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What irs number do i call to talk a human being?

Tips: "Human Talk Call":
Tips to get your kid out of detention
...This tip will basically work if you have a cell phone. When entering the office to speak with the principal/vice principal/teacher/etc. Have someone call you on your cell pohne and hang up when you pick up.For parents ONLY, Say something similar to the following:Hello? (your... tips to get your kid out of detention

Avoiding talking about the fact he wet his bed
...Try not to talk too much about the fact he wet his beed. You may talk about it as you would any other subject, but don't go on too much about it, especially if it's rare.... avoiding talking about the fact he wet his bed

Speed dating tips for men
...And pick out the clothing you are going to wear to the speed dating event. Avoid wearing a tee shirt and jeans. Find a nice shirt and pair of dress pants to wear. The first thing a woman is going to notice about you is your appearance. Don’t talk about your past girlfriends. The worst possible thing you can do while on a speed date... speed dating tips for men

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They talk:
#1. My thirty second speech would be "if you have anything extra like food or clothing don't give it to the thrift store because even then u have to pay for it, give it to the homeless people. Because when you think about it they don't have any money at all. So it only helps people with very little money

#2. What I hate about the current generation is that its mentality is a weird combination of being Oblivious & Narrow minded... & let me explain the current generation will watch sth & if they get into it They'll over hype the shit aout of that thing praising it as the best thing under the sun, when in reality its mediocre & there have been better things than that before or the same thing as they watched/read has been done before A LOT BETTER, but nope this thing they just saw is the best & not just the best thay have seen so far no it THE BEST there is nothing better.. & can get seriously annoying when ppl over hype the shit out of sth I check it out & its boring or I follow sth ppl freak out "OMG THIS IS AMAZING" but its not that exiting or great & they don't even accept the fact that there might be sth better & I'm not even talking about sth really old being better.. They are often so easy to please & stick to that low standard without considering the possibility of raise... Plus very often they are to inpatient, everything has to happen now or be exiting without any build up & I don't know if the latter is the product of the trend in movies or is that trend a product of the state of the current generation

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RedDragonTorch: Your experts for flame weed control! Give us a call! ( And you get to talk to a living, breathing human!)

Smokeyiero: Why do you always talk to people & send them nice messages & always call ppl ... — It's called being a nice human??

Dhunki_titas: DhoomGirl99 toxicsunny Please talk like a human! And Falguno, you better call me because of 100% charge! XD

Anythingstripey: Mr603 here's an idea for an article - call centres who treat their staff like human beings:

LeeClausen: We need to talk about an injustice: A human rights lawyer gives a passionate call for justice Ferguson

Dhruv_gupta: Free 20/20 program for perforce includes full tech support. Yes, you can call and talk to a real human as many times as you wish. gamedev

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FINDPI: RT heyfeifer: .wellsfargo Good customer service isn't about *telling me* I'm getting good customer service. I call to talk to a human, no…

Pikachyk: rhitsqueaky they want you to call so a human can talk you into buying a copy of the directory.

Keatonesque: Boazziz The land was once called Palestine and then suddenly someone took it and told the world to call it Israel. Talk about human rights!

KM_MillerTime: Holy cow USPS - your automated call system is terrible! I just want to talk to a HUMAN about my redelivery! Is that too much to ask?

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