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What is a round white pill with mylan 799 imprinted on it?

Tips: "Imprinted Mylan Pill":
Get a six pack abs
...We are bombarded daily in the media with commercials for the latest and greatest fat busting, ab ripping machine, or some sort of miracle pill that will do all the work for us. It doesn't help when there are ripped models demonstrating the latest "Gut Buster Lounge." Do you really think they got those trim and firm bodies by spending twenty minutes a day-three... get a six pack abs

Best contraceptive for men
...Decreased sex drive after a vasectomy, and some also report long-term pain after the procedure. Furthermore, vasectomies provide no protection against STDs.  Birth Control Pill. Unfortunately, this method does not yet exist, but a great deal of research is being conducted to... best contraceptive for men

Get a large erection
...There are some techniques you can try to get a larger penis and erection. To get a larger penis erection, you will need to: Penis pump Penis enlargement pills Cock Ring Pump up the volume and then some. Using a penis pump can greatly increase your erection size but there are limits to how much you can actually pump up your penis.... get a large erection

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