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Whats the bulge on kennedys head zapruder film frame 315?

Tips: "Film Frame Zapruder":
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Relate discussion: The Unaltered Zapruder Film End Frames Sequence
Fiction: No such altered in 1963 version of the 1963 Zapruder film has ever been proven to have existed. The Unaltered Zapruder Film End Frames Sequence http...

They talk:
#1. It's exactly this kind of nonsense that a certain kind of person will latch onto and refuse to let go of, despite clear disclaimers and irrefutable evidence to the contrary. The phenomenon then takes on a life of its own and becomes a recurring feature in conspiracy lore, being repeatedly shown the back door and coming in again through the window as soon as we look the other way. The Umbrella Man, the Three Tramps, Badge Man, the Mauser on the Sixth Floor -- all these and many more have been clearly and credibly put to bed over and over again -- but they keep coming back and are represented as real and unanswered evidence of conspiracy.

#2. That's entirely false as it's been proven numerous times to have been altered! Why is it that Zapruder said himself that once he began to film with the motorcycles turning on to Elm that he never stopped filming? Where's the limo turn? Where's the reported near to complete abrupt stop 49 people reported as seeing happen right after the first shot was heard?

#3. What bull is this? it is untrue disrespectful and should be taken down what a crap fake anyway

#4. The reason people look at ANYONE who disagrees with the Warren Commission, like they are PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!! And it ain't just you.....there are many people who write BOOKS and make money off of things just as stupid as this!

#5. You Conspiranuts are real asshole losers who need to get a life. If this isn't proof of that, I don't know what is.

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