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What is the actress s name who plays mother in home alone 4?

Tips: "Home Mother Plays":
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A guide for new fathers
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#1. The code for the locker, its in that vent on the floor across from the room (or at least i think, i remember something being there (; ). 

#2. Why is he complaining there's "Bibles everywhere"? Religious intolerant? Deal with it. Disliked. Never watching future vids from you again.

#3. Gahhh this is so frustrating to watch! For someone who claims to be very attentive to detail, you sure miss a lot :(

#4. Also there was an incident on a highway where a female ghost hitch hiker would try to get a ride in the middle of the night. The story went that the female ghost lead the guy and his friend into an abandoned house in the country and kept his friends soul while the other guy ran away as he saw the ghost's real image by looking at the mirror. There is too many to talk about, but many stories from many people and family.

#5. I don't like to talk about these things when its dark or to think about them at all. My family and other people have seen many strange things and quickly moved away. My father once saw an old lady rocking back and forth when he was walking home from work in the middle of the night. During the day, you can see that the house was abandoned and the window was boarded up.

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