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Whats the bulge on kennedys head zapruder film frame 315?

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They talk:
#1. Blood spray goes forward, proving fatal shot came from behind, not from grassy knoll. All that blood and brain matter exploding from head along with bullet fragments would propel the head back plus the vehicle accelerating would also jerk the head back on a dead man.

#2. They have done such an amazing job cleaning this footage up, second to none, the best I've seen yet. I feel such sadness though as I watch it again, what had this great man done to deserve this? Madness! RIP President Kennedy

#3. This is an extremely valuable piece of film. I'm going to save it. I don't see it providing any grist for the conspiracy nuts,. just proof of how damn quickly the whole horrible thing happened. As for why the people didn't react, they just didn't have time -- and were probably stunned. The guy who falls was indeed popped by a piece of cement kicked up by one of Oswald's shots. I've visited Dealey Plaza often; you'd be surprised at how small the area is. No doubts for me about the killer -- it mall falls in place too perfectly. Lee Harvey Oswald, to aggrandize himself.

#4. I've always been fascinated with the various conspiracy theories surrounding this film and, like many others, I still have questions about the sequence of events as I know them. Maybe someone who knows more can correct me if I'm wrong here. At 1:02 he appears to be waving to the crowd and he continues waving as he temporarily disappears behind the sign. As soon as he reappears at 1:07 he appears to be grabbing his throat. At 1:11 she turns to him and presumably notices something wrong. At 1:13 you can seem him clearly pulling his jacket open to draw attention to the problem at hand (ie: "Hey guys, I think I've been shot!") So at this point do we believe he has already been shot? And apparently NOT by the driver at this point as far as I can tell. By 1:18 it looks like he's sort of leaning into her a little and she's speaking to him up to 1:23 when he's hit in the head. I think the reason so many people think the driver did it is because he's looking back over the center seats toward JFK and probably asking them "what's going on back there??" as any good presidential driver should. The second the head shot occurs the driver turns around and hits the accelerator, presumably because he NOW realizes they're under fire. I think that time period between 1:07 and 1:23 is crucial because he's already been shot once in the throat at that point. Please clarify if I'm incorrect on any of this, I'm just analyzing what I see in the film. Throat wound: To make matters even more interesting, new evidence has surfaced that the Zapruder film itself may have been compromised before it ever even made it into the public domain: r_Up_in_the_JFK_Assassination/37249/0/38/38/Y/M.html 

#5. This makes me so sad to watch, even if it's been 50 years. Everyone talks about the conspiracy theories, and I'm just sitting here thinking it was a man's life cut too short... With his wife sitting next to him and small children waiting for their daddy to come home. :( 

#6. The reason why the they people brutally murdered Mr. Big Shot because he was just too damn pretty to be in office. One deformed eye rolled up in his eye socket the other eye starring at the ground holding his head in the air as if he had future vision for all of us. Get the real facts read JFK VIP2RIP at B&N Nookstore. (Im Bad Company until the day I die).

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