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What is oxycodone also known as?

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Relate discussion: Help - How To Get Off Suboxone - Subutex - Opiates - Oxycodone - Pain Pills - With NO Withdrawals
Want help to get off Suboxone, Subutex, or any Opiate? It's time to get your life back and feel normal again! I also explain a method on how to break free from the Suboxone Sublingual Film...

They talk:
#1. R u saying make one pill last a week please help me I've been on subutex for almost 2 yrs I can't do it anymore let me know cus I really wanna be free from this

#2. Sound advice here. Went from 24mg down to 2mg a day over three months like this. Relapsed many times though and always ramped up again. Fourth time of trying to getting off, down to 4mg and still feeling crap. Been on these easy four years + every time I reduced like this. An alternative is to thin the lines out, so keep an inch lines but take a blade width away. Brain doesn't see the missing blade stroke compared to the shorter line! Good luck 

#3. I was 5 year on subutex. I chose to quit, I really recommend subutex treatment dr vorobiev. The detoxification part, you don't feel a thing. Three months after treatment I am stable physically and mentally.

#4. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!congratulations,hope to be where u are soon!I wanted to know, I'm taking the sublingual film(under the tongue), how would I get off the way u recommend without having to dissolve and snort it? Or is that honestly better than dissolving the film under the tongue?im down to 4mg film.thanks for the help:)

#5. Definately some good weed helps with any opiate/subs widthdrawl. The problem is that even these days people overlook that. Even at the least weed can help with the cramps/pain, also death rates from opiate abuse have gone down 24% since medical weed has been going legal. 

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MikeWellsNFL: Toxicology showed oxycodone, hydrocodone for JimIrsay

Palliverse: RT sonialf: Which is better, morphine or oxycodone first line for cancer pain? The answer - yes! anzspm14 hpm hp…

Sonialf: Which is better, morphine or oxycodone first line for cancer pain? The answer - yes! anzspm14 hpm hpmjc hpmglobal

_Oxycodone__: INbyImaniNiema Lol. Goodnight 💕

Marissdoubleyou: My hs ex / former drug buddy and I were texting and I asked if smoking oxycodone would be a bad idea, he said yes & then said lets try it 😂

_Oxycodone__: RT CjayyTaughtHer: if we date you can have my phone password, read my texts, answer my phone, get on my twitter, and read my DM's. I have …

DanetteJDoerr: madlenkadoll oxycontin is brand name oxycodone and there are different brands of hydrocodone

ReadMyTweetsO_O: every time i take my oxycodone it makes me hella itchy -__-

_Oxycodone__: RT _QueenKhyy: I hate being shy 😩

AmandaMichelle: *rambles some more, considers completing the higher oxycodone dosage allowance*

Markalesia: Guilty Plea for JimIrsay: Tox showed oxycodone, hydrocodone

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