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Whats the bulge on kennedys head zapruder film frame 315?

Tips: "Film Frame Zapruder":
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They talk:
#1. Really?? all the films are edited.. spliced , magnified elsie dormon video. watch , liitle girl with white top and red dress following lady in blue dress, disapears . in zapruder film you see no lady in blue , but girl in red dress seems to look for her... abraham zapruder aka abraham bodan aka bohdan stashyinsky. shot and killed jfk .

#2. Why did you go against the wishes of Bobby Hargis and show the interview with him, publicly? You conspiracy whores will go to any extreme! I have news for you. The Zapruder film was not edited, nor was it altered. You conspiracy people make me sick!

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Aaronlammer: ftrain each frame in 2 seconds of the Zapruder film?

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