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When does the final twilight movie come out?

Tips: "Movie Twilight Final":
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Watch the final trailer for the worldwide box office phenomenon! Starring Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart, TWILIGHT is based on Stephenie Meyer's beloved ...

They talk:
#1. I miss Twilight a lot. I don't care what anyone else says, I love the movies and the books, I think the story is great.

#2. Tbh, I think the movie's received an unfair amount of shit. I'd only seen the film once but when i now rewatched it I actually noticed how well-done it is. It follows the books (yes, I have read them so I know) and makes them justice. The directing is good and the casting is superb! I mean if you read the novels you clearly understand why Kristen was chosen to play Bella - she is in fact taciturn, deadpan and well...boring. Also, Rob makes an amazing Edward. He's just as captivating as he should be. And, btw, I don't understand why you should reject the movie if you think the story's 'gay' or whatever. It was their JOB to follow the books. If you don't like the tale then blame the author or the novels instead. Personally I don't like the books, but that doesn't mean you can't like how the movie's made.

#3. I love these films there all amazing I watch them all the time I am the twilight girl and twilight so number 1 fan

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Gellibautista: Final twilight movie 😭😩

Voldemort_d: The final Twilight movie releases tonight. So if you know any obsessive Twihards then tonight would be a great time to rob their houses!

MajorSlander: RT voldemort_d: The final Twilight movie releases tonight. So if you know any obsessive Twihards then tonight would be a great time to rob…

EvvieJo: I definitely did not spend 2 hrs tonight watching the final Twilight movie for one noel_fisher. Nope. Not at all. Okay, yes I did.

MaggsMarsh: I realized that I'd never actually watched the final twilight I did...I have no idea how I'm alive right now professionalfangirl

Ashakalina: *whispers I'll love you for A Thousand Years as I cut off the final Twilight movie* 😢

_nrlyana_: RT voldemort_d: The final Twilight movie releases tonight. So if you know any obsessive Twihards then tonight would be a great time to rob…

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