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What is a model 629 1 44 magnum smith and wesson worth?

Tips: "Worth Wesson Smith":
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Relate discussion: Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 - Overview & Initial Impressions
I picked up the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 a week ago and finally got around to shooting it last weekend. I must say that I'm very impressed with the accur...

They talk:
#1. I made two inexpensive modifications: I touched up the ramp of the front sight with white paint. But really for a gun like this sights are not all that important. I put some Talon grips which did improve control. Very nice review!

#2. The only problem I have is that I bought this gun for my wife and because of the long trigger pull and weight of pull she has a hard time staying on target. I have had to have her aim 8 inches above her point of aim.

#3. It's always sad to see how reviews on guns bring idiots out of the woodwork! If you have something against the gun, so be it, but to bitch and moan about the person posting the review, SHUT UP! By the way, great review! I have been interested in the Bodyguard for quite some time, but I still want to further investigate the new Glock 42 that just hit the market.

#4. Picked up one on Friday. Shoots nice, but I'm very disappointed that the slide won't lock back on last round most of the time. The slide lock has some has lateral movement and will not catch on the lip of the mag follower. This is happening with all three mags I have and even if you insert an empty mag it will usually not lock back! Sent email to S&W and will hopefully send it back next week under warranty. Had two FTF after 200 rds fired, one with Critical Defense and one with Federal ball ammo. Hope they can get it fixed!!

#5. I put a short trigger bar and adjustable match trigger on mine to cut the trigger travel by 30%. Not much you can do about the trigger weight. But with the shorter travel it is much more comfortable to actuate.

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