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What is gravy for the mind?

Tips: "Mind Gravy":
Give an erotic thai massage
...One human being can do for another. It incorporates a giving through the art of touch and when done right can engage all five senses at the same time. For guys looking for a way to fast track their women into a mind blowing lovemaking session an erotic Thai massage is the equivalent of rocket fuel. Traditional Thai massage is not the first... give an erotic thai massage

Trying to lose weight or eat healthy? stay away from this list of 13 of the worst frozen dinners.
...Up 80% of your daily dose of saturated fat and 60% of your quota of sodium.  Stouffer’s Salisbury Steak Dinner Another not-so-comfortable “comfort food,” this gravy-covered entrée contains 710 calories, 1,674 grams of sodium, 16 grams of saturated fat and 48 grams... trying to lose weight or eat healthy? stay away from this list of 13 of the worst frozen dinners.

Tips to write a press release
...Newspapers; the shorter your press release is, the better chance that it will get published. Avoid passive voice and wishy-washy verbs; your job is to stir public excitement, remember? Familiarize yourself with the brevity of existing press releases, keeping in mind that most editors would like to save themselves the time and trouble of having to rework the submissions they receive. If you plan... tips to write a press release

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Step inside our stain of mind...

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