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What kinda yellow pill has 3601 on one side and a v the other?

Tips: "Side Pill Yellow":
Guy’s guide to the pill
...Guide to the pill, we give you the lowdown on what she’s doing to her body when she swallows that tiny pill every day, and what side effects she may be suffering because of it. Types of pills The birth control pill prevents ovulation and also thickens the... guy?s guide to the pill

Basic colour mixing tips for artists
...You get a much better and more interesting effect by briefly mixing them, and then applying the mix to the canvas. Colour Mixing Tip 13: Mixing Warm and Colours Each hue is considered to be either slightly "warm" or slightly "cool". For instance, as a group, yellows and reds and considered to be warm colours, while blue is... basic colour mixing tips for artists

Free feng shui tips
...Very well in a red bedroom, though, because red is a yang color, and sleeping is yin. The actress would be better served by placing one red pillow or picture frame in the bedroom, and painting the walls a more muted color. Another approach to choosing a bedroom color is to... free feng shui tips

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