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What zodiac sign is december 21?

Tips: "December Sign Zodiac":
The chinese zodiac
...The Chinese Zodiac offers a different way to view astrology with your own sign - find out what you are and where the different signs came from! Maybe you're a Dragon, searching for a Monkey to make your life complete. But stay away from those Dogs... or maybe not. The Chinese Zodiac is a new and creative way to... the chinese zodiac

Making a good match
...Whether it’s a first date or the ninth date, sometimes there are signs that let you know if you and your beau are a good pair. If you’ve been having trouble finding these signs that let you know if you’ve got a good one, here are a few signs that you’re good together. Sign #1: You both schedule dates. When both you and your new guy... making a good match

Heart disease signs
...Than sorry. Your heart is skipping a beat. You might have experienced this during your first puppy love, but if your heart is continually skipping beats later in life, this could mean that you're suffering from a more serious heart disease sign. The feeling of a skipped or irregularly fast heartbeat means you’re experiencing heart palpitations. It could indicate heart valve... heart disease signs

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CLICK HERE Capricorn Horoscope Element- Earth Gender- Male Ruler- Saturn Vedic Astrology- January 15- Feburary14th Tropical- Dece...

They talk:
#1. Capricorns are pessimistic, controlling, image conscious, money obsessed, workaholics that don't know how to relax, too serious, too skeptical, jealous, possessive...I could go on and on. If I was dating, I would run like hell from a Capricorn.

#2. I am Cap moon according to Vedic. But I am not organized like Cap originally would be. Saturn is in 2nd house but in Scorpio. So less organized. But my Saturn is also very old.."dead" right? :o ...well, I think in a way that's a good thing,.. is it? Especially if in KP if it's still in the 2nd? I don't know. its in 4rth house too. Definitely did not grow up in cold atmosphere, danger or poverty-we were just limited in certain ways is all.

#3. Everything he said is me definitely, when I'm interested in something, all I ask for is the basics of it and I find the rest on my own. My ascendant is Sagittarius so I don't like feeling I'm being watched or micromanaged 

#4. What do you mean by Capricorn horoscope? Ascendent Capricorn OR Moon in Capricorn?

#5. They may judge others, or discipline others, but they are harshest on them self! ^ You may have some Virgo in you if that is the case.

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