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What is gravy for the mind?

Tips: "Mind Gravy":
What are you waiting for? when is your next workout?
...Wisdom. It appears, that there is no magic recipe or secret back door in bodybuilding, and this is exactly why this sport is so demanding. It's not primarily about the weights, neither the reps nor the sets - it's about the mind:  The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact you can do something, you can do it,... what are you waiting for? when is your next workout?

Tips to write a press release
...Shorter your press release is, the better chance that it will get published. Avoid passive voice and wishy-washy verbs; your job is to stir public excitement, remember? Familiarize yourself with the brevity of existing press releases, keeping in mind that most editors would like to save themselves the time and trouble of having to rework the submissions they receive. If you plan to submit... tips to write a press release

Buy luggage for your girlfriend
...Figuring out how to buy luggage for your girlfriend can be a tricky ordeal. Many women expect their men to read their minds, and they won't accept any luggage less than perfect. When you buy luggage for your girlfriend you will have to get outside of your own male mind frame.... buy luggage for your girlfriend

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Rashid Abdul Akbar feat... Gravy.

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PhillysABigDeal: RT madeinafrixa: PhillysABigDeal one song comes to mind when I think of you & fries with gravy & that's Chris Brown - poppin lol you know…

Sierra_haha: Keep in mind I don't eat rice,gravy, greens, string beans, canned food or anything with gravy.

XLil_Miss_Bluex: Homemade chips and gravy for dinner? Don't mind if I do.

Sexy_gravy: RT biteherlips: A nice face, a beautiful mind is so more important then a nice ass and all 3 is just even better.

Mind_ormatter: RT PurelyAmazin: "Mind_ormatter: Cooked for the fam. Steak & gravy, mac & cheese, sweet peas, and yellow rice. 👌👌" I'm yo fam and I ain't…

A_CriminalsMind: gerardway 'put a little gravy on that an get weird' your mind never ceases to amaze me

DatBoiiJose: When a nigga hits. Its like his mind reboots and everything is gravy.. Lol

Gravy_of_Harry: RT briixxloveee: You're on my mind, but I don't mind.

C_H3NNY: just don't mind it. its all gravy.

PurelyAmazin: "Mind_ormatter: Cooked for the fam. Steak & gravy, mac & cheese, sweet peas, and yellow rice. 👌👌" I'm yo fam and I ain't seen no sweet pea

Mandgil: 69jonsi you've a mucky mind..I'm talking need meat for gravy..

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