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Whats the name of song that plays at end secret life walter mitty?

Tips: "Life Walter Mitty":
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7 secrets to making this year the best year ever
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Life walter mitty discussion

margotta: [i sogni segreti di walter mitty] non so se sia più bello il film, la colonna sonora di josé gonzáles o la copertina di life.
Comment: di base ci sarebbe da capire che film gli piacciono e soprattutto cosa si aspettava di andare a vedere. inutile mi sembra assolutamente troppo. mica è un cinepanettone...
Ottima idea. Gli chiederò cosa si aspettava di vedere. Comunque gli ho già risposto: "Se mi avessi chiesto un parere, ti avrei dissuaso".
Film carino ma non lo rivedrei né consiglierei più di tanto: parte bene, ma poi si perde un po' e il finale é banalotto. Adatto se stai affrontando una crisi di mezza età, imho, ti dissuade dal comprarti una moto e ti propone alternative più interessanti
il film si lascia guardare, ma se lo si è perso non succede nulla di grave. la colonna sonora è la cosa migliore, in effetti. la maggior parte del film l'ho passata pensando che se dovessi fare un film con i miei sogni segreti, qualche paio di tette da far vedere al pubblico le avrei messe. forse anche di più. anzi, forse sarebbe un film di sole tette, ora che ci penso.
il finale è sì banalotto, ma forse è proprio questo il suo bello. è un film senza tante pretese che, ihmo, riesce comunque a entusiasmare. soprattutto grazie alla sua semplicità/banalità se vogliamo. è non è tanto questione di mezz'età o meno. ma più di come si è caratterialmente.
a me è piaciuto però mi pare un'idea molto bella realizzata così-così. (Poi vabbè, il mio problema è che faccio fatica a prendere sul serio film con Stiller)
@claudia ringraziamo intanto che non abbiano travolto il titolo come in "eternal sunshine of spotless mind" che tra il titolo in italiano e jim carrey, in quanto a fare fatica a prendere sul serio un film, è andata notevolmente peggio mi sa.
comunque visto il racconto originale e il film del 1947... secondo me stiller la sua idea l'ha sviluppata bene. soprattutto dopo tutto il travaglio per fare 'sto film.
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adstatibah1987: X-Men: Days Of Future Past 2014 480P X264-HFI - - Click to Download

آرش-Stand by Lesotho: David Bowie -_- Ground Control To Major Tom
Comment: #راموزيك
آقا من امروز صبح این آهنگو شنیدم و طلبش شدم، خیلی جالب بود که شما گذاشتیش؛ مرسی.
میدونی توی کدام فیلم این را ازش استفاده خلاقانه ای کردند؟
کی ساخته؟ مال چه سالی هست؟ بازیگراش کیا هستن؟ یعنی میگی دانلود کنم ببینم؟
دقیقا منم امروز صبح زندگی والتر میتی رو دیدم؛ من خوشم اومد از فیلم. بن استیلر، سال 2013 فکر کنم.
میخواد یه فیلم ببینه صد بار منت میزاره .. نبین اصلا به درک :دی
شخم برای اینکه سام آو کل یوم موزیک هام به گوشه ای از هنر ستار برسه :دی
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Sean McBride: Gmail's Location Data Led to the Discovery of the Petraeus Affair - Megan Garber - The Atlantic -
Comment: "Sometime in May, The New York Times reports, Broadwell apparently began sending emails to Jill Kelley, the Petraeus acquaintance -- and those emails were "harassing," according to Kelley. The messages were apparently sent from an anonymous (or, at least, pseudonymous) account. Kelley reported those emails to the FBI, which launched an investigation -- not into Petraeus, but into the harassing emails. From there, the dominoes began to fall. And they were helped along by the rich data that Gmail includes in every message it sends and delivers -- even on behalf of its pseudonymous users. Using the "metadata footprints left by the emails," the Wall Street Journal reports, "FBI agents were able to determine what locations they were sent from. They matched the places, including hotels, where Ms. Broadwell was during the times the emails were sent." From there, "FBI agents and federal prosecutors used the information as probable cause to seek a warrant to monitor Ms. Broadwell's email accounts." They received that warrant. And then domino ... domino ... domino."
Interesting! Is it a case of Petraeus being some kind of Walter Mitty type schmo who fell madly in love or is he a lifeling Clintonesque "horndog" with a history of affairs?
It is easy to see why he fell for Broadwell -- she's beautiful, vivacious, smart, well-educated and fit. She flattered him lavishly and presented herself to him as his soulmate. Many men in his position and his situation might have succumbed to the temptation. You may be aware that Allen Dulles, one of the most famous CIA directors of all time, was renowned for his extramarital affairs. But what won't fly is a mistress creating a messy public scandal by sending harassing email messages to another (probably imagined) mistress.
Best comment on this article: "When you get a warrant to monitor an email account you get everything in the account. Once it is discovered that the harasser is a former Army intelligence specialist and the authorized biographer of the CIA Director, and that she is carrying on a clandestine affair, then one's national security antennae necessarily begin to quiver. It is a logical step to find out who the mystery man is - you don't need to have a warrant for his email account to find that out. And voila, it turns out to be the CIA Director. And I guarantee you that it is against CIA regulations for the Director to have an undisclosed pseudonymous email account and equally a violation of security for him to be committing adultery."
I saw David Gergen trying to get sympathy for Petraeus! Aiyaiyai. I am not sympathetic to people who have extramarital affairs and they don't care about my opinion anyway. Its such transparent spin to be imploring us not to be hard on the man for his weakness. Why should I think its a weakness, anyway? My take is that its arrogant, selfish behavior.
I think it's possible for good man to make a moral mistake..once....and be judged by his entire life, not just by one failing....However what I see in Petraeus's professional career says he put himself first ,last and always above most other considerations. He's getting in the end what he deserves in being humbled this way. It takes Monumental Bad Judgement and a egotistical sense of invincibility for a man in his position to do what he did and think he could get away with it..
American - The "mistake" is done deliberately, isn't it? IMO, very bad to INSTRUCT the public to absolve this person. If anyone has a strong opinion that Petraeus is a louse for his behavior, well, thats OK to have that opinion.
come on people... Petraeus would of fit right in on your forum. he was Israel's enemy number one. so glad he is taking a fall... trust me... next week you will say we set him up
Actually, Noah, I have already seen that speculated. Think it was Justin Raimondo's latest column on But I remember Petraeus bending himself into a pretzel to cozy up to Max Boot after he (Petraeus) had gone just slightly off the reservation re Israel so he was not any kind of "enemy" to Israel. He was probably an opportunist careerist like Colin Powell. His mistress and the other woman (and probably other women that he's had affairs with) are probably not super spies or Mata Hari types! Its all just a tawdry milieu.
Berthe -- you are right. When Petraeus offended the Israel lobby by making some perfectly reasonable remarks about American strategic interests in the Mideast, he quickly backed off. He seems to be taking his direction primarily from neocons like Frederick Kagan and Max Boot, who were the prime movers behind "the surge" policy. As you said, he is an opportunist, careerist and social climber -- not an original and principled thinker (despite his Princeton Ph.D.). He has been groomed and fluffed up by the neocon establishment (including much of the mainstream media) to promote their agenda.
I don't care about the old Paleo Cons affair with the Lebonese and the Career woman... what I do care about is the cover up of a queer named Amb. Stevens who got killed by the Muslim Brotherhood... and hoo boy was that a coverup in itself. The scandal is not that he didn't get backup when asked. The scandal was the queen was covertly arming terrorist groups with missiles that will go right up Israel's tuchus. Silly Ambassador Steves with his sphincter full of rag heads didn't think they would turn on him. Reminds me of some of the queers for Palestine in San Fran
"Gmail's Location Data Led to the Discovery of the Petraeus Affair." Maybe the aging senators will take internet privacy seriously now that one of their own got stung by a fishing expedition that wasn't reported through the proper channels, and in which the original FBI agent investigating this was sending topless pics to the woman who complained. JUST LIKE ANTHONY WEINER. What a soap opera.
the #Benghazi story was a while back. so honestly I don't remember where that information exactly came from, but Google seems to have many sources
I did see something about Stevens being a homosexual but not sure where. It was some information about a relationship in college. Noah does make a good point about arming people over there and if our government cared about keeping its stories straight it would be a good topic for the national discussion. Weren't we told that the arms we sent to fighters in Afghanistan ended up in the wrong hands and shoulder held missiles - what was the name for them - and all?
it's both Romney, McCain, Obama... everyone. they all seem to want to arm the enemy. It doesn't matter who is in power. It's why a lot of people didn't come out and vote for Romney. He said he was going to give arms to the Syrians in the third debate. my jaw dropped. So yes... it is a reality. There is no finger pointing because it is both parties.
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