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What is the substitute for instant vanilla pudding in cake recipes?

Tips: "Cake Recipes Pudding":
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Cake recipes pudding discussion

holly #ravingfangirl: Salted Caramel-Chocolate Pudding Cake | Serious Eats : Recipes -
Comment: I really really really really really really really really really really want to make this. I wonder how important the espresso powder is? It looks like they're just making espresso with it.
I've found that espresso really helps to enhance the flavor of the chocolate, Meg. I would try to include it if you can.
Baking with chocolate is the reason I ever started buying espresso powder to begin with. Like Derrick said, it really helps to enhance the flavor of the chocolate like WHOA. I've been known to put it in my ganache. And then watch people cum while eating it.
Not quite: "Espresso powder is very intensely dark and concentrated instant coffee. It's not just coffee beans ground fine. It's actually coffee crystals that dissolve quickly in liquid." More here:
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holly #ravingfangirl: Hummingbird Pudding Cake | Serious Eats : Recipes: psssst @geekandahalf
Comment: I really have no problem with pecans, but the significant other won't eat it if there are nuts in it, so unless I want to eat the whole thing by myself (and don't think I haven't considered that as a strategy in the past), I keep the nuts out of it.
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Derrick: People LOVE pie.
Comment: I made cakes damnear every week when I wasn't a diabetic & didn't have a kid...I've only made a couple pies in my life (unless cheesecakes & their cracker crusts can count).
If I can find a great gluten free crust recipe I will finally try making an apple pie. That is in my top 3 favorite desserts of all time.
Pot Pie! My mom was an ace at pie crust. I liked it so much I'd grab all the crust and especially liked the soggy, gravy-soaked bottom crust.
I'm with Janet. I prefer cake too. Really not a super fan of sweets anyway. I tiny slice of pumpkin pie tomorrow will be enough until next Thanskgiving :)
@Corinne I found this one. Sugar-free, low-carb, and gluten-free. Haven't tried it yet, but plan to next time I make a pumpkin pie: They say it's good for custard pies, but I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be good for an apple pie, too. I think the combo of pecans and apples would be nice. Don't know if it would be good for doing a top crust though. I'll see if I can find a gluten free recipe for a crumb topping for you, too.
Found one, in fact it's an entire gluten-free apple pie with crumb topping:
I made some gingerbread yesterday and I've been nibbling on that. I still want sock-it-to-me, but it's too early to make it. I'd eat it up before I could take it to work. Oof.
Katy, yes. I'm taking a pie class and have been making pies for 16 weeks. and over the past 2 days, I've made about 7 pies for Thanksgiving. So I have lost all interest in eating pie.
I've resigned myself to the fact that I just don't really like pie. Look at how much more y'all can all have now!
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