schools. For 11 & 12 I think the books were paid for along with room and board at Indiana Academy. After that, I expected to have to resume paying for books in college, and I did.
Apparently Indiana is one of three US states where parents pay rental fees for K-12 textbooks. In the remaining 47 states they are provided free of charge.
It seems like the issue is expectations as much as entitlement. Why weren't these students prepared for having to buy books in college?
It's not just the students. Faculty worry a lot about assigning "expensive" text books (in my humanities areas these are usually 50-60 dollars... they should see the sciences!). We go round and round with professors trying to find ethical/legal ways to have their students do all this coursework without paying more than is absolutely necessary for textbooks.
Our school is having a textbook swap, which is great, but it doesn't happen until Sept 7th. Um... classes started August 22...
I went to a conference for writing instructors who are in many cases contingent and poor. The receptions by the big textbook publishers were unbelievable. One was at the Braves stadium (batting cages open to play in) with heaps of food and an open bar with any kind of seriously hard liquor you wanted refilled as often as you wanted. No wonder the students get to pay $50 plus for a paperback writing handbook.
UW-La Crosse has textbook rental too - it's an awesome service. Wish they had it when I went to college (stone age!)
i was whining about the cost of textbooks (each less than $100) when i talked to a colleague at the office ... her son is starting at loyola marymount and one of his textbooks is $240*!!!!* wow
Our library is currently supporting 11 faculty from multiple disciplines in an "alternative textbook" project in which the faculty are "ditching the textbook" and replacing it with OER, library content, their own original content, etc. They are rolling out their alternative textbooks this semester. The estimated savings to the students in all the courses will be in the many thousands of dollars. During the semester the faculty will be evaluating the project, and I am eager to see what impact it has on student learning. I wrote about "containerless" education here, and this has been a great opportunity to move from concept to action. Except for one negative response, the faculty really support this initiative (guess who had the negative reaction - a textbook author)..
Steven, PLEASE PLEASE publish as much as you can about that! OA needs all the success stories it can muster. I, too, run my classes off OA content (usually not OER specifically, but reports, whitepapers, blogs, pre/postprints, etc) as much as possible -- if anything, my students pay more for software than info resources. ;)
Most of my professors at OSU tried to get away from the textbooks as much as possible, providing us electronic bundles of papers, articles, excerpts, etc. I had one professor whose entire "textbook" packet one term was a list of academic articles and papers that we had to go find ourselves in the library. He felt this was an excellent way to cut down on paper-wasting and it familiarized students with how they can utilize their library for damn near all their needs. I rather liked it. A lot of my professors also requested that we *not* buy the latest edition of a book because very little had changed and the previous editions were cheaper. And out of my entire time there, I only encountered one professor who had a textbook he'd written on his textbook list, and it was optional (I bought it anyway and it was damn good). So different from my experiences at other colleges and universities.
Steven, I'm really looking forward to hearing more about that and how the students react, workload on the instructors, etc.!
That sounds awesome Steven - I also like the idea of having a list of articles as the required reading, which brings users into the library and gets them used to accessing "real-life" resources. How often in your professional life do you turn to a textbook for an answer? Yet how often do you read articles to get answers or stay current? Love this idea.
A colleague at U Mass Amherst learned of the project after we had selected our winning faculty proposals, and their provost liked the idea and decided to fund it. I am sure there are others giving this sort of thing a try - and I would hope there'd be an opportunity to share the results with others. I was originally inspired to put energy into the textbook problem after hearing a panel presentation at a SPARC program three years ago. To me it seemed like a path to gaining traction on OA issues on campus when the scholarly journal approach was not making much progress. This summer I met with the president of the student government to discuss the project, and I think the students are supportive. If the faculty will not listen to me, I hope they would listen to their students.
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